Two Bits

Atop Titans Tower, the crisp light of early evening shown brilliantly as the air stilled. It spoke of indecision, reluctant to let summer pass but knowing that autumn in an inevitability. The passage of time, growth, it comes to all things. Even the smallest things.

Near the edge were two figures. One perched on a high legged stool, still but not tense, the relaxed poise of complete trust. Faith. The standing one wrapped a white cape around the strong yet graceful shoulders. A flourish in the light, a constrained bit of play, drawing a small spray bottle and a mundane comb from nothingness. Gently wetting hair, combing it out. Slowly, methodically. Stroke after stroke, until it is straight as a shadow, the caress of a cool sunbeam. He draws the plastic teeth through her short, fine, dark hair. He smiles when she stiffens slightly, refusing to lean into the touch. She wants to, but she can't, an internal struggle showing in the tension of her neck. He's teasing her, they both know it, it is part of the ritual.

From his back pocket he produces a pair of scissors. The comb caresses still, lifting the strands. Tiny snips, patient, practiced, each considered time and time again before it is made. She knows his touch, it is one of the few she trusts. He treats her like he might a bonsai, delicately. Shaping into the the eternal form, the image she has created, that he countered with his own. Tiny snips, the blades against the comb, tiny bites, his knuckles gently brushing the nape of her neck.

They are trapped, contained in the moment. Trapped by the act. This is the one thing that no one else sees, that they tell no one about. This is the only time they are one being, one creation. When it is time, Raven raises her hand, cupping his. Beast Boy nods- her hair is as it should be.

It is his turn. His mop is getting shaggy.

Author's notes:
A harmless drabble. People try to take relationships to the bedroom- I think the idea of Beast Boy and Raven swapping haircuts like this is much more intimate without being erotic, even if not romantic.