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3 Months Latter

Trent's POV

It was a sunny spring day. I drove up to the small house. It resembled a cottage which made me smile when I see it. The house was surrounded by flowers of all different sorts. I never even knew you could plant and grow these flowers so beautifully. I turned the ignition off and got out of my car. I looked over my car and spotted Jade working in the garden. "Good afternoon Trent!" she waved cheerfully mending to her flowers. I walked to the front of my car and that's when her brother greeted me.

"Oh hey Trent." He said zooming away in his skate board. His mom also greeted me the same before helping Jade. It's been 3 months since the incident, and everyone seemed to have forgotten it. Well everyone but Gwen. She still is stressed over it. But the therapist said she is doing better.

"Where you two going today?" her mother asked pulling weeds.

"A picnic in the park." I answered. Then she walked out of the house.

Gwen's POV

My 2 stupid casts made everything more difficult and complicated than ever. An outfit that would normally take me 10 minutes now takes 30 or more. But I was finally ready and made my way to the front door. It's a good thing there's no stairs in Jade's home. Since I had no home we moved in with Jade and don't plan to leave. Especially since its only a 10 minute drive to Trent's from here.

I looked out the window and he was outside waiting for me. I knew what would happen as soon as I opened the door. He would scoop me up like his bride and gently put me in the passenger seat of his car. Not that I didn't mind, walking in a cast with one crutch and an arm cast made life even more difficult.

I stepped out into the warm sunlight and he ran up to me. "You look lovely." He said kissing my cheek then picking me up like I knew he would. "By, Miss. Swanson, Miss. Burgundy. I'll bring her back at 5." He called after he shut my door.

"Please stay for dinner Trent. I am making my special chicken pot pie." Jade said.

"I would love to." Trent said leaving. But not before grabbing a red rose from the basket and handing it to me, when he reached the car. I giggled slightly and waved by to my mom and Jade.

It's been 3 months since the incident but I still feel like I'm trapped. I can laugh and smile and be close to people. But I still feel like something is missing. I let me mind wonder staring at the flower until we came to a stop. Trent got out and asked me to wait. I did and I watched as he set up a picnic. He is so sweet. How many boyfriends can you list that will save you from an abusive, psycho father? Not many.

He helped me out and laid me on the blanket. We had lunch together and had a sweet conversation about nothing. I tried hard not to, but my eyes kept wondering to the scar on his forehead. I leaned my head on his shoulder and I gently traced it with my fingers. "Was I really worth all this?" I asked shamefully. Growing up I felt like the most worthless thing in the world. And Trent makes me feel like some rare jewel than needs to be protected. Like a princes that hold the secrets to the world, that's under constant attack.

"No, you are worth more." He answered gently kissing my lips. I tried to deepen the kiss, but with my left arm in a cast, it was difficult.

"I hate these things." I cried looking at my casts. Trent got out a marker and he drew a cute little chibi anime him and me pretty quickly. "Wow. I didn't know you could do that. It's really cute." I said looking at me.

"Yes, you are very cute." He said before kissing me again. Then his watch went off. "Time for dinner." He said standing up, and helping me up.

"It's Saturday. Want to stay and watch the Saturday night movie?" I asked flirty.

"Then when the movies over you'll ask to carry you to bed. After that you'll ask to sit down and watch the stars, after that…" he trailed off.

"Ok, you don't want to fine." I said playfully pretending I was mad.

"No I was kidding. Ha ha. Come on I didn't mean it." He said sounding sad as I kept my back turned to him pretending to pout. "Gwen really, I don't mind. I'll spend every day with you. Every minute. What ever you want." He said kissing my shoulder.

I turned and giggling. "I was kidding. I can't be mad at the boy who saved my life." I sad wrapping my good arm around his neck and kissing him.


He stayed for dinner and the movie. It was some old black and white movie I had no idea what it was. But I liked it. It was about some girl who lost her memory, and her lover tried to help her remember. But she lost and he spends his life trying to find her. At the end she remembers everything and she looks at him and she says "I was once lost. But now I am found."

It reached midnight and Trent had to go home. We walked me to my bed, and before he left I repeated the main female leads line. "Thank you Trent. I was lost. And you found me." I said he laughed.

"You were never lost. You just made a wrong turn." He said kissing my neck gently making me moan slightly.

Then Jade knocked on the door frame. "Trent we appreciate everything you've done. But now we'd appreciate if you kept dates PG-13 please. Or at least when no ones home for Gods sake." She said leaving.

He kissed me one more time and I pulled him closer. "Good bye love." I whispered.

"Only until tomorrow morning." He said.

I think this therapy treatment is the best. Dates, and being close to my savior. I love him with every fiber of my being, and I want to be with him forever. I can tell he dose to.

I got suspicious why I didn't hear the front door close. So I limped out of my room.

Trent was standing in the living room hugging my mom and Jade. They all seemed really pleased and happy. Then Trent walked out. What was that all about?


Today Trent took me to a rose garden. It was beautiful. I didn't like all the walking though so we stopped at a bench. I smiled admiring the beautiful flowers when Trent spoke up.

"Gwen." He said. I looked at him an noticed he looked like a nervous wreck. Like he had to defuse a time boom. "I wanted to ask you something." He said. I was confused until he got down on one knee.

"Oh my god." I whispered. He took a small ring box from his pants pocket and placed it between my hands cupping them as well.

"Gwen? Will you marry me?" he asked. I was breathless and in shock.

"Really?" I asked as I felt tears stroll down my face.

"I think you're the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing, independent, intelligent girl ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He said.

"But you just turned 18 a month ago. How can you be sure I'm the one for you?" I asked a little sad by my question.

"Because…" he said kissing me gently. "You're the only girl I would risk everything for." He said kissing me again. I kissed him back and backed away to answer him.

"Yes. I will marry you." I whispered as he kissed me again.

That whole in my soul….filled. That vacant feeling in my heart…..gone. That longing to feel loved and secure…..fulfilled. My life's purpose…..found. I haven't been happier in my life. Everyday with Trent is the happiest day's I spend. I wan to spend and eternity with him. And he wants his eternity to be with me. We were both lost, until we found each other.

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