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Summary: Okay so as I mentioned in chapter three of McBaby=Happily Ever After? This is a story about
Burketina and how their little daughter Jaearah came into the world. I know that she has a weird name and she's going to have an even weirder middle name but both names are very original, so just go with it. And the way Cristina thought of the names is going to be the same way that I thought of them so yeah.

A/N: Hope its okay and I hope you like it! Any ideas, complaints or compliments are greatly appreciated and I will try to improve (if I can) if you tell me how I can improve. Anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling, here it is!

Chapter 1

"If you think you're getting any, think again," said Cristina, "I'm not in the mood."

"I'm not in the mood either," Burke replied.

"Good," answered Cristina, "What do you want?" she asked.

"Nothing," said Burke, "I just haven't seen you all day,"

"Burke," Cristina said, turning on her side to face him, hating to disappoint him after such a great surgery, "I'm pregnant."


"Well what are we going to do?" Burke asked, sitting next to Cristina on the bunk bed in the on-call room.

"I don't know, Burke!" she snapped.

"Well do you want..." Burke started

"I don't know," she cut him off, a little softer this time, "I can't... I can't…"

"Shh.. Burke whispered and hugged her, letting her sob against his chest, "Its okay, its okay," he whispered, kissing her on the head and holding her tighter.

"How do you know, Burke? How do you know it's doing to be okay?!" she exclaimed, pulling away from him and standing up, "I'm an intern! You're an attending! I'm not switching to the vagina squad and spending precious surgery time changing diapers!" she yelled, "I'm not ready to have a baby!"

"Well what are you going to do?! Get rid of it?!" Burke yelled back at her.

She looked at the floor guiltily.

"You were going to get rid of it?! What, just dispose of our child like a piece of garbage?!" He exclaimed.

"It's not even a child yet! It's barely even a jelly bean!" She shot back.

"It doesn't matter! It has a heart! It is living!" He spat back at her.

"I don't know what to do, Burke!" She whispered, "You have to help me, I can not do this alone," She pleaded.

"Okay, hey, we may not be ready for this but we can do this! We have to do this … together," Burke comforted her, letting her sit on his lap and brushing away her tears to kiss her, holding her tight.

"Okay, we're having a baby," Cristina said, not as stone cold as usual. Stupid hormones! She thought.

If stone cold turns into happy when she's pregnant, imagine her bitchiness doubled, Burke thought, dreading her mood swings.