Fire and Shadow: Epilogue

Several Moons Later:

Firestar purred as he rested his head on top of Nightwing's. She looked exhausted, but beautiful as ever as she lay in the nursery, two tiny kits suckling from her belly. "They're beautiful." He murmured as he licked her face. "Two perfect toms…what shall we call them?"

"I think we should call the black one Talonkit and the gray one Smokekit." Nightwing said softly as she gently shifted to get more comfortable.

"Talonkit and Smokekit." Firestar purred with pleasure. "Welcome to ShadowClan my little kits."

At the same time, on the other side of the river another Clan was conducting a ceremony of its own.

"From this moment, until he has earned his warrior name, this apprentice shall be known as Bluepaw." Mistystar announced. "Whiteclaw, you will be mentor to this apprentice. You are a brave and trusted warrior, and I hope you will pass this knowledge to your new apprentice."

As RiverClan yowled Bluepaw's name, Mistystar looked out across the river. This should be the happiest moment in her life. She got to see—got to apprentice—her own kit. But she had other things on her mind. When she was with kits she had never said who the father was. She couldn't. But she could hardly forget him, especially whenever she looked into Bluepaw's striking green eyes. Her father's eyes.