I sighed and slung my bag over my shoulder as I flopped out of the truck. I dragged my eyes up the building looming in front of me - my home for the next four years. 'College', I sighed to myself, thinking about everything that was changing in order to attend Dartmouth. I couldn't say I wasn't happy to be moving away from Forks and expanding my horizons a little but moving into a place I'd only seen on a computer screen was a little out of my comfort zone.

'Suck it up Swan,' I heard Alice's voice mentally scold me. For this another sigh escaped my lips as I thought about my ecentric best friend and how much I would miss her for the two weeks she was away before moving to the apartment with me. I'd begged and begged Alice to put off her shopping trip to Paris with Rosalie so I wouldn't have to move in by myself and in return she'd begged and begged me to go with them.

'Come on Bella! You need some new clothes for college! You can't be seen wearing what I got you last season!'

I'd laughed at her logic and told her there was no way I was letting her pay for me to go to Paris to go shopping.

I carried on down the hall way till I found our room number and took a deep breath before pushing the door open. Alice had been in charge of furnishing the apartment so it was sure to be a lot over the top and very unnecessary. I figured it was a small price to pay for having a person as good as Alice as a best friend. When I opened the door, I changed my mind. There was no price to pay at all. The place was amazing. For once, Alice had been subtle about her decorating. Perhaps, so not to draw attention to ourselves amoung the other students in the building. I made my way through the kitchen towards my room and dropped everything in the middle of the kitchen floor. This was the most amazing kitchen I'd ever seen. It donned granite benchtops and stainless steel appliances that reflected the amazing view coming from the window opposite the breakfast bar. I loved cooking so I couldnt wait to have a go in here. Deciding I needed to do some grocery shopping I put my bags in my room, grabbed my keys and went back down to my truck.

By the time I finally managed to get back from the grocery store it was starting to get dark and was raining. Scowling, I jumped out of the truck, taking as many bags with me as I could and ran for the cover of the lobby. I'd almost reached the door when it sprung open. Lurching back to avoid being hit, I slipped on the wet concrete and saw a brilliant flash of green before everything went black.

"Oh god. Wake up. Please, wake up," A velvety smooth voice crooned. Something warm touched my cheek and I tore my eyes open. A brilliant set of worried green eyes leaned over me and I felt the sudden and irrational urge to reach up and smooth away the crease between them. "Oh thank god. Are you okay?" the eyes asked me. I knew if I continued looking at them, I wouldn't be able to answer so i shifted my gaze downwards. This happened to be a mistake also. The lips were full and perfect. But also worried; pursed in a tight line. I wanted to touch them too. The warmth returned to my cheek. His hand.

"Hey. Hey. Look at me." My eyes locked with green again. "Are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard."

"Y-y-yeah I'm okay," I managed to stammer, reaching up to touch the back of my head and wincing.

"Careful. Here, let me help you up," he offered his hand.