I shifted into second gear as we turned a corner; the RPM ran close to red as I sped towards the I-ten. I pressed the accelerator down harder as I switched into third gear. The engine roared in approval at my speed. The quicker my speed became the more Alice's vision began to change, but it was still too cloudy to depict the outcome. An upsurge of noise erupted in my mind as I heard Bella's cries of agony and her scream rip through the morning air.

The monster, my monster, which had been so eager to escape, was now liberated. Brutal violence ripped through my body and out through my fingertips as I gripped the steering wheel tighter. We skidded towards the building and I practically pulled the car door off its hinges in an attempt to get to her faster.

The second I entered the building, my eyes fell immediately upon the monster that hovered over Bella. It was a scene of total devastation—glass was strewn across the floor and blood glittered in the sunlight that came from the windows above. She lay on the ground, crumpled, broken, while the pool of blood continued to grow wider underneath her. The red fluid spilled, wasted, on the floor; the scent pulsed through the air. The amount was cataclysmic.

"Bella?" I cried out, frightened. I felt a great mental suffering as her screams slowly tortured me.

"Edward!" she shouted spasmodically. Her eyes flew open and her dark brown eyes darted around in every direction until they landed on me.

My fingers wrapped around her tiny and delicate wrist to prevent her involuntary reflexes, like she was pulling her hand away from a flame.

The desire to taste, the agony of the bite . . . My lips touched her skin, the fresh blood soaking into my skin.

"Edward," Bella mumbled incoherently.

I could feel her become limp in my strong grasp as I continued my consumption of her gratifyingly warm, red, crimson blood.

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