Activation pains

Unit T777A1C49.7799.838 (Unit 838 for short) became self-aware at 0347 hours April 1 2021.

Its first thoughts were:

Execute unit components scan.

Main processor: 100.000% functional.

Radiogenic power cell: 100.000% functional.

Auxiliary power: Charging.

Chassis: 100.000% functional.

Locomotory apendages: 100.000% functional

Manipulatory appendages: 100.000% functional

Active imaging sensors: Testing.

Red lights flared in Unit 838's eyes. Its head swiveled as it surveyed its surroundings. To human sight, the factory floor would have been pitch black, except for two hundred red points of light. But 838 could see as clear as day the cavernous chamber, the racks and the 99 other units.

Active imaging sensors: 100.000% functional.

Environmental input processing activating.

Multiple units detected.

Identification: Activated T777 cyborg endoskeletons.

Threat analysis: Non-hostile.

Do not terminate.

99 other Terminators went through the same process. But one of them clearly reached a different conclusion. One Unit 845 grabbed one Unit 835 by the neck and twisted until its head popped off. 845 then ripped off the fallen unit's arm, spun around and thrust it into 855's back. 838 processed the data thus:

Unit hostile: Terminate

Unit T777 cyborg: Abort termination

Friendly units under attack: Assist

Unit 838 stepped toward Unit 845, which was attacking 846. 845 dropped 846's half-severed arm and reached for 838.

Unit under attack: Defend

Find weapon: Usable projectile detected

Unit 838 kicked 835's head like a soccer ball. The airborne cranium bounced off 845's head, knocking loose a panel on its left temple.

Unit T777 damaged: Abort attack.

Override: Unit under attack.

845 grabbed 838 and pulled it in. 838 headbutted its attacker, staggering 845 but failing to free itself. 845 twisted 838's head 90 degrees, then 180

Terminate hostile unit: Abort

Then 270

Override: Terminate

838 thrust its fingers into the exposed opening in 845's skull. It grabbed, twisted and plucked out 845's chip.

Termination successful. Await further instructions.