Teenchester!! What if the fate of thousands of lives and his loved ones all came down to one decision, made by one Sam Winchester. Be kind first fanfic!!

Disclaimer: sadly none of the following ppl places or things belong to me(if they did i would sooo be having a GOOD time right now), anyways it all belongs to kripke and the CW!!

Note: this story is a story-taking place when Sam is going to leave for Stanford. Sam: 18,

Dean: 22, a new twist on the show, a What if ? story.

It is a late summer afternoon as Sam slowly starts to pack up his room, when he begins to feel that familiar tightening at the base of his neck, the ache he has been feeling more and more frequently. Sam sits down excusing it to all the stress he's feeling. All to soon is going to be the night when he will finally tell his dad about his letter. His Stanford acceptance letter.

They are about to move on from their stay in some middle of nowhere town in Montana, to what will hopefully be one of his last hunts in the back woods of Washington. He knows it will not go over well, as he had already told Dean.

When he told Dean, he got exactly what he was expecting. A mix between surprise, anger, hurt and everything in-between. He remembered clearly the night he got out his letter, that he had just received, and sat Dean down and told him. Though Dean kept silent he saw all the emotions cross his face.

Dean said one word "Why?"

Sam cautiously sat next to Dean on the bed and explained.

" I want to leave this life Dean, I don't want to always have to say goodbye, instead of see you later. I want the chance to settle down and have a normal life, with friends and maybe even a girlfriend."

Dean look carefully looked at Sam and sighed,

" It was always gonna turn out like this wasn't it? I always new you were smart and could do so much in the world but I had hoped you would stay. I'm not gonna lie to you and say I am okay with it, because I'm not, but I can say I understand."

Sam carefully looked at Dean and saw the truth of his words.

That was over a month ago, and Dean had, just like he promised, kept it a secret. But Sam knew it wasn't going to be a secret much longer. He planned to tell his dad after the next hunt, to give him a heads up. Sam was willing to stay until the end of summer then head off to become what Dean referred to as "Joe College".

The longer Sam sat their contemplating what he knew was gonna be the arguments of all arguments the tightening slowly started to escalate, until he soon felt like he had a football team running around inside his head. He knew they were leaving soon and wanted to get some aspirin so he would have a chance to sleep during the long drive, so he quickly got up only to learn that it had not been such a good idea. He felt his knees buckle and started to fall to the ground at the exact moment Dean entered their shared bedroom.

Sam at eighteen was already at 6 ft and was a big guy, but that didn't stop his 22-year-old brother from catching him right before he hit the ground. He heard Deans voice saying his name but couldn't answer back.

Sam's vision started fade and he started getting flashes of a place other than his room at the Blue Script Motel. All of a sudden the picture stabilized and he saw who he somehow knew to be an older Dean and himself. They were getting chased on a bridge by the impala, then as sudden as the first time it shifted to another scene, one of a young beautiful girl getting burned alive on the ceiling. Sam felt an undeniable connection to this girl and all of a sudden realized he loved her. Again the picture changed, to one of the man with yellow eyes inside his dad hurting dean, then of the three of them in a car with Sam driving when all of a sudden headlights collided with them head on. The next picture scared Sam, as he saw a dying Dean and then his dead father after a deal had been made for Deans life, with the yellowed eyed man. Pictures kept flashing in front of Sam's eyes like a movie, a movie of what his life would be like if he left for Stanford. This he was sure of.

For Sam this seemed to last forever, but in reality it only lasted about a minute. For Dean it had been the longest minute of his life. He was scared out of his mind for Sam, who at that moment started to slowly return to consciousness. Sam heard Dean calling his name and in turn slowly opened his eyes.

"Sammy, Sammy you okay?"

"Dean?...ughhh it hurts."

"What hurts Sammy?"

"My head"

"K, well lets get you off the ground and onto the bed, then I'll get you some aspirin."

Dean slowly helped Sam get to his feet, taking most of Sam's weight as he seemed a bit unstable and wobbly on his feet. When Dean got back he handed Sam two small white pills to help with the pain. Sam was a bit more lucid this time so Dean decided it was as good a time as any to ask.

"Sammy wanna tell me what happened back there?"

"It was nothing I'm fine."

"That was not nothing. You passed out Sam! Now tell me what's wrong."

"Dean, it was just a headache. I have been getting them a lot lately, though none that bad until now."

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped."

"I know but I didn't want to worry you. I'm fine though I promise."

"Well okay Sam but if it happens again you tell me so I can get you medicine and make sure your alright, okay?"

"Okay, and thanks Dean."

"No problem Samantha."

At Sam's incredulous look Dean said,

" Come on you totally fainted like a little girl!"

"Did not…jerk!"


At this, Dean left the room telling Sam to rest and he would come and get him before they left. While all Sam wanted to do was sleep, he couldn't. He didn't know what happened to him and was unsure if it was real, though he felt a strong urge to heed all the information and make good use of it. If it was real though, then Sam's future seemed pretty bad. He didn't know what to do. If he followed through on his decision, than a lot of evil would befall him and his family. He would lose a girl he loved, his father his brother and ultimately himself. But if he stayed with his family and didn't go to Stanford than there was a chance that all those people him and Dean will save might not survive. Sam had a choice to make: Follow through and try to change his dreadful future, or go into the unknown and maybe keep his family and loved ones alive.

At hearing Dean's voice telling him it was time to go, he realized he had spent a long time going over this information in his head. He slowly got off the bed grabbed his duffel and took one last look at what had been his home. Sam walked out of that room to his waiting family and knew he had made his choice.