Makai: Two Years Later

Two small crates sat in a claustrophobic, steel room. They looked about the right size to carry a chihuahua, but nothing bigger then that. But inside of the crates were two humans, a boy and a girl. They were skinny, as if they hadn't eaten for weeks. The girl was curled into a ball, hugging her knees to her chest and drawing in very short breaths. The boy, though he had tried many different positions that seemed less pitiful, couldn't find anything and had slowly been helped by the girl out of the tangled mess he was in and into the same position.

This was punishment for there latest attempt to break out of Makai. And they were bound to be in there for about three more days, with the occasional exception of being taken out to be whipped. This had happened to a lesser extent many times before, but they never seemed to learn.

The door knocked.

"I almost hope that's the man who's come to whip us," Said the boy. "I want to tear his arm off."

"Charming," The girl said. "Besides, since when do scientists knock?"

The door creaked open, and a figure about the size of the cage stepped in.

"Mokona..." The boy said. But it wasn't Mokona. It was a green and blue version of Mokona with cat ears.

"No," She said. "I'm C."

They had never seen any creature like C before in the lab. Was she a new experiment?

"Clone Syaoran, is it?" C asked, jumping forwards.

"What do you want?" Clone Syaoran snarled.

"Be careful. He's in a bad mood," The girl warned.

"I noticed, Adriane," C said quietly. "I came to make an offer with you."

"Go tell somebody who cares," The clone said, rolling his eyes and leaning his head against the bars of the cage. The scar on his right eye from two years earlier had healed, but he had gone blind in that eye. It's magic was still quite effective, and the scientists forced him to fight with it constantly. He also used undiscovered elements of its power to try and escape.

"Listen, I didn't sneak all the way from Jigoku to Makai without being caught with a compressed soul in my mouth just to be turned away when I reached my goal," C said with frustration, stomping her foot. This caught the clone's attention.

"Jigoku? Soul? Yah, you kinda lost me," He remarked dryly, though he seemed to be listening now.

"Ignore the Jigoku part. It's the soul I'm worried about. It's painful for it to carry it as an orb." C opened her mouth and let a silver blue orb float from her into her hands. The two just stared.

"What do you need me for?" Clone Syaoran asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Well, I figured you're the one who needs it the most. You're the one who keeps trying to escape. I'm sure this spirit will be willing to help you out. I'm also sure he has some good ideas." The clone's eyes narrowed.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" He asked.

Adriane sighed. "Paranoid again?" She asked, but she didn't need to.

"Look, you're probably the only person who's desperate enough to take on being two people. Or strong enough, for that matter. In exchange, I can mindwipe the scientists, so this punishment will be canceled out, and they won't remember your escape attempt or the route you took, so you can re-use it, if you wan't. They'll have no idea why you're in here. I can also insert memories into their mind so they'll take you out, any maybe even feed you. Sound fair enough?"

Clone Syaoran and Adriane's eyes widened. They were rarely ever fed, and some people would do anything to escape the punishments given here. The clone thought for a moment.

"Fine, since you're so persistent," He finally decided with a sigh. C turned to look at Adriane.

"You can't tell anyone about this, OK? Either of you. The spirit will tell you why...if he wants to, that is." They both nodded. Then C turned around and held the glowing orb out to the clone, who took it with one hand. He technically skinned his arm forcing it through the bars. When his fingers closed on the soul, it glowed multiple colors. He pulled his arm and the orb back into the cage. It glowed a few more different colors before exploding into red light, blinding everyone in the room. When the light disappeared, Clone Syaoran was unconcious. Adriane glanced at C.

"I've got to hold up my end of the deal." The little cat eared creature said. Adriane nodded.

"Before you go...why did you really give the clone that soul? Was it for the clone...or was it for the being the soul was?" Adriane asked. C laughed.

"I guess it was for both. I...I just couldn't let him get tortured anymore. He didn't deserve it. The whole mess wasn't directly his fault." Before Adriane could ask any more questions, C turned around and hopped out of the door, being sure it shut silently behind her.

The clone's eyes slowly reopened.

"Clone Syaoran...?" Adriane asked.

"...Is that you, Adriane? ...Where am I?" The clone's voice sounded almost exactly the same as before, but Adriane heard a small difference, and when she looked into his eyes, she noticed the different expressions reflected in the them both.

"Who are you...?" The room fell silent as the two just stared at each other. The door opened, and two scientists entered the room and picked up the cages. They both traveled in opposite directions, seperating the two before either one could answer anything.