Second House fic! Not as fluffy as my first one and a bit shorter too. Hope you like. ^^


"Are you in love with House?"

The question should have been ridiculous. It shouldn't have been necessary to ask her if she was still in love with a man that rejected her five years ago. It should have been so easy to give a two-letter reply. But it wasn't ridiculous, it was necessary, and it didn't have an easy answer.

"Are you in love with House?"

Her answer should have been no. Cameron should have been happy with anticipation of an imminent proposal. House should have known that if he didn't claim Cameron, someone else would. But the answer wasn't no, Cameron wasn't happy, and House wasn't ready to let her go.

He shouldn't have pushed her away. He shouldn't have been so eager to defend himself against any possibility of happiness. Wilson always told him that he liked being miserable. Maybe it was true. Maybe he liked having a reason to hate the world.

Maybe he found security in his talent for confirming his predisposition against humanity.

Or maybe he was just miserable because he didn't know how to be anything else.

He shouldn't have been so quick to tell her that she was incapable of love. He always told her that she needed to fix damaged people. Maybe he was right. Maybe she liked knowing that she could make a difference. Maybe she thought that this was the way she could make her life matter. Or maybe she just fixed other people because she couldn't fix herself.

They were just two damaged people. He put his walls up high and thought he would fall apart if anyone climbed over them. She lived her life climbing over walls while she fell apart inside her own.

And she was definitely falling apart now. She should have gotten over House. She should have given her whole heart to the man that she knew had done the same for her. They should have been two easy questions, "Are you in love with House?" and "Will you marry me?" She shouldn't have hesitated to say no to the first and yes to the second.

Sorry to disappoint, but sometimes the answers just aren't that simple.