I walked into the house after being at the office all day. On the upside Mia was home from collage for Spring break. I walked into the bedroom to take a shower, Mia was going to dinner with her mother, and in her bag next to the bed was a book. Just a book, I couldn't see what it was called so I ignored it and went and took my shower.

When I came out the bathroom I scammed to my curiosity and look at the book.

What do you know, its that book.

Your Precious gift, if it wasn't Mia's I'd burn it, seriously I have a fireplace.

But, once again, I scammed to curiosity and started to read it.


I went back to Michael's apartment after dinner with my mother and Michael is fast asleep in bed with a book on his chest.

Your Precious gift, I cant believe Tina sent me that book. I picked it up and walked to the incinerator and put it in, if Michael wanted to read it, well to bad.

'I was reading that you know,' a very male voice said from behind me.

'Too bad,' I stated as he raped his arms around me, 'I'll be happy to never see it again.'

'It is kinda ridiculous.'