It was an early March morning when Sonic first knew something was going on with Amy, something very strange. Sonic was just lying in his warm cozy bed with the covers pulled up over his ears to keep the out the cold wind rushing though the window he forgot to shut, when he felt the bed shift. His lovely wife, Amy, made as little noise as possible as she pulled back the blankets carefully, and the springs in the mattress squeaked, letting the whole world know that she was escaping the bed without wanting to wake him up. The blue hedgehog felt a gush of cold air hit his back when she left and pulled the covers up tighter.

He had thought, "Oh no, there she goes to close the window. Why didn't I just get up and close the thing? I feel like such an inconsiderate…" but Sonic was wrong. In fact, Amy hadn't even crossed to his side of the bed to his window. Instead, she had hopped from the bed with such great speed and agility that it didn't even look like she was tired in the least. Sonic peeked over his shoulder with groggy eyes just in time to see her slam the bathroom door.

It happened every morning after that. At first, Sonic didn't pay it much mind. But the incidents began to become more and more frequent…

It was a Saturday and the blue hedgehog had gotten up early to take a nice, hot shower. With his fresh clothes over one arm and his rubber ducky in his hand, Sonic headed merrily for the bathroom. Before he even knew what was going on, Amy, quicker than Sonic at dinnertime, cut in front of him out of nowhere and dashed into the bathroom, literally slamming the door in his face.

"Hey!" Sonic had shouted. "No fair!" He meant it as a joke, expecting Amy to open the bathroom door and laugh at his flabbergasted face when she nearly pushed him out of the way. But the door remained shut. Sonic, now getting annoyed (after all, there was only one bathroom in the entire house), pounded on the door.

"Come on, Ames. I was here first and you know it!" He pressed his ear to the door, hoping for a reply, but flinched away immediately. Awful gagging sounds issued from the room, followed by a toilet flushing and more gagging. Sonic, worried, knocked more softly, a little ashamed of himself.

"Uh…Amy? You feeling okay?"

"Uh huh…" echoed Amy's faint voice against the walls. She threw up again.

That wasn't even the worst part. Later that day when Sonic was finally able to emerge from his long-awaited shower, he went off to find some breakfast that was usually waiting on the table for him on Saturday mornings. He stepped out of the bedroom, expecting an aroma of pancakes, bacon and coffee, but all he could smell was the light rainfall and smell of a wet spring. The hedgehog scanned the kitchen and the living room to find his wife and ask if she was ok.

"Amy!" he called.

There was a weak whimper from the couch.

"Amy?" Sonic rushed over to the couch at supersonic speed to find his wife moaning and writhing on the cushions like a sick puppy. The blue hedgehog knelt down, full of curiosity and concern. How sick was she?

"Amy?" he asked urgently again, feeling her forehead. She didn't have a fever. "What's wrong?"

Amy painfully opened one green eye a crack. She clenched her stomach as her feet dug into the red cushions.

"Cramps!" she shouted, now beginning to chew on the pillows ravenously. "And 'that time of the month' was last week!"

Sonic stared at her for one puzzled moment before bursting out in laughter. She glared at him.

"It is not funny, Sonic!" she said angrily, now rubbing her thighs with hard friction. "Cramps hurt more than you know! Guys don't go through as nearly as much pain as a woman does!"

Sonic laughed jokingly. "Oh, please! These cramp things can't be all that bad. How much could they hurt anyway?"

Amy stopped rubbing her thighs and thought for a brief moment (before she started up again.) "Imagine this," she said. "Take you bottom lip…" Amy leaned in closer to Sonic and glared at him intensely. "…and pull it up over your head."

The blue hedgehog was petrified at her statement and stared at his wife with a new kind of amazement. Amy couldn't help but smile.

"Motrin, please," she commanded, writhing her feet on the couch again and holding out her hand expectantly.


"Oh, Sonic, do you really have to go?"

Sonic the Hedgehog gave his wife a loving look as she stood in the doorway with her hands clasped together. Amy didn't want Sonic to leave on another "adventure" as he called them. She missed him terribly when he'd leave, but that wasn't the whole part of it. Amy hadn't been feeling herself lately. She felt sick every morning, she had terrible cramps even when it wasn't "that time of month," she felt fatigued all the time, and she was afraid to hug Sonic because…well, let's just say her "chest" felt a bit tender these days. But her husband waved his hand airily.

"Don't worry, Ames. I'll be back in a week or two."

"Not 'or two', Sonic. One week."

"But Amy, I don't know how long it'll take…"

"Oh, come on. Getting rid of those robots won't take you two minutes, especially if you have Tails and Knuckles with you."

Sonic rolled his eyes. "It's more like sneaking into an underground base and plotting and…"

Amy pushed her finger to his lips to shush him. Her eyelids fluttered shut as she leaned in and kissed him. The blue hedgehog wrapped his arms around his wife's waist. He felt it was quite odd to reach up for Amy's waist instead of down, for she stood on the step above him. When they parted, Sonic grinned and hugged her…tight.

The pink hedgehog's eyes bugged out for the pain in her breasts, which he squeezed tightly. She bit her tongue to keep from crying out; she didn't want Sonic to know her boobs hurt when he hugged her. It was even more awkward than their wedding night where neither of them knew how to "do it." Amy suffered in silent agony until he finally let her go. Amy waited until he had turned around and was out of sight so she could hug her chest and breathe heavily.

"GAH!" she said between clenched teeth. "Why is it that guys don't understand the pains of breasts?"

"Well, what do you expect? They aren't just for attracting mates, you know."

Amy looked towards the path from the forest to see Rouge the Bat emerging from the trees' shadows and strolling towards her. They met in a light embrace.

"Hey, Rouge!" Amy smiled. "How are you? How's Knuckles?"

The bat shrugged. "Pretty good. Knuckles is still in shock from the pregnancy."

They giggled.

"I can imagine. Well, come on in! I'll fix you some tea…"

"Great! Have you got any Pop-Tarts?"

"You know it's a necessity, Rouge. Cinnamon or strawberry?"

"Cinnamon me."

Amy Rose shut the front door when Rouge stepped inside and made her way over to the cupboard. She pulled out the boxes of Pop-Tarts and tossed a cinnamon pack to her friend. Rouge ripped open the silver packaging and hungrily bit into the pastry. She sighed contentedly.

"Oh, I've been craving one of these since last week!" she moaned. "I told Knuckles to go and get me some, but he'd eat them all on the way home."

Amy bit into her strawberry tart and nodded considerately. "I know what you mean. I have to lock this cupboard up so Sonic won't get in. It's my personal stash of sweets."

They ate in silence for a while, licking up the crumbs from the silver paper afterwards, when Amy popped the question that had been on her mind all morning.

"Hey, Rouge?" she asked. Rouge raised her eyebrows to show she was listening. "How did it feel when you first knew you were pregnant? The symptoms, I mean."

The bat exhaled thoughtfully and leaned back in her chair. "That would have to have been about a week ago, right?" she said. "Well, I have to puke every morning, I have to shove Knuckles away when he hugs me too hard…" at this Amy folded her own arms across her chest, remembering the feeling. "…cramps, I get really depressed for absolutely no reason at all…oh! And I've been craving turkey lately…" The bat cocked her head in Amy's direction and narrowed her eyes. "Why do you ask?"

The hedgehog looked down at her fuzzy slippers. "Oh, no reason. Just wondering is all."

Rouge looked suspicious, but a loud noise interrupted their conversation abruptly. Amy hastily stood and rushed to the stove to pull the kettle off the flames, somewhat relieved. The bat observed her as Amy took two teacups down from the top shelf and filled them with the boiling water. She plopped a raspberry teabag in each and brought them to the table, where she sat down across from her friend. Rouge took her tea gratefully and inhaled the steam.

"You don't look so good, Ames," she commented. Amy sipped her tea and shrugged.

"I admit I've been a bit under the weather lately," the hedgehog confessed. "But I'll be fine. I just need to sleep a bit, that's all."

Rouge rolled her eyes. "You always say that, Amy! Then you end up auditioning for this and performing for that and working your tail off at the boutique!"

Amy quickly clanked her cup down on the table with a sudden look of realization. "Did I mention I got in 'Wicked the musical'?"

Rouge nearly spit her hot tea across the table. She stood up and nearly shouted. "WHAT?! ARE YOU FREAKIN' SERIOUS?!"

Amy screamed excitedly. "Yes!"

The bat squealed again and reached across the table to hug her friend. "Amy, that's awesome! What part?"

Amy shyly looked down at the floor. "Glinda…"

The hedgehog thought Rouge's lungs would explode when she shouted again. Amy couldn't help but laugh.

"I could hardly believe it when they told me!" she said. "By that time, I was used to getting the small roles in everything. You know, chorus members, background characters…the closest I had ever gotten to a lead role was playing Belle's understudy in Beauty and the Beast."

Rouge had finally calmed down enough to speak. "But didn't someone already put on Wicked?"

"It's a really popular show."

The girls spent the next hour and a half talking about the audition. Rouge wanted all the details, and Amy filled her in as best as she could.

"This is really amazing, Amy!" Rouge finally said happily. "I mean, you finally get to…" her voice trailed off in mid-sentence and she slowly turned to gaze at Amy. The hedgehog gave her friend a questionable look.

The bat stood up suddenly. "Amy, I think you should see a doctor."

Amy laughed. "Where did that come from? Really, Rouge. I'm fine!"

Rouge gave her a "whatever you say" look before pulling out her vibrating rhinestone cell phone and checking her caller ID. She mouthed the word "Knuckles" before flipping it open and saying in a sexy voice that made Amy snort a laugh, "Hiya, hot stuff. Mama's coming home soon…I need to take Miss Amy Rose Hedgehog to the doctor's…mmhmm…all right hon. Keep the bed warm…Oh, I'm kidding! Gosh, can't you take a joke? I'll come home to say goodbye in a bit…bye. Yeesh."

Amy stifled her laughter until Rouge's phone finally "clicked" and the bat turned to her.

"Alas," she said. "It seems I cannot escort you to the doctor today, Miss Rose. I must bid my husband farewell before he departs." She cleared her throat. "So I guess you'll have to take yourself, and I'll know if you don't."

Amy sighed. "Rouge, really, I'm fine. Besides, I hate the doctor…"

But Rouge wouldn't hear a word of it. She headed for the door and let herself out. Halfway down the path she turned back and yelled, "Have fun, and tell me everything when you get back!" And she was a speck in the sky in an instant.

The pink hedgehog dragged her slippers to the window and sighed gloomily. She could never beat Rouge at any argument.



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