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Author's Note: This is my first Shippou romance. I saw that there weren't any Shippou stories so I thought what the hell. I'm not going to make this fan fiction a book like my others but a sweet, erotic tale. There is to be a lemon so be forewarned. Other than these details, please enjoy my story!

Shippou's Desire
"Star Crossed Lovers"
Chapter One

The Shikon no Tama put everything into motion. A tarnished shard led to the death of my father and left me in the hands of a kindhearted miko. I was too naïve then to realize the repercussions of being raised by a human woman. The keen years of my childhood were spent being cuddled by the brown eyed beauty and loved. When the disastrous jewel was complete, I was left alone with a vulgar hanyou, no mother, and a deeply embedded obsession: Kagome Higurashi. The motherly love I had for her altered sometime in our few years together. I noticed how luscious her lips looked when she pouted and how her chocolate eyes would melt when the sun touched them.

When she left me with a tight hug and false promises, I made a silent declaration. I, Shippou, was going to see this woman again. If I had to wait over five hundred years so be it. Her bell like laugh would ring through my ears again and I would know the feeling of her soft lips on mine. Inuyasha was a fool to let her leave, but I wasn't. My childlike exterior withheld me from my most precious infatuation, but when I was a man, the Shikon miko would be mine. No other woman could replace her.

Tonight was night. The diamond-like stars glowed with the knowledge that a long lost lover would be found. Shippou had followed his miko's scent into a discreet pub ten miles away from her family's shrine. He had resisted the temptation of spying on her over the years. His theory was that if the fifteen year old Kagome felt his aura, Shippou would merely be a child regardless of his physical appearance and age. No teenage girl would fall in love with a youkai kit they had somewhat adopted, so he waited.

Shippou's stomach knotted up when he reached the bar's double doors. Kagome's holy aura overpowered the stench of smoke and spilt beer. Its soothing warmth washed over his skin like peppermint oil. The bitter burn of her powers blending with her pure nature created a strong and irresistible pull. Pushing through several humans crowding the entrance, the fox demon finally laid eyes on the woman he couldn't forget even after five hundred years. Her defined, milky back faced him utterly bare, while her ebony locks were pulled forward around her neck. She wore a silky, forest green cocktail dress that hung loose around her slender body and tall, leather pumps. The outfit made her look like an ethereal temptress and he could only imagine how beautiful the front of her was. With another awkward push through the crowd, Shippou sat in a barstool right next to his desire.

A couple minutes passed and Kagome never turned around. Her delicate fingers caressed a glass of merlot that sat on a tacky paper napkin on the bar. Shippou watched her ministrations out of the corner of his eye until a bartender asked for his order. The youkai gave a small smile and tactfully ordered Kagome's drink. The mousy bartender gave a curt nod and popped open an aged bottle of wine. The crimson liquid filled the glass with graceful ease and hinted the dank air with an ancient scent of fruit. The smell of the miko and the wine made his nose wither in pure bliss.

"Do you want a tab," the bartender asked. Shippou shook his head no and pulled out a designer three fold wallet. A crisp Benjamin Franklin bill escaped its confines and entered the man's hand. The bartender smiled and turned to make change, but Shippou interfered. "Don't worry about it," Shippou said still smiling. "Keep it."

The man looked around the bar and gave him confused look. Shippou just shook his head and turned his eyes down to his wine. He could vaguely see his features in the dark pool. Only the outlines of his elegant face were in focus. The dim lights of the bar made even couples three feet away hard to see. Humans liked this darkness however. Looks, gestures, and even words could be hidden and misperceived with only shaded lighting fixtures. It was a clever tactic for high end bars and restaurants to make their patrons comfortable because the more at home they were, the more money they spent.

Several more minutes passed and Kagome sipped on her drink occasionally. She hardly spoke because her friend wouldn't shut up. Shippou caught the miko's head bobbing with agreement and her hand fidgeting with the wine glass when she was bored. These small gestures ate at him. How he wanted to stroke her soft arm and whisper in her ear. He had concealed his youkai energy so not be noticed by others, but his patience was wearing thin. His need to see Kagome's gorgeous eyes could have been tied with his need for air. Without another moment's hesitation, Shippou eased some of his demonic aura into the open and watched Kagome flinch.

The vixen beside him turned slowly around in her swivel bar stool. Her hand went for her glass first for some odd sense of security. Shippou broadened his smile and finally laid eyes on his miko. Like the wine he was drinking, Kagome had aged and become even more beautiful. The child look about her had vanished. Sitting before him was a young woman dressed to enslave men and captivate the gods. No woman could be compared to this foreign priestess. The centuries Shippou had waited for her were well spent.

They stared at each other in silence for a few moments. Shippou could see Kagome's friend gawking in the background. He couldn't tell if it was because Kagome blatantly cut off their conversation or from him, but the stench of arousal was filling the air and it wasn't his miko's. "Do I know you," Kagome finally asked. Her gentle voice twisted his stomach further. Shippou's eyes broke contact with hers and focused on the priestess's lips. Slowly, the youkai closed the gap between them and pressed his lips against hers. He thought she might pull away or sit him like she had Inuyasha, but she didn't. Kagome returned the kiss with wonder.

Shippou took this development with pure bliss. He continued to kiss her. The touches were indescribable. The feelings of love and comfort filled each one. Kagome's arousal began to surface like cream. For a moment, the kitsune thought he was dreaming. He broke away hesitantly and rested his cheek on hers. "Yes, you do," he whispered in her ear. "You know me very well." The miko shuttered in ecstasy when his moist breath touched her ear.

When Shippou pulled back completely and stared at her, Kagome searched through her memories. She never recalled meeting anyone that looked like this man. His features were perfect in a manly sense. He had a rust colored five o'clock shadow contrasting against his tan skin. His shag like hair somewhat covered his deep green eyes like wisps of auburn silk. Kagome looked down from his face and analyzed his muscular, lean body. The mysterious youkai wore a tight fitting, black button down with dark blue jeans. Whoever this handsome creature was, she was glad she'd caught his eye. "I can't say I remember you," she said slyly, "but I'd like to this time."

The kitsune smiled a dazzling toothy smile. Kagome's heart melted like butter then and there. She had completely forgotten about her friend Ami until she felt a tap on her shoulder. Kagome gave the kitsune a gentle smile and turned to face her girlfriend. Ami's made up face looked flabbergasted. Her black eyes were twitching with frustration while her red lips were pursed. The miko instantly felt ashamed. Sure, a beautiful man had basically wooed her into a daze, but she shouldn't have been so rude. "I'm sorry," Kagome muttered. "That was mean of me."

Ami wrapped her arms around her flat chest and pouted. "You know, I was getting to the good part Kagome and you just started making out with a complete stranger." The woman's tone rose when she mentioned Shippou. Kagome's smile faded. Ami could be a bitch at times. Never mind the fact she had been sitting in the same position for over an hour listening to her rant about a random date. If she had to hear the line 'men are such animals' again, Kagome thought she was going to put a bullet in her head.

"I'm not a stranger," Shippou added. Ami looked over Kagome's shoulder and frowned. "In fact, Miss Higurashi has known me longer than you." Ami snorted as if saying whatever and returned her attention back to the miko. Kagome released a sigh and started fidgeting with her glass again. Shippou eyed this with a newly found annoyance. This human was destroying his sole chance at winning the love of his life over, and he was not going to allow that to happen. Standing from his seat, Shippou placed a calloused hand on the priestess's shoulder. "Kagome, would you do me the honor of walking with me under the night sky?"

Before she answered, Kagome threw back the remaining merlot in her glass. The red liquid stained her lips a vibrant cherry color. "I'd love too," she replied and rose from her seat. Ami's jaw dropped. Never had her friend ditched her for a man. Kagome was notorious for turning down attractive men left and right. Ami couldn't understand what made this Irish looking male more special than the others. "I'll see you tomorrow Ami, okay?" The woman shook her head and faced the bar. Deep down, she thought the negative attitude might make Kagome stay.

Shippou started smiling once more and took the miko's hand in his. He led them through the bar pushing away any offending people. When the moon finally touched their skin, the kitsune took in a deep breath. He and his lady were to walk under the stars like that had over five centuries ago. This piece of reality just wasn't sinking in.

They walked in silence for a block. Shippou would rock their hands back in forth and squeeze her fingers gently on occasion. Kagome would return his squeeze with a smile. She didn't know why, but walking with this youkai made her feel at home. It'd been years since she felt this way. Leaving the feudal era had put a damper in her mood and lifestyle. Women at her age were supposed to be married, but Kagome couldn't find a guy to suit her. Many men had asked, but how can you start a relationship without honesty. Any man she dated would never know she was a miko or could travel through time. Her love life had been on the backburner since Inuyasha.

"Who are you," Kagome finally asked. It was extremely rare to find a youkai in Tokyo now-a-days. Most of them hid their auras and physical appearance to blend in with humans. She didn't know when humanity gained the upper hand. With demon leaders like Sesshomaru, it was hard to believe that mighty youkai would hide.

Shippou stopped and looked down at her. He didn't know how to word what he was going to say. The chance that she'd deem him a friend was very probable. He took a moment to consider his words. Kagome's chocolate eyes focused on his face and patiently waited. Her free hand grasped his for some support. The two looked like a couple standing at an alter saying their vows. "Kagome," he started. "I've waited years to see you and say this." He took a pause and found courage staring at her beautiful face. "I love you. I've loved you since the moment I met you."

Kagome gave him a loving smile. No man had ever told her he loved her. The cliché words were so foreign to her. The miko stepped forward and pressed against his chest. She tilted her head up and Shippou kissed her again. This kiss however was more passionate. Kagome opened her mouth and allowed the kitsune to explore with his rough tongue. Slowly, his pink appendage slid over each tooth as if memorizing in detail. The priestess released her hands and wrapped her arms around his neck. When she had a good hold of him, she battled her tongue with his. The delectable fury within their kiss made Kagome very aroused. A tingling sensation coursed through her body like a tidal wave.

A car honk broke them apart. Kagome thought it was high school kids. Her friends often honked or screamed out their windows when they saw public affection. The interruption this time however pissed her off. She was almost tempted to flick off the stranger but being with this guy made her think twice. "The nerve," she muttered. "I'm sorry about that. Teenagers around here can be jerks." Shippou just nodded in response. He stared at the navy sedan with boiling hatred. Too bad the humans didn't cover their license plates. Within the next week, he was sure to make a visit.

"You know," Kagome started again. "You never told me your name. I think I should know the name of the guy that professes his love to me." Her chocolate eyes shined with curiosity. Shippou looked down to her once more and gave her a slight smile. He was still nervous, but it was now or never. With a quiet voice, he uttered, "Shippou." The miko's eyes widened in surprise. She would have never guessed. Hell, Shippou couldn't have been more than eight years old physically when she took him in. Could her little kit have waited hundreds of years just to tell her he loved her? 'Wow' was all she could think.

The fox demon took her shocked expression in the negative effect. He mentally slapped himself for being so rash when divulging the information. Kagome could have waited to hear his name. He could have even lied and went by another name. Shippou shook his head and dropped Kagome's hand. If he were a child still, he would have run deep into the forest and hid in a tree. "I'm sorry," was all he could say. He took one small step away from her in the opposite direction, but a slender arm stopped him. The miko had a hold of sleeve and looked annoyed. "Where do you think you're going," Kagome joked. "You can't just tell a girl you love them and then walk away."

Shippou arched an eyebrow. This wasn't the reaction he had expected. "You mean you'll have me?" Kagome's annoyed look changed to confused. Her wine stained lips parted slightly to exemplify her thoughts. "What do you mean Shippou? Why wouldn't I?" A broad, dazzling smile spread across the kitsune's face. Without thought, Shippou picked Kagome off her feet and carried her bridal style. His lips went for another kiss which was met greedily. As they kissed, Shippou leapt into their air and took his desire home.