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Happy Birthday Sammy

Previously: "Well John, I'll just get right to the point. I have been keeping tabs on you since you came to me that first day. Until now things have been quiet, but I have been hearing …rumors. It's about your boy John. It's about Sam."

"What do you mean it's about Sam? What's going on?"

"Well John, this isn't easy, but the demons have been talking. They have been talking about Sam. They seem to be led by a demon named Azazel. Wh…"

"Azazel? Is he the one who came after my Mary?"

"I don't know John I really wish I did but I don't. For now though you should be worrying about your son. This demon seems to be extremely powerful, and has a surprising interest in Sam. I think you know why."

"It's about his dreams isn't it? They aren't really dreams, but more like premonitions or visions, right?"

"Yes John, that's what I believe. I think this is why he wants Sammy so bad. I have seen what will happen if he gets Sam, and you must stop that from happening. This could affect not only your family, but everyone else as well."

"What did you see? What's gonna happen?"

"I have a pretty sure idea, but I think it is better that you not know. I don't know what will happen, and I am not sure whether the demon will pick up on it."

"What do you mean pick up on it?"

"Well John he has started following you, ever since you first left Montana. After Sam had his first vision. You must find a way to get Sam to leave you guys, and go to Stanford as planned."

"How am I supposed to do that? I can't just tell him to leave! And what about the demon? He is unprotected out there on his own."

"Well John, I can make it so that once Sam leaves his presence will not be able to be sensed by the Demon. I am not sure how long this will last, but it should be okay, unless Sam starts to have visions again, and there is nothing I can do about that. John, I know this is hard, but it's for the best."

"I don't like it, and I don't know what I'm going to do about it, but thank you for calling."

"Anytime John, just make sure you do what's best for Sam. Bye now."

John hung up the phone, his hands slightly shaking after hearing that his fears were materializing. His son was in danger, and the only way to protect him was to make him leave. He knew he would have to do it, but he wasn't sure how he would tell Dean, without letting him know of the real dangers. He looked up at the thought of his sons and was glad to find that they were just now coming out of the little convenience store, Dean with a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and Sam with a chocolate bar. As he watched them bicker on their way over he knew this was going to be one of the hardest things he was ever going to have to do. He composed himself as the boys came back over.

"Ready to hit the road again? We should be there in a couple of hours then we can get ready for tomorrow."

"Yes sir, we're ready." They responded simultaneously.

They drove that last couple of hours with John deep in thought and the boys arguing over one thing or another. Finally, they made it to their destination and found a cheap motel. They unloaded all their gear, and Sam set to work about getting info from the town library. As Sam left, John figured this would be the best time to talk to Dean. On the way over he had finally found a story that would seem plausible enough, and since they were alone he figured it was as good a time as any. Dean was cleaning the sawed off when he started in.

"Dean. I have been doing some thinking, about Sam and Stanford."

At the mention of Sam and Stanford Dean immediately stopped his work and focused on John.

"I think that we should let him go. I thi…"

"What?!?" Dean interrupted. "Are you kidding me? You were the one who was adamant that he shouldn't go. Why the sudden change?"

"Well, as I thought about what he said and what you said, I think that this will be what's best. This has been his dream, and we both knew it. I now that he doesn't enjoy this life, and I don't think it's fair for him to have to stay just because he feels obligated to protect us? I think he deserves a chance to make his own in the world, don't you?"

Dean sat there through his dad's speech taking in every word. His look of disbelief and confusion slowly turned to one of sadness and resignation.

"Ya, dad. I guess it is fair that he should get a chance to get out of here. I am just worried about him. We won't be with him, to be able to watch out for him."

"I know son, but he deserves a chance, and we will watch out for him. Just from a distance."

"How will we tell him dad? If you tell him he will probably think you don't want him to stay. You will have to explain to him that you are doing it for him to have a better life. Even then he will still probably be hesitant to go."

"I will explain to him Dean. After though I think he will realize that he still wants to go, that he never stopped wanting it. I will talk to him after we finish this hunt."

"Okay dad, if that's what you think is for best."

Dean started to go back to his cleaning of the weapons, waiting for Sammy to come back. He knew that he would have to spend as much time with him as he could. Because he knew in his heart that Sam would go, that's what he was always meant to do. He would make sure to give him the best birthday celebration ever. A last hoorah.

OOOOO Next night, at the hunt OOOOO

"Sammy hurry up and torch that sucker. I don't think me and dad will be able to hold him off much longer!"

"I'm trying, hold on." Sam yelled back to Dean.

They went to the mansion where the poltergeist resided, and they were in the backyard getting rid of it. The first hour had gone off without a hitch. They got all the way down to the coffin, before it realized what they were doing. As soon as it came to this realization, it started attacking. Sam had the job to torch the bones, while his dad and Dean distracted it. He had just gotten through salting down the skeleton when he noticed that dean seemed to be getting overpowered. He couldn't see his father but assumed he was only knocked out. At least he hoped. As he was finishing with pouring the lighter fluid over the bones and lighting the match he tripped. He fell into the freshly dug grave, but luckily the flame had blown out as he fell. His brother must have noticed.

"Sammy!!! Are you okay??"

"Ya Dean, I'm fine."

As he said this Dean's head appeared above the hole, and he reached a hand down to help Sam out. As Sam got out he struck another match and dropped it in. What he didn't notice though was that the poltergeist was coming up behind Dean, and waited to the exact moment that Sam dropped the match to push Dean in. As Sam saw this happen he froze. He did nothing; he was so shocked that he was unable to move. Luckily at that moment his dad again seemed to come out of nowhere to correct his mistakes.

"Dean?!?! Dean are you okay? Dean!!!" John yelled as he pushed Sam aside and looked for Dean.

"Dad, I'm over here." Dean coughed out.

"Grab my hand Dean, hurry." John said as he reached down, and grabbed hold of dean. As he got a good handle, he pulled Dean up. Dean came up slowly. His face was dirty and he was out of breath.

"Are you okay Dean?"

"Ya dad I'll be fine."

At this John finally took notice of Sam. The look he gave Sam was enough to make him shy away in fear.

"We will talk about this later Sam. Now help me get Dean to the car." John ordered Sam while staring daggers at him.

Together the two men helped get Dean safely to the car. The ride home was tense and silent except for the occasional cough from Dean. Finally they made it back to the motel, and inside. Sam stood there as his dad got Dean comfortable, waiting for the yelling he knew would be coming.

"Dad, Dean, I'm sorry." He quietly said.

"It's okay Sammy I now it wasn't your fault."

"Don't Dean. It isn't okay. He froze, and you could have died. Sam, do you realize that we could have lost dean tonight, just because you were scared. That all would have been on your shoulders!"

"Dad, I'm sorry I don't know what happened. I didn't mean for Dean to get hurt."

"Well that's not good enough Sammy. I'm not sure if this is really best for you."

"Are you telling me to leave?" Sam asked with tears in his eyes.

Throughout this conversation Dean had been following from his position on the bed. As he heard his dad yell at Sam and Sam's conclusion to this he was horrified. He wasn't ready for Sam to leave just yet. He decided it was time to intervene.

"Dad, come on give him a break. It was a mistake, and it could have happened to any of us. You don't want him to leave though, you're just over-reacting."

"No Dean this was not just a mistake, and I will not give him a break for almost killing you. And I think that is exactly what I am saying. Sam it might be best if you do leave, and go to college."

"You don't mean that." Sam said trying not to let his tears fall.

"Oh, I think I do."

Sam finally broke, and let the tears come. He fell to his knees and let the heart-wrenching sobs consume him. For a couple of minutes this was all that was heard. Dean was shocked into silence and John stood there watching his son cry. He was having an internal war. He knew the way this was going was not how he wanted it to happen, but this way was best. He knew that this way was fool proof, and that Sam would not come back. After listening to his son cry and feeling his heart break a little bit more each sob he knew he had to finish it.

"Sam I want you to walk out that door, and never come back. Go to college get the normal you want and leave us. We will all be better off this way."

"Dad please don't say that!" Sam cried.

"Sam go now!" John said this in the voice that no one could resist, not even his sons.

Sam had stopped crying now and just stood there looking at his father and Dean. He slowly got over to his bed he was gonna share with Dean and grabbed his duffel. He zipped it up, and walked towards the door.

"Sam don't go. Dad tell him he doesn't have to go. Please!!"

"Dean, it's okay. Just take care of each other for me. I love you guys."

At this he walked out the door, and down the street towards the bus station. As he left the room and looked back at dean, he had a face that Dean will never forget. He was resigned that his father didn't approve of him and that he was not going to ever come back home. As soon as Sam left, John mumbled something about getting a drink, and left. Dean got his duffel, looked through it and got out the box wrapped in newspaper. H laid it on the bed and just looked at it. After a while he too lay down and turned out the light. Before he fell asleep with the box laid against his chest, he let one tear fall.

"Happy eighteenth birthday Sammy. I love you."


A rustling from the other room of his apartment woke Sam in the middle of the night. He looked over to make sure Jess was still asleep and got up to go check it out. He saw a shadow and started to attack just like he had been taught those many years ago. He stopped suddenly when he heard,

"Whoa, easy there tiger."


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