Hi, here is my 3rd story. This is way shorter then my first. I got this inspiration from 'Leave out all the Rest' from Linkin Park. Ok it's another Trent and Gwen (go figure) and a little Duncan and Courtney (because I think Duncan's cool). This is much darker, and dirtier. AKA there are sexy scenes BUT NOT SMUTT!!!!!! I DON'T GET THAT MUCH INTO DETAILS. GROSS!!! Ok, it's told mostly from Trent's POV but switches a lot. It's about Gwen, who lost her family, and her life is falling apart and Trent dose everything he can to help. So please enjoy. P.S. Italics is Trent narrating and thinking. This first chapter is told like a flashback. (Rated M for langue, sexual scenes, and suicidal thoughts, and abuse) Don't get mad at me for writing this stuff. I like to write real issues that happen out in the world. Not everything is a happily ever after.

Ch1. When everything changed

Isn't it amazing how everything can change so fast? How one minute, you're so happy, that nothing could bring you down, and the next, you want to kill yourself? Of course it hasn't happened to me straight on. But I did happen as I had to watch the love of my life crumble and breakdown.

"Gwen, we need to have a privet word with you." Called a lady in a business suit.

How one moment of sheer happiness, can go to……

"I am truly sorry miss. Swanson, but your mother and brother were killed in a fire, and the house was completely destroyed……"

Utter grim, depression.

The day had been so nice, here in the TDA aftermath (EDN: I have not yet seen TDA this happens after TDA) Gwen and I had gotten back together a while ago, and could not be happier.

"Play me a song." She said picking up my guitar off the floor and moving off my lap. I happily played her a tune that made her smile even more and earned myself a nice long sweet kiss. Then as I worked my fingers in her hair and she giggled, and that's when all hell broke lose.

A woman in a dark business suit came in. She was pearl shaped figure, heart shaped head, red hair (not that kind of ugly red, a very seductive red), and she had a small purse with her. She walked into the room filled with the 22 teens, her stilettos clanking on the floor. "I am looking for….Gwendolyn Maria Hillary Swanson." She said load and powerful. Gwen perked up and looked at her shocked her full name was used.

"Who are you?" Gwen said still all wrapped up in me. The lady looked around and sighed. "My name is Claire. We need to talk to you in privet." Claire said. Gwen got up and walked toward Claire who was leaving the room. A couple of minutes passed when we heard Gwen speak.

"Please tell me this is some sick, evil, demonic joke?" she sounded so sad that everyone stopped talking to eardrop. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOO!" she shouted. Then we heard sobs. What was going on? Gwen walked back in. Her face was red, and her eyes and tears streamed down her checks. Claire kept patting her shoulder whispering, "I understand. It's ok. Everything's all right." Gwen continued to walk to her room and when inside as Claire waited outside. Everyone was staring. I wanted to know what made Gwen so upset. 30 minutes later she walked out with all her luggage, and new tears wheeling up in her eyes. She walked, stopped, and whispered something to Claire. Gwen turned the other way and we heard a door open.

"Who here is Trent?" she asked. I got up. "Follow me please. She said. I followed her to the door Gwen walked out of. Outside there was a limo, and Gwen was putting her bags in it.


I ran up to her calling her name. She turned to me, tears still falling down her face. When I made it to her I hugged her tight and whispered softly in her ears. "What's going on? Were are you going?" she cried a little more then pushed me away to face me. "My mom and brother were killed in a fire. My house burned to the ground. I have nothing left." She managed to get out before going into another crying fit. I held her close to me, and I wanted to say something but I could not. She went in her bag and took out a CD. "Here." She said giving to to me. "Please tell the others for me and play the song." She said sobbing. "Of course." I hugged her again. "Were are you going?" I asked aging.

"I don't know. After the funeral, I probably am going to an orphanage." She said into my shoulder. I moved away to face her. "What do you mean?" I asked terrified. If she goes to an orphanage, I will never see her again. "I have no one to take care of me, and I am only 16 in a half." She looked like she wanted to say more but her crying stopped her, I just hugged her trying to hold back tears of my own.

"Gwen we have to go now. We are going to miss our flight." Claire said taking a step closer to us. She took out 3 flyers and handed them to me. "I think Gwen would love to have her friends at the funeral supporting her." With out taking my arms off Gwen I took the flyers in the hand that also held the CD.

She moved away to whispered to me. "I am going to need a lawyer. My father is the last man in my family. Isn't your dad a lawyer?" I smiled and said "He would love to help you." She smiled a little. "Good bye Trent." She said crying again. "Only for now." I said giving her a gentle kiss on her lips. Then she walked back into the car and looked back the whole time it drove away. I did not turn around until, the car was completely out of sight, and in my gut I knew Gwen was the same way.


I walked slowly to the room were all the campers were. They all grew silent, when I walked in. I ignored all of them and walked over to the CD player. As I put the CD in I knew it was a Likin Park album, in the wrong case. The not said song 5. So I skipped the songs and went straight to song 5. As it began to play I looked at the other teens in the room. "Gwen said to play this for her." I said taking a seat. And listening to the lyrics trying to figure out why this song.

Song plays 'Leave out all the Rest'

I did not take long to figure out what Gwen was saying.

"When my time comes

forgot all the wrong I've done.

Help me leave behind some

reasons to be missed.

Don't resent me

and when you're feeling empty,

leave me in your memory,

Leave out all the rest."

We all sang with the sang.

She was saying that she isn't coming back and she wants to be remembered by all the good times, and leave out all the pain. Then I explained her families' death, and noticed we had 3 hrs to catch the boat if we want to go to the funeral. Everyone got up and ran to there rooms. But I grabbed the CD first.

What do ya think????? Review. Oh. P.S. I did get this song from the Twilight soundtrack. It's got awesome music on it. Like 'Super Massive Black Hole'