AN: A very short chapter. There's only one chapter and the epilogue left. (I say that now but I may extend it.)


Zetsu lingered amongst the thick foliage of the trees. In a clearing was a small park. There was play equipment, nothing fancy, just a set of swings and a slide. There was also a large sand pit. Zetsu was looking at the sand pit, or more correctly the orange masked male in the sand pit. Tobi was intently building a large sandcastle. It was clumsy looking but Tobi seemed ecstatic at the simple thing. Zetsu didn't desire Tobi, not in the way many of the inmates used to think. What reasons would a schizophrenic male have to want to spend time with a psychotic idiot? It was simple, at least Zetsu thought so. Tobi was almost sane company, having someone whose brain wires were crossed and messed up meant Tobi was a perfect companion. The orange masked male was like a brother to him. Zetsu smiled fondly as Tobi threw a tantrum when his sand castle toppled over.

"Tobi is a good boy." Zetsu said to himself. Tobi stood up and jumped on the remains of his castle. It was flattened down. "We should go soon, we've lingered here too long." "Yes but Tobi is enjoying himself so much." "A bit longer then, it won't hurt."

Zetsu didn't leave the confines of the trees, he felt uneasy to be out in the open. He watched as Tobi swung higher and higher on a swing. Tobi's high pitched laughter reached his ears and Zetsu slid down the tree he was leaning against. A bush hid Zetsu's view of the park so when the laughter cut off instantly, he was unnerved. Rather than standing, Zetsu parted the bush and watched as three young children, no more than ten years old entered the park. Tobi stopped swinging his legs and eventually the swing slowed down until his long legs dragged along the pine bark. The children seemed intrigued by Tobi. Zetsu moved further into the bush, not feeling the scratches the small branches left over his skin. Their words floated over to him.

"You're to old to play on the swings." A boy stated, his voice arrogant, knowing.

"Mummy said the play equipments for children." A girl added, her red hair shook as she nodded her head.

"Tobi's a good boy. He's allowed to play." Tobi replied, his voice bright but unsure.

"Why are you wearing a mask?" The smallest boy asked, his voice laced with innocent curiosity.

"That's Tobi's business and not yours." Tobi replied darkly.

"Do you have an ugly face?" The arrogant boy asked. stepping closer to Tobi.

"Tobi said it's his business." Tobi sounded distressed now, he didn't stand up but he moved himself back on the swing.

"It's a funny looking mask. Like a lollipop." The girl giggled.

"Did something bad happen to you?" Asked the innocent looking boy.

"Stop! Stop asking Tobi questions!" Tobi jumped up, he towered over the children. They seemed less sure of themselves now but they recovered quickly.

"We won't tell anyone, we just want to see."

"Yeah, please show us."

"It can't be that bad."

"Why are you so scared?"

"Come on, show us!"

Zetsu watched in sick fascination as Tobi reached out and grabbed the nearest child, the small girl, around her neck. Tobi pulled her off the ground, her legs flailing uselessly. The two boys started shouting at Tobi and trying to attack him. They were flies to Tobi, he didn't notice their attacks at all. The girl was crying but she wasn't screaming. Zetsu doubted she could, Tobi was crushing her windpipe. It would be lucky if she could breath let alone talk.

"Tobi will give you a reason to wear a mask." Tobi reached his other hand up to her left eye and dug his index and middle finger into the socket. The eye was destroyed instantly. Blood ran down her face, mingling with the salty tears. Instead of removing his fingers, Tobi dragged downwards. Ripping apart the tissue and muscle on the left side of her delicate face. Even with Tobi's strangle hold on her, she screamed. It poured into Zetsu, he felt the pain in the scream right down to his bones. Yet he watched, enthralled.

The girl was dropped to the ground and she instantly clutched her hands over her ruined face. She was still screaming only it was hoarse now. She fell silent, in shock most likely. Tobi turned to face the boys who had tried to stop Tobi the whole time. Now they seemed to echo the girl's shock. Tobi reached out for the arrogant boy, he wrapped his large hands around the boy's arm. He yelled and squirmed, his legs aiming misplaced kicks. He was thrashing wildly but Tobi kept his grip. The innocent boy fled from the park. Tobi payed no attention to him.

"Tobi told you to stop. You were a bad boy and Tobi will punish you." Tobi's voice was calm. The boy still struggled and Tobi gripped him around his elbow, forcing his hand to face upwards. Tobi then grabbed the boys thumb with his other hand and pulled it. The bone was ripped out of it's socket and the boy screamed in agony. Tobi made short work of all the fingers and then continued to snap and shatter all the bones in the boy's arm. Tobi hesitated as he moved to the boy's other arm. The reason for his hesitation began obvious to Zetsu quickly. Adults were shouting and following the small boy into the park. Amongst them were two police officers. Their guns were pulled as soon as they saw the scene.

Zetsu slunk back, making sure he was completly hidden by the bush. Would he risk his freedom to save Tobi? Zetsu's split personalities agreed with each other on this question. No. Tobi may be their closest friend but Zetsu wasn't risking his freedom. Tobi brought this on himself, it wasn't up to Zetsu to correct the man's mistake. Zetsu chanced a quick look through the bushes. Tobi's face was pushed into the ground, one police officer held him down and the other hand cuffed Tobi. The parents cradled their traumatized children. Zetsu remained hidden until the police dragged Tobi away, he then slid back amoungst the trees until he disappered.