Ness and Nana both moaned as they tried to get the rubble off of Captain Falcon. However, they stopped as they were spotted by Falco, who was in a rather heroic pose.

"All right, nobody move..." Falco started as different loafs of bread fell from his pocket, watching them tumble downhill.

Ness and Nana stared blankly at Falco, not wondering what to do as they remained in their positions.

"Uhh..." Ness tried pointing out, coughing nervously as she spoke while standing still, pointing at falco and then at the dropped loafs of bread, "Your bread just rolled away."

"Moar like it did a bread roll," Nana teased, giggling as she and Ness then bursted into laughter.

Falco shook with anger, grabbing the wo girls and smashing them into each other as he looked over the debris, to see the tired Captain Falcon. He grabbed the F-ZERO pilot by the neck and strangled him, threatening, "All right, joker, the bib's up! You ain't Falcon Pawnching anyone today."

Captain Falcon tried his best to escape Falco's strong grasp, but he was so wounded, he could barely put up a fight. Falco sneered, and he tossed the captain into the air, chucking a smart bomb at him as he then shot a laser. Watching Captain Falcon blasting off again after the smart bomb epically exploded, Falco dusted off his feathers as he headed back to the waterfall, only to find the bloody remains of the Red Gyarados.

"Wha..." Before Falco could even comment, Mario popped up right behind the blue falcon, and the two wrapped each other's arms around each other as the two Brooklynites had a good laugh.

Back at Falco's bar, the two Smashers were enjoying a drink, on the house from Falco. Mario welcomed it especially, considering that he was nearly blasted to death.

"Falco, you sure know how to make a good smoothie," Mario commented as he sipped some more, "You even got my favorite, watermelon!" He paused and rubbed his chin. "Watermelon... hmm, why does THAT sound so familiar..."

Falco laughed as he laid back on his beach chair and sighed. "Take a load off, Mario," He insisted as he looked up at the clear blue sky, "We had fun, we got our revenge on Captain Idiot, and now we're just relaxing." He sighed of relief. "Nothing could be better."

Before any moment of peace further, Mario and Falco were suddenly sent flying into the air by an explosion, which was caused by... Waluigi!?

"Wa ha ha! Waluigi, number one!" Waluigi exclaimed as he took a watermelon smoothie and sipped it as he sat down on Falco's beach chair, enjoying the moment.


Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: And now, it's finally finished. I hope you guys made LOTSA SPAGHETTI - err, I mean, enjoy it!