Chapter 1 - Good Morning...? Not even close

I awoke to my alarm clock blaring loudly announcing the start to my day. I opened my eyes and immediately caught sight of my brother Harry standing in my doorway. My family had no concept of personal space or privacy. I suppose that was because we were shape-shifters and grew up sharing our thoughts. Let me tell you it was awkward once all of us kids hit puberty, hence why our parents ceased phasing when we were sixteen. I hit the snooze button and groaned pulling my pillow over my face. Harry chuckled.

"Rise and shine Abby, I just wanted to remind you that you are supposed to be picking up Naomi this morning. Just bring her to Grandpa Billy's house, I'll be in the garage working on a car," Harry told me eagerly, his eyes glazing over at the thought of his secret girlfriend and I rolled my eyes pulling the pillow away.

"I don't know why you have to keep involving me in your secret dates, grow a pair of balls and ask Sam politely if you can maul his daughter," I said dryly glaring at him from where I lay in my bed and Harry looked shocked at my comment that he did anything less than gentlemanly when he was with his beloved.

"I do not maul her," he protested a blush rising to his cheeks. I smirked. Harry was so easy to bait.

"I saw the hickeys on her neck Harry Black, you're the reason she is wearing turtlenecks in Summer," I said grinning teasingly and Harry started pacing as he considered telling Sam that he had a thing for Naomi. Sam's only daughter, his precious only daughter.

"Did you see what happened to Noah when he mentioned that Naomi looked pretty at her eighteenth birthday party? Uncle Sam nearly killed him, Aunt Emily and Naomi had to hold him from breaking Noah in half," Harry said weakly sitting on the edge of my bed and I sat up and patted him on the back.

"Well love is a battlefield Harry," I told him chuckling and Harry turned to look into my eyes, his expression earnest and full of honesty.

"I'm going to marry her you know."

"If you grow a pair and tell Uncle Sam," I reminded him. I knew from a very young age that Harry was going to marry Naomi. Specifically because he told me himself when we were nine and Naomi had walked by, daddy's perfect little girl.

"I love her Abby, she is my sun and moon, she is…she's my everything," Harry said a dazed look coming over his face and I smiled up at him. I knew a lot of imprint couples but Harry and Naomi loved each other by choice. He knew I couldn't not give in when he started talking all lovey dovey about Naomi. I sighed.

"Fine, I'll get her but one day, you have to tell Uncle Sam," I reminded him pointing a finger in his face and Harry just hugged me tightly.

"Thanks Abby, one day when you fall in love, I will repay the favour," Harry assured me smacking a loud kiss on my cheek before leaving the room.

I had a secret, one that I had managed to hide from my brothers and sister. I was in love with Embry Call. Problem with that; Embry had imprinted on my sister Esther which basically mean, she was his and he was hers forever. Imprinting was all over La Push. Uncle Sam and Aunt Emily, Uncle Paul and Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jared and Aunt Kim, Uncle Seth and Aunt Skylar, Brady on my cousin Jaylah. Mom and dad were the only ones, apart from our aunt and uncles in Alaska, and Nan and Pop in Forks, who had fallen in love naturally. My two eldest brothers and I had not imprinted, I never wanted to and neither did my brothers.

The elders of our pack like my mom and dad, Uncle Sam, Uncle Paul, Uncle Seth and Uncle Jared had all 'retired' somewhat from phasing. I think they wanted to give all us young kids a chance at having our own pack without our parents following us around though Uncle Seth phased every once in a while so that he stayed young like my Aunt Skylar who was a werewolf and didn't age. Our big extended family ranged from shape-shifters to humans to werewolves to vampires, just one big happy mystical family.

My eldest brother Harry was the Alpha, and one of the wolves who was young when my parents were in the pack, Colin, was the Beta. There were eight other wolves in our pack, Logan, Duncan, Ethan, Noah, Connor, Nathan, Caden and Anthony plus my other brother Ephraim, me, my younger sister Esther, Brady and Embry. We got along really well, fought sometimes, but we were a pack, brothers and sisters and we looked out for each other. Me and my brothers and sister were the only descendants from the original pack members to have phased; all the other packs children remained fully human. Esther thought they were the lucky ones, I thought they were missing out. I loved being a wolf. The whole of La Push knew that we were able to shift, it sort of came out in a big fight when we were young. I can't remember much of the fight, but apparently we helped kick some evil vampire butt. Heck yeah! The only thing with being legendary shape shifters of our tribe was that no guy wanted to date a girl who could kick his arse at every sport due to her impeccable strength and speed, and whose father, brothers and uncles would beat them senseless if they even looked at her the wrong way. This was the reason so far, that I had never even kissed a boy, or even been on a stupid date.

I showered and dressed then descended downstairs for breakfast. Mom always cooked the best breakfast, since she knew first hand how hungry us shape shifters could get. Mom and dad were the best parents we could have. They had phased for a long time, until us kids were sixteen. We were all twenty now, but I thought mom and dad still looked great even though they had aged a couple of years. They only looked like they were in their mid to late twenties, I didn't know anyone whose parents looked that good.

"Get your feet off the table Jacob Black," I heard my mom scold my dad and my dad chuckled and said something I couldn't hear. By the time I got into the kitchen mom was sitting on dad's lap and they were canoodling with each other. This was the side affect of young parents…they could not keep their hands off each other, which was disgusting if you were their child, like me. I reached onto the bench where there was a spray bottle of water mom used to do her ironing.

"Bad parents, bad," I scolded them spraying them with water and my mom and dad just chuckled and gave each other a big peck on the cheek and I rolled my eyes, "Oh god, I'm definitely going to need therapy."

"Come on sweets, you know I can't resist your mother, she is too damn good looking," dad said grinning pinching her on the bottom and mom giggled then slapped him on the arm halfheartedly to stop. I groaned taking a seat at the table.

"Good morning everyone," Ephraim greeted us as he entered the kitchen yawning widely.

"It was until I saw dad trying to seduce mom on our kitchen table," I quipped blandly and Ephraim's face twisted into one of disgust. No kid liked hearing their parents had sexual interest in each other, much less that they had sex.


"I know," I agreed and mom rolled her eyes at me. She headed to the stove and pulled out a pan. She had bacon, sausages, eggs and hash browns at the ready.

"Sweetheart you're exaggerating," mom said turning on the gas and piling in the bacon and eggs and I muttered aside to Ephraim,

"I wish."

"Where is Harry?" dad asked curiously. Usually we ate breakfast together as a family. It wasn't often that we didn't eat together but now that we were all twenty and had our own lives, the family breakfast tradition was getting more lax.

"At Grandpa Billy's, where is Esther?" I asked noticing that Esther was missing and mom flipped the eggs expertly.

"At your Aunt Emily's, they are cooking muffins today," she informed me and I shuddered. Cooking and me did not mix; I couldn't cook to save my life, it was like a running joke in our family.

"I'm hanging out with Naomi today," I told them and dad nodded approvingly, like Naomi was a good person for me to hang around with and wouldn't lead me astray. There wasn't much mischief I could get up to anyway though.

"What about you Ephraim?" dad turned his attention to Ephraim who shrugged.


We ate breakfast talking and laughing like usual. Ephraim and I ate double what mom and dad did and they were watched us with bemused expressions on their faces. Once we were finished, Ephraim and I helped do the washing up while mom and dad kissed us goodbye since they were going to visit nan and pop in Forks. When Ephraim and I were alone he touched my arm. Esther, Harry, Ephraim and I were able to converse in our heads even when we weren't phased. We just had to be touching each other. Dad said it must be a quadruplet thing, but I knew it was a wolf thing. We were just closer than other wolves since we shared the same uterus when we were born.

I'm going to see the aunts and uncles, he told me through our link and I frowned at him.


To see Jaylah, Ephraim said smiling dreamily and I shook my head at him. God my brother was a sucker for punishment.

Ephraim, why do you keep torturing yourself, she loves Brady, you know she does, I scolded him bluntly. I knew it was harsh but Ephraim was really thick when it came to hearing the truth. Brady had imprinted on Jaylah when we were infants and although Jaylah had rebelled against the imprint at first when she hit sixteen, she had just started coming around to the idea now that she was older and more mature. She had grown at a similar age to us, just a year or two in advance.

But she kissed me last week, he protested his mind drifting back and I followed his train of thought and snorted when I saw the ending.

Yeah, she also told you that kissing you made her even more sure that she loved Brady, I deduced from the vision I was seeing and it disappeared abruptly.

Quit reading my memories, Ephraim grouched then he pulled away from me breaking the connection. I frowned at him, and he turned and glared at me angrily.

"You always support Harry with Naomi but you never support me," he said loudly, his voice hurt by my lack of sensitivity.

"E," I tried to talk some sense into him, feeling awful but Ephraim didn't want to hear it.

"I'm outta here," Ephraim said throwing his dish towel onto the table and running from the house. Out of the window I saw a white wolf disappear into the forests. I sighed. Today had started out so well too.


I wandered down the street towards the Uley house. When I approached I saw Levi on the porch sitting with Alyssa, who was my full blooded cousin and they waved as I came close. Alyssa's mom, Aunt Rachel, was my dad's sister, and she was married to Uncle Paul. Alyssa also had two twin brothers; they were only six and a real handful.

"Hey Abby," they both chimed in unison. They had started dating about a year ago and since then, had been absolutely inseparable. They complimented each other so well.

"You couples and your synchronization make me sick," I joked and they laughed.

I didn't bother knocking; I just went on into the kitchen where I usually found Aunt Emily. She and Esther were covered in flour but Aunt Emily hugged me eagerly anyway. Esther gave me a wave, up to her wrists in dough.

"Abby dear, are you coming to the cooking lesson too?" Aunt Emily asked curiously and I laughed, as did Esther. Esther knew better than anyone that I was the worst cook in history. She had always been the one I'd convinced to try anything I cooked.

"No I'm here to pick up Naomi, we are hanging out today," I said reaching over for the wooden spoon that was covered in chocolate excitedly.

"Oh ok, I'll go get her," Aunt Emily said excitedly, wiping her hands on her apron as she ran up the stairs and I could hear her yelling, "Naomi, you have a visitor."

I picked up the spoon and started licking it when I felt a hand on my arm. I looked over at Esther questioningly and she smiled.

You've been distant these past couple of weeks, Esther said sadly and I pulled away so we weren't touching. I had been distant from her because I didn't want her to see that I loved Embry as well. When we phased I always made sure I was thinking about something else, and I was sort of avoiding Esther. I honestly didn't think that she noticed, since she was always with Embry.

"Sorry Esther, you know I love you sis," I apologized smiling and Esther smiled back at me, but that worried look was still in her eyes.

I was relieved when I heard Naomi came running down the stairs like her butt was on fire but when she saw it was me her face fell.

"Oh," she said her voice thick with disappointment.

"Don't sound so excited," I said dryly and Naomi blushed and hugged me apologetically.

"Sorry Abby, I was expecting…someone else," Naomi said, blushing more and I knew exactly who she was expecting. Problem with that was Harry Black was absolutely petrified of her dad, Sam Uley.

In spite of our age difference of two years, Naomi was my best friend. We had grown up together, had sleepovers together, giggled about boys together. Lately though, ever since she and Harry had been getting closer I hadn't been able to spend as much time with her as I liked but I didn't mind. As long as she and Harry were happy, I was happy. Naomi got her bag and giving Aunt Emily a kiss we left the house and headed towards Grandpa Billy's place.


We waved hello to Grandpa Billy when we arrived then disappeared straight away to the garage. He loved it when us kids came around, even if we only hung in his garage. He said it reminded him of when Jake was a kid. As soon as we entered the garage Harry came running over wiping oil from his hands excitedly on his torn jeans.

"Naomi!" he greeted her completely ignoring me and I rolled my eyes trying to fade into the background but Naomi grabbed my hand and tugged me forward, placing me between her and Harry. I sighed deeply. This was something that happened even when we were kids. If Naomi was angry at Harry, she would use me to talk to him.

"Abby, please tell Harry that I have no wish to talk to him since he doesn't love me enough to go out with me in public, or even come and pick me up from my house," Naomi said haughtily crossing her arms over her chest and I turned to Harry who hung his head in shame.

"Naomi says you're an arse," I translated and Harry gave me an exasperated look and I smiled innocently.

"I can hear her Abby," he said grimly, and then he tried to talk directly to Naomi, "Naomi…"

Naomi turned away and sniffed the air; she wasn't going to talk to him. Harry sighed and turned to address me reluctantly.

"Abby can you please tell Naomi that I am worried if I do tell anyone, her father will kill me," Harry said and I turned to Naomi her crossed her arms over her chest, not at all impressed by Harry's weak response.

"Harry says he is too cowardly to tell your dad."

"Well tell him that my dad only wants what is best for me, and if Harry doesn't care about me enough to face his fears and tell my dad, then he doesn't love me," Naomi said her voice getting angrier and I turned back to Harry seriously.

"Harry, get some sort of backbone or else you are going to loose her."

Harry bypassed me and grabbed Naomi's hands pressing them to his lips lovingly. Naomi tired to not show that the gesture made her melt but she failed miserably.

"I promise I will tell him today Nay, I promise," he swore to her and Naomi's face became bright with happiness.


"Really, really," Harry assured her and Naomi threw her arms around his neck giggling.

As soon as they started making out I took the opportunity to run away before my eyes melted out of my head at the disgusting sight of my brother and best friend making out.


Well now that that crisis was over I decided to head to the cliffs, since I couldn't go home in case my parents came home and figured out that Naomi wasn't with me like she was supposed to be. Why Harry couldn't tell our parents I would never know. Its not like they would rat him out to Uncle Sam. As I approached the cliffs I saw a tall, tanned young man already sitting there. My heart starting jumping as I realized who it was, Embry Call.

"Hey Abby!" Embry noticed me standing there and he waved me over.

"Hey Embry," I greeted him trying not to seem too eager as I approached him and took a seat beside him on the cliff. Embry turned to me and I stared up at him, dazzled by his smile. My crush on Embry had started a couple of months ago. Esther had been away visiting the Aunt's and Uncles in Alaska for a couple of weeks and Embry had continued to hang around our house and we had gone fishing together, and hiking and to the beach. I had never had a guy pay as much attention as Embry had to me in the weeks when Esther wasn't there. The other members of our pack saw me as a little sister, but Embry flirted with me and treated me like an adult. I think the thing that had cemented my adoration was when we were sitting up on the cliffs like we were now, and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and told me I was beautiful, like all the women in my family.

"Have you seen Esther?" Embry asked, his face becoming concerned and my heart fell. Of course he would have to bring up Esther. He was an 'imprint zombie' as mom called them when dad wasn't listening.

"She is with Aunt Emily," I said shortly, but Embry didn't notice my reluctance to talk about my sister.

"Oh…has she said anything…about me?" Embry ventured hesitantly and I turned to him, curious about his strange behaviour. Embry was never usually so unsure of himself, he was confident, sometimes too much so.

"No, what would she say?" I asked my eyes searching his face and he turned slightly red and looked out over the ocean before he spoke,

"I asked her to marry me last week, she hasn't answered me yet."

"You asked her to marry you?" I squeaked in disbelief and Embry turned back to me and grinned happily.


My heart starting pounding and I felt hot and cold all over my body. Embry had asked Esther to marry him. Esther was going to marry Embry; they were going to get married and I was going to have to stand by and watch them.

"I gotta go," I said breathlessly and I turned and bolted ignoring Embry calling my name.


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Character List - Just so you remember who all the characters I made up are.
The pups are all twenty now, and they are the only descendants of the original packs offspring to have phased so far.

Abigail/Abby: Leah and Jacob's eldest daughter. A lot like Leah personality-wise. This story will be in her point of view as far as I have written.

Harry: Leah and Jacob's eldest son. Alpha of the pack. In love with Naomi. He is serious and dedicated to being the Alpha.

Ephraim: Leah and Jacob's youngest son. Loves himself just that little bit too much. He is like Abby's confidant, they are very close.

Esther: Leah and Jacob's youngest daughter. Imprinted on Embry and was in turn imprinted on by Embry. She is a lot like Emily personality-wise.

Naomi: Sam and Emily's only daughter, she is nineteen. Grew up being the pampered only girl, Abby's best friend and is in love with Harry.

Levi: Sam and Emily's only son, he is twenty-one. He is dating Alyssa.

Alyssa: Paul and Rachel's daughter, she is nineteen as well. She is dating Levi.

Skylar: My made up werewolf who became Seth's imprint. They have children but haven't really come up in the story yet.

Jaylah: Renesmee and Nahuel's daughter. She is twenty like the pups, although she reached her mature age a couple of years before them. Brady imprinted on her.

Logan, Duncan, Ethan, Noah, Connor, Nathan, Caden and Anthony: Are the wolves in the new pack. They are the ones who phased during Breaking Dawn and who joined Brady to help with the big battle in Rising Sun. We probably won't hear much from them unless I need them.

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