One day of some week in the middle of Spring (because it is the second greatest season ever, only second to the greatness that is Summer), Mario was off in the meadows, taking another of his many renowned, peaceful strolls. No Koopas, no Goombas, no Bo-Bombs, no Shy Guys, no Pokeys, no Piranha Plants, or any other enemies of his were in sight, and the only things within the meadows other than the absolutely beautiful green grass that showcased the simple beauty of it were several bushes that contained different kinds of berries, like the Sitrus Berry, the Oran Berry, the Rawst Berry, the... okay, you get the point.

"Hmmm," Mario stated to himself as he rubbed his chin, pondering some interesting thing to himself as his legs became stronger and healthier, "I could sure use a drink to give me a punch." Before he could object to the laws of physics, Captain falcon suddenly popped up out of thin air, delivering a FALCON PAUNCH into the middle aged plumber's gut, knocking him down.

"YESZ!!!" Captain Falcon saluted as he grinned, "Show Me Your Moves with my new drink, FALCON PUNCH!!!" He immediately got out a can of juice, with the words 'FALCON PUNCH' badly written on it, "Certified to make you nearly as buff and awesome as me, and with enough power to..." He charged up his Falcon Paunch just as mario got back up to his feet, "Perform a FALCON PAUNCH!!!!"

BOOOM!!!! Mario was knocked two miles back towards the eastern direction, lying on the grass unconscious, his face buried within the hidden mud underneath the smooth grass. Captain Falcon only did a pose as he dashed off towards the northern direction, leaving behind his Falcon Punch energy drink.

Silence. The wind blew gently as crickets out of nowhere began chirping in harmony, whereas Mario remained seemingly lifeless.








...All right, this is starting to get boring.

Mario later woke up, rubbing the back of his sore neck as he turned around, to see that Captain Falcon was long gone, but noticed that he left behind his Falcon Punch energy drink. Shrugging and feeling that he needed some punch in his afternoon, Mario grabbed the can and opened it up, chugging the energy drink down his throat. But he noticed something uncanny about the drink... nothing was coming out of it.

"Hmmm?" Mario pondered, as he peeked inside the can to see water floating inside of it. He tried sipping it again, but noticed that he didn't taste anything. Growling as he begun to get frustrated, Mario began to shake the can, hearing the water bouncing up and down. He then smirked as he then planned to drink down the energy drink, but once again, nothing of taste value came out. Screaming, Mario chucked the seemingly empty can of Falcon Punch into the air and fired several red hot fireballs at it, watching the can exploded in an epic fashion. Sighing to himself, Mario dusted himself off and headed back towards the western direction, towards his apparent destination.

"...Wait a minute..." Mario stated as he realized something crucial, taking off his red cap and scratching his brownish hair, "I don't even have a destination!"

Meanwhile, at some random store in the middle of the meadows, Falco Lombardi sighed as he waited for more customers. Sadly, he had very little money to keep his Pizza shop open, a cake sign recently installed outside in an attempt to bring in more customers.

"Darn it, that stupid Captain Falcon tricked me!" Falcon cursed as he placed his right hand on his right cheek and shook his head, "Why did I bother listening to him in the first place...?"

"Don't worry, Falco," Said Falco's angel, who appeared on the blue bird's right shoulder, "I'm sure that if you're patient enough, then you'll likely get customers eventually. After all, being patient is one of the most important values of life."

At the proclamation of this, Falco's devil appeared on his left shoulder, nagging on back at the angel. "Patient enough, patient enough, bah! It's likely that if you allowed people to get your hands on your bread, then you wouldn't be in such a rut! I mean honestly, who in their right mind is going to pay money to try a pizzacake, for crying out loud?"

"Yoo-hoo!" A call out from the eastern direction that echoed over to Falco made the blue bird, as well as his split spirits, realize that Mario was coming over. Gasping in shock, Falco smashed the two spirits into one and rolled them up into a pizzacake, placing the pizza-filled cake right on the front as Mario made his way towards the fleeting store.

"Mario, Mario!" Falco greeted as he gave Mario a red stool to sit on, shaking the red-capped plumber's right gloved hand as he insisted, "here, take this fine chair! You'll like it!"

Mario smiled, shaking back. "Gee, thanks Falco! It sure is nice to know that-" As he sat down on the red stool, it broke in half, causing him to fall on the dirt-paved ground below.

Dropping his beak in disbelief, Falco ran into the back and got a yellow-colored stool, kicking aside the broken red stool and placing the yellow stool in its place.

"Ignore that little problem, Mario," Falco chuckled nervously as sweat began pouring down from his head, "Just have a seat and enjoy anything to your liking."

Mario smiled, and he sat on top of the yellow stool, noticing the pizzacake that was in front of him. Smacking his lips, Mario took a bite out of it, and he gave Falco a thumbs up sign. Falco sighed of relief as he watched Mario take in the entire meal.

"Oh, thank you Mario, thank you," Falco stated as he was practically kissing Mario's left hand, looking up and continuing, "You have no idea how much I've been trying to convince people to come here. I somewhat need this." He then paused to think for a minute, and asked, "Speaking of needing something, you have fifteen bucks I could use, seeing as how you ate a meal?"

Mario nodded, and he pulled out his wallet from his blue overalls right pocket, opening it up and handing over a twenty dollar bill and some gold coins. Falco giggled with glee as he accepted the coins and placed them... in his own wallet.

"Aren't dollars and coins suppose to go into the store's cash register" Mario curiously asked as he scratched his head in confusion.

Falco chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head as he slyly replied, "Err, umm, well, you see, we don't have any cash registers.... hehehe..." He groaned as he shook his head, slamming his head on the table. "Captain Falcon didn't bother giving me anything else to help me with my store, so I'm stuck like this until I can strike enough money to make this place better."

Mario's eyes nearly popped out at the mention of Captain Falcon. "Oh! Him!" He slammed his right fist on the table, stating to Falco, "If I see that failure of a racer slash bounty hunter again, I'm going to give him fireballs up where the sun won't shine!"

Falco looked up at Mario, shocked. "Wait, he did you in too?" He asked, and he listened onto Mario's tale of how Captain Falcon had him. In the nearby strawberry filled bushes, two unknown characters were listening in, having a voice recorder with them to record the entire conversation between Mario and Falco.