Mario stretched loudly as he lied on the green grassy meadows that spread out to the far distances in the northern, eastern, western, and southern directions. As Mario started snoring lightly, a feather slowly fell down to his plump nose, causing the red-capped Italian American plumber to open his eyes. Picking up the feather, Mario looked at it curiously as he was then blasted by fire, being blasted into the air. landing on his face as he came back down with a thud, Mario turned around to see Ness, who was smiling innocently as she placed her hands behind her back.

"Hiya, Mario!" She greeted, giggling as she approached the burnt plumber, "I'm bored, and there's no one else around to really play something with me. You wanna go off on an adventure?"

Scratching his head, Mario did not get a chance to state his opinion, as he was grabbed by Ness and dragged off running towards the northern direction, passing by a few four-legged green-shelled Koopa Troopas. As the pair of humans ran, Ness let go of Mario's hand and she started climbing the rocky wall that was in front of them. mario sighed as he shook his head and followed, being a better climber than Ness as he reached the top first. Ness was then pulled up by mario, and she smiled as she looked at Mario.

"Thanks, Mario!" She stated as she hugged Mario tightly, later suggesting, "You know, I heard that there's some yummy fruits nearby." She smacked her lips together, rubbing her growling stomach, "Oh, I could go for some bananas now! Come on, Mario!" Once again, without question, she dragged Mario off with her, jumping down the other side of the rocky wall.

Mario couldn't state a rebuttal against Ness - the young PSI girl proved too much for the middle aged plumber as he was forced to tag along. Heading down the grassy hill and passing by several palm trees containing coconuts (which Ness didn't bother because she despised coconuts), Mario then tripped over his left foot and started rolling down, going right past Ness as he bumped into a large palm tree, causing several yellow, ripe bananas to fall right on him. Ness squealed as she dashed over to the bananas and grabbed one, starting to peel the peel off and eat the delicious fruit.

"Mmm... bananas are my favorite!" Ness stated with delight as she licked the banana that was over her lip and swallowed it, letting out a sigh of relief as she peeled another banana peel, "Hey Mario, thanks for coming along with me. I really appreciate it!"

Mario sighed as he shook his head, watching Ness enjoy her delicious ripe bananas while still being trapped under the gigantic banana mess.