The following fanfiction is a crossover I feel was essentially a match made in Heaven: Fruits Basket and Evangelion. At first it seems like a very unlikely crossover. After all, one series is essentially a romantic comedy, while the other is a post-apocalyptic war. However, both stories use their plots as a catalyst for character development, showing characters with extremely tormented psyches and whatnot. In the end, however, the major difference lies in that Fruits Basket ends with their characters finding inner peace and joy, while Evangelion ends in the majority of the cast losing their minds. Without spoiling too much about the story, here we go.

An Angel Doesn't Belong in a Fruits Basket

By Da Games Elite

Part 1

The sound of the blood red waves pouring against the shore was hypnotic, melodic, as the seconds slowly dragged on into hours, timeless existence dying to give way to more timeless existence. The scene existed before her almost as though she were watching a movie. The sky was dark, a streak of blood splashing across the atmosphere, in front of the moon, like a ring around the planet. The beach was vacant, save for several grave markers, a small white cross nailed to one of them, the remains of a massive body in the distance, in pieces. A sickening head rotted until only half remained stared at her, its wide eye vacant and lifeless.

There were two figures lying on the sandy ground several yards away, a male and a girl. While the boy looked as though he were simply resting, the girl was in ghastly shape. Her arm was wrapped with bandages, as though it would fall apart if the straps were severed. Her eye was covered with a bandage, almost like an eye patch, as though it had been somehow removed or damaged. The boy turned his head, his eyes wide and frightened, his movements slow and surreal. For a second, a girl wearing a school uniform was visible on the sea of blood, but then, after blinking, she had disappeared into nothing, as though she were never there to begin with.

Rising to his feet, the boy noticed the girl as though this were the first time he had ever seen her, which perhaps was the case indeed. Slowly, he rose onto her torso, sitting down on top of it, before grabbing her neck by both hands, trying to squeeze the life out of her. His expression was vacant, his eyes slightly determined to watch the girl turn blue and die of suffocation. The girl didn't resist, but her eyes were full of sheer horror, of shock. Slowly, her movements weak and fragile, she stroked the boy across the cheek with her bandage hand. As though being awoken from a dark nightmare at the touch of the girl's gentle fingers, the boy slowly released the girl's throat as tears began to gush from his eyes. He broke down into tears as he fell onto the girl, as though knowing that he had just attempted to strangle this girl was too much for him to bare. As the seconds passed, the girl spoke a single word, in the darkest, cruelest, lowest voice she could muster.

"How disgusting."

It was then that Tohru Honda's eyes fluttered open, and the world of her dream dissolved into oblivion.

She ran a hand through her hair, sweat billowing on her brow. That dream had been so real, so vivid, so nightmarish. She had once read that dreams were the accumulation of whatever had happened during the day, like a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces being shoved together at the wrong points. Still, what could have happened today that would give her a dream so horrific, so disturbing, as that? Did she forget something? Perhaps she had seen a really scary movie commercial or something like that. Or maybe a mannequin or something to that effect? She didn't quite understand it herself, nor did she try to.

Pushing herself up, Tohru glanced at the clock. She was up a little earlier than she would have hoped, but she still ad enough time to go and cook breakfast. She dressed herself in her school uniform slowly, finding as she tried to button herself up that she was shivering. That dream, whatever it had been about, was so real, so vivid, so disturbing, so bone chilling. Surely it was just a nightmare, but it had been such a frightening nightmare.

As she descended the stairway, she found Shigure at his keyboard, typing his novel wildly. As she passed by his room, the novelist glanced up, an expression of mild surprise on his face. "Oh, Tohru, you're up earlier than usual. School doesn't start for another few hours. You sure you don't want to rest a little more?"

Blushing, Tohru waved away his concern. "No, don't worry. I just had a bad dream, and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I thought why not just try—"

"A bad dream, huh?" Shigure said, smiling, "Care to talk about it? Might help, you know."

"No, no, no! It wasn't that serious, I mean, it wasn't that bad of a dream. It's just I got woken up by it and couldn't go back to sleep. That's all. Really. It didn't bother me at all!"

"You're trembling, you know. And your face is pale. I can guess that dream startled you a good bit. Sure you don't want to talk about it?"

Tohru knew Shigure meant to help her, but she couldn't just tell him her dream. What if it bothered Shigure just as much as it bothered her? Or what if he thought she was unstable or dangerous for having such a crazy dream? After all, the dream had been absolutely insane. Bloody water? Beach? Strangling? Gigantic rotting head? It sounded like something out of a late night horror film gone horribly wrong.

"No, seriously, I'm fine. So don't worry."

Tohru went into the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the rest of the Sohma family. Her trembling hands made it incredibly difficult for her to even mix the ingredients, let alone prepare breakfast. The image of that poor girl being strangled, the boy breaking down in tears, of that mortifying landscape; the images couldn't get out of her head. Even as she was beating eggs, as she heard footsteps descending down to the ground floor, the image of that half decayed head, the eye gazing back at her, continued to invade her mind's eye.

"Miss Honda?" Yuki Sohma, the beautiful violet haired boy cursed by the rat emerged from behind her, a slight note of concern in his voice as he no doubt noticed Tohru's trembling knees. "Is something the matter? You seem a bit on edge."

"Oh, it's nothing. Nothing at all."

"Have a bad dream too?"

Tohru glanced over at Yuki, a slight look of relief on her face. So Yuki had had a bad dream too. Maybe it was just something they ate the night before, or something they saw together. Yes, they had to have seen some sort of scary movie on television last night that she had forgotten about, or perhaps repressed from her memory because of how frightening it was. Yeah, that had to be the case. After all, why else would two completely different people living together in the same house have a bad dream on the exact same night?

"Yeah, I even heard that stupid cat tossing and turning in his bed," Yuki said, sighing, gesturing toward the other tenant in the house's room, the crimson haired Kyo.

"Oh, really? Then it must have been something we saw together or something like that," Tohru said.

"Something we saw?" Yuki asked, slightly confused.

"Uh-huh! I heard that dreams tend to be—"

"What about dreams?" Kyo, the aforementioned crimson haired tenant, had emerged from the same doorway Yuki had come from, an exhausted expression on his face despite him just awakening from his slumber. Tohru felt her heart leap just at the sight of him, a smile crawling up her face. Still, he looked a little worse for wear at the moment.

"Morning, Kyo. Sleep well?"

"What the hell does it look like?" Kyo grumbled, collapsing into the nearest seat with his head hanging limply over his chest.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Tohru mumbled, dejected, "Have a bad dream?"

"Apparently this stupid cat can't handle a nightmare like the rest of us can," Yuki said, sighing.

"Wait, what the hell do you mean by that, you stupid rat?" snapped Kyo.

"Both Tohru and Yuki seemed to have a nightmare, Kyo. It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure that little brainteaser out." When and how Shigure had emerged into the room may forever remain a mystery, but it was impossible to deny that he was now sitting at the table, his arms folded and his head nodding as though he were some sort of authority figure.

"And just where the hell did you come from?" Kyo snapped, his eyes wide, his hair on end.

"Oh, me? I was simply voyaging through the pathways of creativity, trying to keep my poor little novel afloat in the sea of competition, when I happened to hear my dear little cousins had a few scary dreams that made them go bump in the night, and decided to play the responsible, older cousin in order to help them understand their occasionally confusing dreams for them."

"You've never been responsible in your entire life! And what the hell does that even mean, you stupid bastard?" Kyo snarled.

"Well, according to Freud, every single dream ends up meaning you want to have sex."

"You are a pervert!" snapped Kyo, aggressively.

"Miss Honda, I think the rice is starting to overflow."

After Tohru frantically put the finishing touches on breakfast, the four managed to finally sit down and eat breakfast. Naturally, Tohru was terrified at the prospect that the others might not approve of her cooking. Sure, she had been a little distracted, but even so, she didn't think that the rice would turn out slightly charred. However, no one made a comment about the food, although Shigure's expression while crunching down on the normally sticky and soft rice made it seem as though he were trying to munch on several rusty iron nails.

"So, Miss Honda, what exactly did you dream about last night that made you feel so afraid?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Please."

"Go on, please, tell us, Tohru. It might be a good thing to get it all off your chest," Shigure said.

"Well, maybe. It was about a beach. A really dark beach. And there were these graves all lined up on the side. One of them had a cross nailed to it. A white one, almost looked like a necklace of some kind. There were these body parts just lying on the beach—"

"Human body parts?" Yuki asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Sort of, but they were huge white body parts, like the size of a skyscraper. Easily. I mean, one of the fingernails were probably bigger than the entire house." At this news, Yuki's face grew slightly troubled. Still, Tohru continued, "And there were two kids, probably a little younger than we are, on the beach. And one of them just got up on the other one, and started strangling her. But he stopped after a little while, and then she said something."

"What did she say?"

"'How disgusting.'"

"Wow, what a freakin' weird dream," Kyo sighed, shaking her head.

"Is it really?" Tohru stammered, frantically.

"Yes, but my dream wasn't too much better," Yuki replied, "It was really just about a blue haired girl. A naked blue haired girl."

"Oh, that doesn't sound like a nightmare at all," Shigure said, a smile on her lips. Naturally, Kyo's fist forced his head straight into his breakfast, at which he began to gag on his food.

"Idiot," Yuki mumbled, "Anyway, the girl then started growing. I mean, she began huge, like the size of a building. But it didn't stop there. She started growing larger and larger, until she was the size of a planet. And there was this little machine she held in her hands, or maybe it was a big machine that the girl dwarfed, and then I woke up."

"Wow, how anticlimactic," Shigure pouted, "Well then, Kyo, tell us your dream."

"Why should I?"

"Well, they say everything good comes in threes."

"Who the Hell says that?"

"Well, if you won't share your no doubt enlightening dream, I'll throw my two cents in. My dream was about melons!"

"You sick pervert!"

"Were they nice and round melons for eating?" Tohru asked, smiling.

"Yup. And this guy was watering them, a smile on his face," Shigure said, "He was probably a kindred soul."

"You mean he was also a freaking pervert?" Kyo snapped.

"Eh, possibly."

Breakfast passed, and soon the three children were off for school. As the group departed from the forest and entered the urban, city landscape, Tohru noticed something from the corner of her eye on the street before her. For a moment, she thought she saw a middle school girl with pale blue hair standing in the middle of the street in her school uniform. However, after blinking, Tohru found that the girl was gone, no longer there. Perhaps she had never been there at all.


Hatori Sohma was spending the morning in his office, slowly sipping his cup of tea, glancing out his window as he watched both Momiji and Hatsuharu leaving the Sohma grounds to go to their high school. Hatori grimaced as he remembered his high school, with Ayame and Shigure. He had put up a small frame recently in his bedroom of the three of them, but he wouldn't allow his office to have such a personal belonging. It would undermine his appearance.

As the hours passed, Hatori sat at his desk, handling the business of maintaining the Sohma family's health. However, something caught his eye at the eleventh hour of the day that would prevent him from continuing this task. A single, pale figure rising from his zen guarding, her arms wrapped around her naked body, before she crumpled to the ground, in painful, heavy sobs.

Hatori rushed from his desk, to the garden outside of his small domain. The girl laid there, her skin bare, her sheets of purple hair falling over her back, the only personal possession on her body a single necklace, a white cross at its end. Hatori extended his hand, trying to remain calm, as he gently prodded the woman, who had to be in her twenties. "Excuse me, miss. Miss. What are you doing here? This is private—"

"What's going on?"

"Excuse me?"

Glancing up to Hator, meeting his eyes, tears filling her own, she asked, gently, "What year is it."

"Uh, what year is it supposed to be?"

"Am I alive? Am I really alive?"

"What are you saying, miss?"

But the woman didn't seem to pay attention. She was staring at her hands, flexing each finger, a look of shocked jubilation in her eyes. Without warning, she turned around, and leapt against Hatori's chest, wrapping her arms around him in joy. Hatori's eyes widened as he felt his body change, transform in a puff of smoke into a seahorse. Although the woman's eyes betrayed a hint of shock, she then said, in an amused tone, "Well, I've certainly seen stranger things happen."