I suspect that a lot of people aren't going to like this, and I'm a little conflicted myself, but I decided a while ago that this is the only way this story can end...

838 wrenched the tire iron out of his shoulder as he limped his way to the cockpit. Beyond the rain-streaked canopy, he saw lights, and surreal colors and shapes painted on canyon walls. Then, as the Extinction Machine tramped downward, he saw a throng of humans, who were starting to draw back. After hurriedly examining the console, he grabbed a joystick and squeezed, which only fired the weapons in the nose into the air. The dinosaurian machine was jolted as one foot came down on the stairs in front of the stage. 838 tried pulling a lever all the way down. The Machine halted, quickly enough that it rocked and swayed, on the verge of falling over. 838's eyes flicked faster and faster over the console, and finally lit on a button marked "exit".

The Extinction Machine dropped to its haunches, its chin coming down prematurely and hard due to the uneven surface. Those who had not already retreated did so quickly indeed. Then the canopy shot open. 838 mounted the top of the ladder, only then realizing the enormity of his predicament. He stood without integument before at least a thousand humans, and behind him, their leader lay terminated on the deck.

He surveyed the throng, ready for immediate hostile action. But the humans did not attack, nor did they retreat. They only stared. He descended the ladder, still watching the crowd. As his feet touched the ground, a roar rose from the crowd and echoed through the canyon. Then, at first a few at a time but soon en masse, the humans fell prostrate before a new god.

Thanks to all the people who have followed this far, especially those who have done so since I started this story last April. While I had a very clear plan for the story from the start, I hadn't planned on spending so much time on it, and quite a few things came out as surprises even to me. The biggest surprise was how much readers like Unit 838. It took me some time, but I got to like him very well myself. It's been an interesting journey with 838 in the last year, and while I believe that the time has come for us to part ways, I am sure he has many adventures still ahead of him. If anyone has their own ideas, you are welcome to take a crack at it!