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I was only sick for the next two mornings that week and Edward eventually concluded I'd had a case of food poisoning.
I'd finally been able to get back to school and was suprised to find out I'd actually managed to keep track of everything I'd missed. Knowing that I wasn't behind, made it much easier to get up in the mornings to go.

I was feeling particularly grumpy this morning and Edward was walking on eggshells in constant fear of upsetting me. He was leaving for a medical conference in New York for a five days, late in the morning and I was making sure to clearly show my disdain for the entire thing. I knew I was being childish but I really didn't care.
I was currently slamming cupboards in the kitchen while I looked for my favorite coffee cup and was so absorbed in my anger that I didn't realise Edward was behind me until I felt him wrap his arms around my waist, trapping my arms in the circle of his own and protecting the kitchen from my wrath. He rested his chin on my shoulder. "Bella, baby, I'll be back before you know it. It'll be ok. I'll call every night, I promise."

"I know," I sighed. "But I don't want you to go." I turned and pouted at him which he quickly tried to kiss away.

"What's wrong? I've been away plenty before and you've never been this upset." He looked a mixture ofconfused and concerned.

"Yeah...before." I whispered, looking at my hands which were nervously tugging on the hem of Edward's button down.


Bella was so upset about me going away and I couldn't figure out why. I could hear her slamming the cupboards in the kitchen while she looked for something. I walked up behind her and trapped her flailing arms to her waist by wrapping my arms around her.
"Bella, baby, I'll be back before you know it. It'll be ok. I'll call every night, I promise."

"I know. But I don't want you to go." She turned and pouted at me. I internally chuckled at her very best but still not very good, sad puppy dog pout but tried to kiss it away regardless.

"What's wrong? I've been away plenty before and you've never been this upset."

"Yeah...before," she whispered so quietly I almost didn't catch it.

I pondered what she meant for a moment before I realised. This was the first time I'd be going away since we had moved in together. She'd be here all alone. For a week. Oh god. I suddenly felt like I'd let her down a second time in as many weeks as I realised this. I couldn't believe I'd completely missed that fact. I pulled her as close as I could and peppered her face with kisses until she giggled a bit. "I know it's the first time we'll be apart since we moved in but why don't you use the time to decorate like you've been saying. I'll give you free reign?" I raised my eyebrow at her, trying to convince her.

She gave me a watery smile. "Yeah, I suppose that's a good idea."

I gave her a kiss on the forehead. "The week will fly past." This comment started a whole new flow of water works however. "Oh no, I didn't mean to upset you baby. I meant it'll go fast for you. It will be painfully slow for me."

"NO, no." She hiccoughed a few times before speaking again. "It's j-just, we-we've never spent th-this long apart before." With that, the tears started yet again. "I'm. Going. To. Miss. You. So. Much." Each word was separated with a sniffle.

"Oh, baby I know. I'm going to miss you too. So, so much." I cradled her head to my chest. I knew a week seemed like an eternity for her. She had spent a good deal of her life semi-alone and even though I knew she'd never admit it, she was terrified of being alone again. I pulled her to the kitchen table and sat on a chair with Bella in my lap.
We sat there for the next hour or so, me running my fingers through her hair and humming softly while she curled into my chest and eventually fell asleep. She was still a bit tired from the bout of food poisoning. Lord knows, it seemed like she had hurled half her insides into the toilet bowl over those three days. I heard a knock at the door before it creaked open and I heard my dad call out my name.
"In here dad." I called out quietly.
He shot me a sympathetic look when he came in and saw Bella asleep in my lap. I gave him a sad smile in return.
"She's still a bit run down. And she's a lot more upset about this trip than I thought she was."
I stood with her in my arms. "I'll be right back dad. I'll just put her back to bed and say bye." It wasn't until I was setting her down in bed that she woke up. "Do you have to go now?" she asked sadly.

"Yeah I do baby. I'm sorry. Dad's here now."

"Okay." She sat up in bed to give me a kiss. "I'll miss you," she rubbed my cheek.

I rubbed my thumb back and forward lightly over lips. "I'll miss you too. I love you. I'll call you as soon as I land okay?"
She pressed a kiss to the pad of my thumb as I stood. "Love you too."
"Get some more sleep. You've got the day to yourself. Enjoy it while you can. I've no doubts Alice will be round here tomorrow morning." I grinned at her and she grimaced dramatically and threw herself under the bed covers. She blew me a kiss that I pretended to catch while I left our bedroom and closed the door behind me. I paused awhile outside the door while I fought the internal battle to just jump under the covers with her and not go to New York. This week without Bella, my first week away from Bella in two and a half years, was going to be hell.


As promised, Edward called as soon as his plane landed that afternoon and we talked for awhile before I yawned and decided to go to sleep again. Usually I couldn't sleep without Edward with me but I was so tired lately from having that cursed food poisoning, I could fall asleep anywhere at anytime.

I woke around eight the next morning and lay in for awhile before deciding to get up. I sauntered on out into the kitchen and flicked on the coffee machine before starting on breakfast. However, as soon I cracked the eggs into the pan and the smell of frying food filled the air, last nights dinner wanted to make a fast re-appearance. Alice found me twenty minutes later in a position very similar to the one Edward had found me in; curled up next to the toilet with my cheek pressed up against the cool glass of the shower.

"Oh, Bella. Come on. You have to go to the doctor. Food poisoning does not last this long. You look like shit."

I rolled my eyes. "Geeze, thanks Alice."

"You know I didn't mean it. You don't look well hon. I'm not taking no for an answer. We are going to the doctor. NOW." She huffed and looked down at me with her hands on her hips and I knew I wouldn't win, even if I did have the energy to argue.

"Okay, okay." I mumbled, glaring at her. "Let's go." Alice chuckled at my attempt to look cross and helped me up and then wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me as we walked out to her car.
"I'm only doing this to shut you up Alice." I said to her as she started driving to the hospital. "You're also lucky that I'm sick, or else I'd totally kick your ass for making me do this."

As usual, she just laughed. "Oh Bella, you are such a drama queen." She grinned at me.

An hour later I was finally sitting in an exam room with Alice waiting for Carlisle. I'd had to wait so long because I refused to see anyone but Carlisle. Once this was over I really hoped neither Carlisle or Alice would tell Edward I'd been sick again while he was away. He'd have a fit. "Hey girls," Carlisle greeted us as he came in. "Not feeling flash are we darling?" He asked me. Carlisle was a father to me and it always made me a bit teary when he treated me so much like a daughter of his own.

"No, not really. I thought I had food poisoning earlier in the week and I felt great yesterday apart from being a little tired but as soon as I tried cooking this morning I was sick again." I rolled my eyes. Carlisle just chuckled at me.

"Okay. Well, it sounds like it could be food poisoning. But we'll run some bloods in case yeah? I'll give you something to hopefully stop you throwing up too. Just eat what you think you'll be able to keep down. And make sure you keep your fluids up!" He looked at me sternly and I grinned at him.

"I know, Carlisle."

"Good. Now let's get these bloods done so you can go home and sleep. You look tired still. Edward will have an aneurysm if he finds out you haven't been sleeping still."

I huffed. "He worries too much."

Alice narrowed her eyes at me from over the magazine she was flicking through. "He loves you. He's allowed to worry. Now here, look at these hideous dresses to distract you while dad takes the bloods."

I spent the whole afternoon waiting for Edward to call once I got home from the doctors. Alice had had to go into her shop to sort out a new shipment of clothes so I just did some cleaning, put up a few more photo frames and finally put the new cushion covers on the couch cushions. I'd absolutely exhausted myself and was climbing into bed with a book when the phone rang and I saw Edward's number flashing on the base next to the bed.
"Hey!" I almost yelled into the phone.

"Hey Bells. I missed you this morning." He chuckled to himself. "I was freezing in that bed by myself."

"Well it's nice to know you appreciate me," I joked back.

"You know I do." He said seriously. "How was your day? Was Alice overbearing?"

"It was...good." I hoped he wouldn't pick up on my hesitance. "Actually Alice was only over for a couple hours. She had to go into the shop today. How was yours? Is the conference going well?"

"Well that was a miracle dear. The conference is great. Really interesting. Giving me heaps of insight into what I want to specialise in. I bought you a present today too." I could tell he was smiling.

"Do I really want to know about it Edward?"

He barked a laugh. "No. You really probably do not."

"Right. Well for the next three days I will remain ignorant then."

"You do that baby." He laughed and then sighed. "I have to go Bella. Early start. Talk to you tomorrow okay?"

"Okay. I was just going to turn in anyway. I miss you." I gripped the phone tighter, not wanting to let him go.

"Bonne nuit mon amour. Je vous aime."

I loved it when he spoke French. "Love you too. Night." I sighed and put the phone back on its base before promptly snuggling into Edwards side of the bed.

It was Monday before I finally got a call from Carlisle saying my blood test results were back and that I was to come into the hospital to talk about them. I'd started to wonder if I was anemic again and that it could be the cause of my tiredness. I was still hoping that the vomiting was going to be down to food poisoning. I wasn't feeling at all nervous about the results until I walked into Carlisle's office and saw his face. It was then that I started to freak out.

"Carlisle? What's wrong? Is something wrong?" I rushed out.
I watched him take a deep breath, knowing he was trying to figure out what to say. "No Bella sweetheart, nothing is wrong.
I just don't know how to say something like this as a father. First of all, the bloods showed you're showing signs of anemia again. We'll get that fixed up. And..." He paused to run a hand through his hair, exactly as Edward did when he was stressed. "Well, they also showed that you're pregnant."

I just gaped at him. I didn't have any other reaction.

"Bella?" Carlisle knelt down in front of me. "You okay?"

"A baby?" I finally whispered. Carlisle smiled at me and nodded.

"A little Edward?" I felt the tears starting to fall now. I knew I should feel terrified but I was so...happy. I couldn't wait to tell Edward. Carlisle grabbed me in a hug while I started to sob and whispered into my hair.
"I think Edward would prefer a little Bella."

After a few minutes I was able to calm myself and Carlisle informed me that he wanted me to get an ultrasound done that day. Rosalie was an obstetrician at the hospital, having graduated from med school two years before Edward and Carlisle had booked me in to see her.

Rose had a massive smile on her face as I walked into her exam room twenty minutes later.
"Don't you tell a soul Rosalie Cullen!" I scolded her. "I want to tell Edward first. As it is, his father and sister-in -law already know before him."

She grinned. "I won't. Scoutts honour. Now honey, get up here and pull that shirt up. Let's see how far along my little niece or nephew is!"

I was starting to get a bit nervous now that everything was starting to feel real. It was all happening so fast. Rose must have sensed my apprehension as she grabbed my hand and gave it a reasuring squeeze before pulling me towards her exam table. After a few minutes Rose had the ultrasound underway and spent another few minutes moving it around and doing what I assumed to be checking everything was okay. I bit my lip nervously and looked up at her. "So..."

"You've got a perfectly healthy little baby. A bit on the small side but you're a bit of a midget anyway." She laughed.
"It looks like you're about 8 weeks along. Let's get these pictures done yeah? Then you can go home and figure out how you're going to give my brother-in-law the best news of his life!"

I gave her a nervous smile as she started cleaning the blue goopy stuff off my belly. My repertoire of medical jargon was quite poor considering my boyfriend, his father and one of my best friends were doctors. "Rose?" I asked timidly.


"How do you think I should tell Edward? I thought maybe I could get the ultrasound picture framed and give it to him?
I'm terrible at talking. I wouldn't know what to say."

She looked at me sympathetically. "Honey, that sounds perfect for Edward. You know you don't have to be nervous right?
He's going to be so happy."

"Yeah I know. I'm really happy too. I never thought anything like this would happen now. But...I can't believe how amazing I feel about it already."

"Good! Now go home, get this framed for your man and rest before school tomorrow. Emmett and I are coming to dinner on Friday night at Mom and Dad's so I'll see you there." She gave me a quick hug and handed me my envelope of pictures.

"Thanks Rose. See you Friday."

From the hospital I went straight to the framing shop down the road from our new house. I looked for about half an hour before deciding on a dark stained wooden frame with a white edging inside the frame and a brass plate. From there I took it straight to the engraver. Alice called me that afternoon demanding to know what the bloodtests had concluded. I told about being anemic, which wasn't a complete lie and it seemed to placate her. I had just finished framing the ultrasound picture when Edward rang that night. I put him on speaker and had a bath while I talked to him. I was bursting at the seams to spill my little secret and I despretely wanted to tell him but more than that I wanted to see his face when he found out. I'd just started to tell him about a managers position I was applying for at a publishing firm when he abruptly announced he had to go and barely gave me time for a quick 'love you' before hanging up. I knew he was probably really really busy and tired from the conference and even though I knew it was totally irrational, I cried myself to sleep.

Being the light sleeper I was, I woke when a thin stream of light came through the door. Glancing at the clock and almost dying upon seeing the 4am time it showed, I figured it was the cat.
"Roxy, go away. It's too early for breakfast." I groaned.

I jumped violently as suddenly the bed sunk down and two arms wrapped around my waist. "I'm hungry now. I haven't eaten in a five days." A husky,
velvet whisper in my ear, a voice I knew any time, any tone. I turned myself over quickly.

"Edward!" I latched onto him and showered his face with kisses. "You're early!" I practically screeched.

"I missed you too," he laughed, smirking at me. "I jumped on a plane as soon as the conference was finished."

I just stared at him, tracing his face with my fingers and imagining a little boy with bronze hair and green eyes.

He yawned and tugged me down to lay flat on the bed before pressing a kiss to my forehead. "Let's sleep for a few hours and we'll go out for breakfast in the morning." I clutched onto his shirt and pressed my face into his hard chest, feeling his breathing even out beneath me as mine soon followed.

I woke up the next morning at nine in an empty bed. I pouted but heard the shower running and guessed he probably felt horrible from having travelled all night and sleeping in the same clothes. Walking out into the kitchen to start the coffee machine up I saw a small wrapped up box on the dining table. I guessed this was Edward's gift and it suddenly reminded me of my own. Hmm. Maybe I'll pass on the coffee. I poured out a cup for Edward before getting myself some Ojay. I had curled up on the couch and was watching some cartoons when Edward walked downstairs into the living room. "Morning Beautiful." He smiled at me and walked into the kitchen grabbing his coffee and his gift on the way back. "Hey," I beamed up at him, for the first time in my life, looking forward to an exchange of gifts. He looked more excited than usual too as he walked toward me, little blue box in hand.

"Gift time!" He grinned, throwing the box into my lap. I grimaced momentarily and hesitantly pulled at the strings on the box. Once I finally worked up the nerve to pull it open, I cried out before jumping in his lap. "Oh my god Edward! This is so cool! I can't believe you got these!" I grabbed his face and roughly pulled him to me for a kiss. "I love you, I love you, I love you!" I'd been pining for weeks over the fact I'd missed out on buying tickets to a theatre performance of Phantom of the Opera and there in that box were two tickets for a box seat. As excited as I was though, I just wanted to give him my gift. I looked up at him and grinned.
"I got you a present too. Even though this is a fantastic gift, I know my one is better."

He just laughed at me. "Come on then, love. Where is it?"

I jumped up and grabbed his hand. "Come on, it's in the guest room."
I stopped at the guest room door and motioned for him to go in. He quirked an eyebrow at me before going in and looking around. After a few moments he turned back to me.

"What exactly am I meant to be looking for?" He looked so confused.

I shrugged indifferently, trying to keep a straight face. "Oh I just did some decorating like you said. Hung some pictures, you know."

He looked even more confused now. "Oh, that's great Bells," he said, turning around and scanning the room again. When his gaze reached the far wall of the room I saw him stiffen a little before taking slow tentative steps toward the photo frame there. He reached one hand out well before he got there and when he finally did, brushed his fingertips softly over the brass name plate reading 'Baby Cullen '09'. I could see him trembling from across the room. "Oh my god." He whispered, hand pressed against the glass of the picture. "Oh my god." Whispered again before turning to me, eyes sparkling with tears and the biggest shiteating grin plastered on his face. He crossed the room in two strides and swung me up into his arms, spinning us around.

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