ONE PIECE: The Looney Pirates

By Technomaru

Chapter 5: Bugs D. Bunny vs Sam the Pirate IN 3D

Note: I do not One Piece, nor Looney Tunes! Oda and WB owns those properties! Same goes for the Nation Lampoon Vacation movies!

This fanfic combines both elements of One Piece and characters of Looney Tunes cartoons... enjoy! Plus I will add elements from other WB shows... even Histeria! Note: if you don't know who Cosgrove is then you live under a rock. if you don't know who Katie Ka-boom is... go watch "Animaniacs"!


I got a role for Nico Robin!

This chapter will have scenes made in 3D so be prepared to pull out your 3D glasses" to see the action up close and personal (3D glasses not included)

On the last piece of One Piece!

Bugs and his crew meet up the Sam Pirates once more, Sam has finally cornered Bugs and revenge is his main agenda.

Will Bugs survive this battle? Come aboard and find out!


Bugs looks around and shouts, "OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE!" But then out of the mists is Sam the Pirate, armed with three knives in each hand. Sam then sees that Bugs is unarmed and then says to him, "Today we settles this once and for all... YOU'RE ALL MINE NOW VARMINT!" Bugs then prepares for attack.

Stumbling into the battle is a family that is apparently on vacation. Clark Griswold says to his wife Ellen Griswold, "Hey honey, check this out, Orange Town is known for their Pirate rumbles, let's get the kids ready for the show! Clark, Ellen, Rusty, and Audrey then put on their 3D glasses, thinking it's all a act. Also joining them is Ellen's Aunt Edna and her dog Dinky.

((PUT ON YOUR 3D GLASSES NOW! 3D glasses not included))

Bugs and Sam then stare at eachother in a intense way. Sam fires his hand containing his knives towards Bugs and the person reading this but misses him, and then Bugs stretches his arms towards Sam and the person reading this and manages to bop Sam in the nose, making it fall off. Then Bugs dodges some more attacks from Sam and rolls to the side while the dust from Bugs' feet floes towards the person reading this. Then Bugs manages to somehow removes Sam's bandit mask.

Sam then flies around and shouts, "TARHOOTIES, MY MASK! I FEELS NAKED WITHOUT IT! Luckily I always carry a spare!" And with that Sam puts on a pair of pantyhose over his head and shouts, "NOW YAS GONNA PAY RABBIT!" So the two clash with eachother as they form into a cloud and the fists fly towards the readers.

Clark Griswold then eats his sandwich while the family continues the fight but then Rusty says to Ellen, "Mom, my sandwich is wet!" Ellen then says to Clark's disgust, "They're all wet... Oh no!... The dog wet on the picnic basket." Everyone is grossed out but Aunt Edna just shrugs it and continues eating it.

As Bugs and Sam continues their battle, A Monkey in leiderhosen just appears and dance in front of the person reading this in 3D. Bugs sees it and asks Sam, "Hey Doc, what is this?" Sam just responds, "It appears to be a monkey in Leiderhosen." Bugs then asks, "Well Doc, is he here to add some tension to this battle?" Sam then answers, "Actually varmint, either the author is playing a dumb joke on all of us or is setting up a "huge lipped croccydile incident"!" Bugs then responds, "Eh, actually doc it's called a...

BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT!" Eh let's just ignore him and continue the fight Doc!"

So Bugs and Sam then continue punching eachother and then Lola Bunny watches the fight. Sam pulls out a dagger and is about to stab Bugs with it but then Lola notices Sam's feet on the ground. Then Lola sneaks towards his feet and then takes one of the feet off the shoes and starts tickling it.

Sam laughs extremely hard and Bugs is just confused by this.

Lola then puts a lit match on Sam's foot, giving him a hot foot.

Sam then ends up screaming, "YOW! MY TOOTSIES ARE BURNIN' YA VARMINT!"

Lola has a fiendish look on her face as she sees a burly, gray bulldog who wears a red sweater, a brown bowler hat, and a perpetual scowl named Spike. And a small and jumpy dog with yellow fur and brown, perky ears named Chester. Lola then goes up to Spike and Chester and tells them, Oh boys, I got a new squeaky toy!" Chester jumps up and down while saying to his friend, "Oh boy Spike! Oh boy! The nice rabbit is giving us a new toy!" Spike then says, "Ok buddy, let's play tug of war with it!"

Then Sam shouts as loud as he can while jumping up and down, causing his red nose to fall off again. But then out of nowhere he sees a 12 year old girl who has Red hair and freckles, a smile on her face and she is wearing a marine outfit. The girl then says to Sam, "I know you! You're that pirate who's bounty is only 15.000,000 beri. Well I'm gonna arrest you if my name isn't Petty Officer Shelley Kelly!"

Sam then reforms and trips and falls into a circus tent. Then he comes out dressed as a clown complete with make up. He panics and runs to Boo-regard the blood thirsty, shouting, "C'MON YA SCURVY DOG, SAVE ME FROM THAT RABBIT AND THAT MARINE!" Then Boo-regard's fake beard and vest falls off, revealing that he's a giant chicken. Sam then shouts, "Well son of a monkey, you really are a giant chicken!" Then the Little man from the Draft Board shows up and says to Sam, "I told you he was a giant chicken!"

Sam then says to himself, "I hates it when they say that when Chicken Boo's identity is revealed." Then looks at Chicken Boo and tells him, "Well since you're a giant chicken, make like them "fighty chickens" in Mexico and ATTACK THAT RABBIT AND THAT MARINE!" Chicken Boo just stands there looking at the three.

Sam then says, "Then scat ya varmint! Now I'll deal with you Marine Girl... CHOP CHOP..." Before Sam can fire his fists at Shelley, Bugs manages to kick Sam in a very personal spot. Sam then squeaks out, "tarhooties varmint... ya kicked me in the jewelery store!" And he falls down.

((REMOVE YOUR 3D GLASSES NOW! 3D glasses not included))

While Marine Officers Mike Cosgrove and Shelley Kelly place Sam in a special sea stone cage. The Griswolds leave the villiage to continue their trip to "Wallyworld" and Sylvester and Speedy managed to defeat Sam's other crewmates.

Speedy then says to Sylvester, "Hey Senior, I think I beated the most crewmates than you ever did in under 20 minutes." Sylvester replies, "Thays you mouthe!" But then one of Sam's men is on the rooftop and is aiming his flintlock at Sylvester but then Speedy runs very fast enough to knock down Sylvester and picks up a rock. Speedy then throws the rock with a super fast curveball and hits the sniper, making him fall off the roof while making a "goofy holler"

Sylvester gets up and says to Speedy, "Thankth, for a mouthe, that'th pretty nith of ya... but try not to make the badguyth make that thound or "Dithney" might thue uth!"Taz spins by and says to Sylvester and Speedy, "Hey guys, me heard Captain defeated Sam and we be rewarded!"

So Bugs was given 15,000,000 beri and so Lola sees this and ends up leaving the island as they bid farewell to the islanders as they reach their next destination.

Lola then smiles and says to Bugs, "Well you sure proved to me that you are capable of dealing with pirates as bad as that creep. Say there is that bounty you earned?" Bugs then gives it to Lola and as she counts it, She pounds Bugs on the head and says, "Hey this is half of what you earned, where's the other half?" Bugs then says, "Actually I decided to give the villiage half of the bounty to repair the damages Sam caused the town... but at least the Marines let us slide since we helped the town."

Lola then blows her left ear that covers her left eye and replies, "Well at least I found the right Pirate Crew to navigate for, let's head for Gecko Island for more supplies and to take a rest from fighting the Sam Pirates.

So the crew set sail for Gecko Island.

(Syrup Villiage Gecko Island)

A sick African American girl named Mary Melody is resting in bed but then she hears bell chimes that sound like it's chiming "Shave and a haircut...two bits!" Mary smiles as she gets up from bed and sees a young Coyote wearing a dark yellow plaid bandanna, special sniper goggles, brown overalls with a white sash and no shirt underneath. The Coyote is eating a apple as he sits on Mary's apple tree and he passes Mary a apple.

Mary then says to the Coyote, "Good morning Wile E., got any story of your brave adventures for me? And please don't communicate with signs, I know you're capable of talking." Wile E. Usopp then says to Mary, "Well even a genius like myself gets into some surreal adventures in the name of adventure, exploration, and science... I once ran into a tribe of friendly creatures, they are small, blue, and elfish, I think they called themselves... "the Schtroumpfs"!" Mary just laughs at the cute story Wile E. is about to tell her.