One day of some week in the middle of Spring (because it is the second greatest season ever, only second to the greatness that is Summer), Mario was off in the meadows, of which was some generic meadows because no one clearly cares for specific locations, although you could somehow argue that this one was Guar Plains this there was a giant metal object way out in the distance, taking another of his many renowned, peaceful strolls. No Koopas, no Goombas, no Bo-Bombs, no Shy Guys, no Pokeys, no Piranha Plants, or any other enemies from his series or any other particular game franchise of his were in sight, and the only things within the meadows other than the absolutely beautiful green grass that showcased the simple beauty of it were several bushes that contained different kinds of berries, like the Sitrus Berry, the Oran Berry, the Rawst Berry, the... okay, you get the point.

"Hmmm," Mario stated to himself as he rubbed his chin, pondering some interesting thing to himself as his legs became stronger and healthier, "I could sure use a drink to give me a punch." Before he could object to the laws of physics, Captain falcon suddenly popped up out of thin air, delivering a FALCON PAUNCH into the middle aged plumber's gut, knocking him down.

"YESZ!" Captain Falcon saluted as he grinned, "Show Me Your Moves with my new drink, FALCON PUNCH!" He immediately got out a can of juice, with the words 'FALCON PUNCH' badly written on it, "Certified to make you nearly as buff and awesome as me, and with enough power to..." He charged up his Falcon Paunch just as mario got back up to his feet, "Perform a FALCON PAUNCH!"

BOOOM! Mario was knocked two miles back towards the eastern direction, lying on the grass unconscious, his face buried within the hidden mud underneath the smooth grass. Captain Falcon only did a pose as he dashed off towards the northern direction, leaving behind his Falcon Punch energy drink.

Silence. The wind blew gently as crickets out of nowhere began chirping in harmony, whereas Mario remained seemingly lifeless.


"Isn't it great that we got this cameo, DB?" Toadette asked Dry Bowser as they were walking around the Guar Plains in another part of the meadows.

"No, actually. Seems rather pointless." Dry Bowser yawned as he stretched his boney arms out, just for you big guy. "Seems like we were thrown in for a cheap gag."

"A cheap gag... to increase the word count." Arceus stated as he was planting some berries there to help give the plains more variety in the vegetation.

Anyway, back to our red capped human Italian pesky plumber

"Don't mind me." Mega Rayquaza stated as he was just flying around at the speed of sound high in the sky at the Guar Plains. "I'm just making an unnecessary, unspecific cameo that might come to play in a later chapter.


...All right, this is starting to get boring.

Mario later woke up, rubbing the back of his sore neck as he turned around, to see that Captain Falcon was long gone, but noticed that he left behind his Falcon Punch energy drink. Shrugging and feeling that he needed some punch in his afternoon, Mario grabbed the can and opened it up, chugging the energy drink down his throat. But he noticed something uncanny about the drink... nothing was coming out of it.

"Hmmm?" Mario pondered, as he peeked inside the can to see water floating inside of it. He tried sipping it again, but noticed that he didn't taste anything. Growling as he begun to get frustrated, Mario began to shake the can, hearing the water bouncing up and down. He then smirked as he then planned to drink down the energy drink, but once again, nothing of taste value came out. Screaming, Mario chucked the seemingly empty can of Falcon Punch into the air and fired several red hot fireballs at it, watching the can exploded in an epic fashion. Sighing to himself, Mario dusted himself off and headed back towards the western direction, towards his apparent destination.

"...Wait a minute..." Mario stated as he realized something crucial, taking off his red cap and scratching his brownish hair, "I don't even have a destination!"