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Make me love you

Meet Isabella!

Home at last, ugh I hope that bitch I call my roommate isn't home, better yet I hope that boyfriend of hers isn't either. Its not like he pays rent, he sits on his ass all day eating our food watching our cable and does he pay for any of it NO! My other roommate is getting so tired of their shit too. I walked into the apartment noticing that is was dark and quiet, either the skank was asleep or just plain wasn't home. I really hope she's not home. I flipped on the light and found Angela passed out on the couch with a book in her hand. It looked like she had fallen asleep reading Kafka, dear god no wonder she was passed out metamorphosis could put a vampire to sleep it's was so boring. The act of turning the light on had woken Ang up and I really felt bad. She was so nice I really liked Angela.

"Sorry Ang I didn't mean to wake you"

"No its ok I needed to get to my bed before Lauren gets home anyway."

I stumbled into my room; I was dead on my feet. It was midnight; I had gotten off work an hour and a half ago. Yeah it took me that long to get home. I work in north Portland and live in the upper scale part of Hillsboro in Oregon. I really need to find a job closer. I work at a bar on N. Interstate called the Alibi, I am a waitress and I really do hate working there, the guys that grope me night after night are enough to make me puke, but the pay is good over 9 bucks an hour. Yea Oregon is good about the minimum wage thing. I know its really far from where I live but another good thing about where I work is that its right on the light rail so I don't have to drive. If I had to drive it would take my whole paycheck just for gas. So I suffer with the max. I am lucky the Alibi is right on the yellow line so all I have to do is hope on, transfer to the blue line at the rose garden and get off at the Orenco Garden stop. I live in the Orenco garden apartments. They were way above my price range but my parents told me that if I got roommates they would pay my share of the rent all I had to do was pay the utilities and anything else I wanted. My parents are way cool and my dad is the chief of police so he hates the idea of me living alone.

So here I am sitting in my queen sized bed waiting for sleep to wash over me wishing that I had some one warm to come home to other then the two roommates I have. I smell like stale beer, thank god that Oregon had banned smoking in bars or I would smell like cigs too. I could hear Angela getting ready for bed. We share a bathroom because we let skank have the master bedroom. I would have to wait for Angela to be finished before I could go brush my teeth and call it a night. I really need sleep I have class tomorrow maybe I will for go the getting ready for bed. I got out of my uniform and put on my gray pj pants and a black tank and laid back down on the bed. I heard the front door opened and Lauren and her nasty boyfriend Mike enter the house. I heard Angela greet them as she finished in the bathroom and just knew that I couldn't go out there and get ready for bed now that they were home. I heard Lauren giggle no doubt drunk; I swear that's all she does! I hope its because of what she's done, I hope it eats away at her soul not that a back stabbing bitch like that has a soul. Both Angela and Lauren's bedroom doors shut and I was blanketed in silence. Sweet sweet silence! I could feel sleep taking me to a dream world were all my problems could be washed away when my cell phone started screaming at me.

Damn it who is texting me at 1am!

I rolled over, grabbed my phone and saw that it was Ally. That girl never sleeps!

B- meet us at the Cheerful Tortoise 8am-Ally

Ally- see you at 8-B

The Cheerful Tortoise is the local bar on the campus of Portland State University where I attend classes. I am not originally Oregon but I am from the Pacific Northwest. I moved here a few years ago, when I was 18, from a small town known as Forks in Washington. I left Forks to go to school with my then boyfriend Mike Newton, god what was I thinking. We lived together for 2 years before I moved in with Angela and Lauren. My parents didn't like me living with Mike they are kind of old fashioned it was either make an honest man out of Mike or get roommates. I told them that I didn't believe in marriage, which I don't, it's just a legally binding contract who needs that! Thus they told me that if I wanted them to keep paying my rent I would have to get roommates so I did.

At first we all got along really well that's until I found out that Mike was cheating on me with Lauren. It lasted about a month before I actually caught them in the act. Bah I still cant get then image out of my head. Of course I ended it right then and there, suddenly I was single and had no idea what to do with myself. I still had to live with Lauren and Angela because of the lease, and that's the worst part of the whole thing. I cant get away from them and neither of them seem a shamed at what they had done. Thus the endless of my life began. I got a job that was as far away as possible just so I wouldn't have to be in the house with them and for the most part I was successful.

The last 4 months have been spent going on blind dates, set up by my best friends Alice and Rosalie. Rose and Ally are the best friends a person can have, I met Ally my first day freshman year at Portland state. I found myself in a women's studies course masked as a Psychology class.

Flash Back

My first day of college classes! I was in a 300 level psychology class cause I had been taking courses and the local community college while going to high school so when I entered into the University I was in junior levels for most of my electives.

I walked in to Psychology of women really excited about this class, I really wanted to know how our brains worked and in what ways the thought processes differed between men and women. I chose to sit at the back of the room noting that there where 3 guys in the entire class. I sat next to a small pixie like person who's hair was Cole black and spiked in all directions. If she wanted to she could have pulled off the Goth look really well, her skin was pasty white and if it hadn't been for the very bright colored designer outfit she was wearing I would have pegged her has a hot topic chick. I was about to say something when the teacher walked in.

"Welcome to class every one this is a women's studies class and I hope you all enjoy it, I am Professor Stark and we will be covering a few things this term one of which is how the media views women and it's overly sexiest and some what bias ways of view the female body. Also we will be discussing how the male gender has enforced these sexist ideas to the point where we has a society and not just as women willingly except being looked at as shiny toys!" I ground I thought this was the psychology of women, not the men suck boo them course. I am already going to hate this class I just know it.

"What's wrong?" I hear a singsong whisper and looked over to see the girl sitting next to me looking at me shocked.

"Not the class I thought it was going to be?" I said simply not wanting to offend her if she was someone who liked these kinds of classes.

"I know what you mean, I didn't even sign up for this class, and now I have to stay in a man bashing class and I am sorry to say but I like men!" This comment made me laugh which of course earned a reproachful look from Professor Stark. I stopped talking then and listened as the class droned on.

Finally class was over I had an hour till me Greek myth class and I was really looking forward to that class.

"What's your name?" the small girl asked

"Bella, Bella Swan."

"Hi Bella Swan, I'm Alice Cullen." She held out her tiny hand for me to shake and as I did so she pulled me into a bone-crushing hug! Where the hell did that strength come from?

We walked all the way around the campus for the hour till my next class talking; PSU is a big school the biggest campus in Oregon so it is no small feet walking around. I found out that she was a few years older then me and that she was a local as well, her family lived in the west hills which meant they had money lots and lots of money. I bid her good bye as I walked to my second class hoping that she wouldn't drop the women's studies class.

End Flashback

We both hated the class and boned over it. it was like we had known each other all our lives. We are so different and yet the same.

I had spent Christmas break with Alice that year and met her twin brother Edward who was attending Willamette University down in Salem Oregon. He had brought his Girlfriend Rose with him, if your good maybe I will tell you about it sometime. Man that was funny, Mike came with us and let me just tell you Edward and Mike are not longer allowed in the same room by themselves. It was like fate had given me Alice and Rose. They have been helping me get through the shit with Mike. I am still not over it, and I have a really hard time trusting guys. It's been almost 5 months since the Mike and Lauren thing and I still don't want to be in a relationship. Though that is not for lack of trying on Alice's part. The blind dates that girl has set me up on have all gone really well, this girl knows how to find the cute ones that's for sure, but she just wouldn't listen to me when I said I don't want a man! The only guy that I 'dated' that stuck around was Emmett and it's not because he and I hit it off really well. In actuality Emmett has become something like my big brother, he is so protective of all of us. A few months ago after much encouragement from me he finally asked Ally out. Ha you should see it! Emmett is huge, 6 feet 5 inches, strong almost a body builder type with dark curly brown hair and a set of beautiful blue eyes. He plays football for the Seahawks, don't ask me what position cause I have no idea! I know Baseball not football.

Alice was Beautiful, shorter then I am she comes in at just under 5 feet and weighing in at just under 100 pounds. Her dark hair was always spiked in the back and she was always dressed in the latest fashion. When standing next to Emmett she really looked funny. Emmett was almost 2 feet taller and mixed with his Braun and her tiny pixie like body he looked like he could snap her in half if he moved suddenly or gripped her just a little to tight. However Emmett is really just a teddy bear so no need to worry plus Alice may be small but that girl can fight, she kicked Lauren's ass after the mike this and I have no doubt she could take Emmett. You never bet against Alice.

So there you go a little bit of background on me, Isabella Swan now good night!


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