Last Light - Epilogue

I sat on the lounge staring down at the three baskets adoringly. I felt exhausted, but there was no way I was going to sleep. I was way too excited.

"Hello my beautiful wife," Eron bellowed loudly as he entered out lavishly decorated room and I turned and glared at him. If looks could kill, Eron would be ash. He visibly flinched from the look in my eyes. I learned that particular glare from my mother.

"Shush," I hissed angrily turning back to the baskets adoringly, "They're sleeping."

Eron came to sit on the couch beside me and I snuggled into his arms as we gazed down at our children; triplets. I couldn't believe that I had given birth to these three perfect babies.

"Moon looks so much like you," Eron murmured as our eyes sought out our girl. The youngest of the three, the only girl, she was smaller than her brothers, a head of dark hair and hazel eyes. She sucked on her fist contentedly.

"Glad one of them does, the boys don't look anything like me," I commented frowning with annoyance. I waited so long to have children and then they come out and only one of them resembles me. Jace was the eldest and Finn was the middle child, both with the blonde hair that Eron had and his eyes as well. They were handsome, like their father.

"That's a good thing love," Eron chuckled kissing my temple lovingly, "your family are here to see them."

I stood and crept over to my dresser to check on my reflection. All I had to say was thank goodness for the shape-shifter healing capabilities. I gave birth this morning and I felt pretty much healed already. I checked that there were no stains on my shirt or track pants and then settled myself onto the lounge with the baskets around me and nodded at Eron.

"Send them in."

Eron left the room for a few moments to let my family in and two vampires flew into the room at super speed.

"Aunt Rose, Uncle Emmett!" I cried out happily hugging them and then Aunt Rosalie was picking up Moon cooing to her lovingly. I frowned at Uncle Emmett curiously glancing back to the door where Eron stood, "Where is everyone else?"

"We didn't want to rush you," Uncle Emmett ruffled my hair affectionately and I pulled away smoothing it grumpily. He was still treating me like I was a kid; I had three children of my own now!

"Don't be silly, I'm not some fragile flower, Eron let all my family in," I demanded, eager to see everyone again.

It had been a year since I had last seen most of my family in the flesh. Being ruler of Wolfsbane as well as a member of the Volturi council left little time for me to holiday. Eron and I had been traveling pretty much all over the word, meeting with tribal leaders, meeting new species of shape-shifters; it had been such a wonderful year. I spoke with my family back in La Push via the webcam often, but it was a lot different when I knew they were standing in the next room waiting to see me.

And in they came. Aunt Alice carrying a laptop that connected us to our family who couldn't make the trip in La Push, Uncle Jasper, Uncle Edward, Aunt Bella, Aunt Ness, Uncle Nahuel, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Esme, mom, dad, Esther, Embry, Ephraim, Harry, Naomi and their little son Faolan, Lily-Rose and Acheron who were being carried by Stella and Jane, Tristan, Mariya, Cilla and lastly Marcus. Cilla had her arm linked through his and she was staring up at him adoringly. Marcus glanced down at her fondly every few moments. His gaze wasn't one of love just yet, but I didn't think it would be too long. Cilla had her sights set on him, and she wouldn't give up. Slowly but surely Marcus was waning to her charms. I had spoken with Marcus a lot since my joining the council and we discussed falling in love naturally and falling in love via a supernatural vice like imprinting or La Tua Canante and Marcus had told me more about Didyme. He had decided that he had fallen in love once without the assistance of a La Tua Canante and he could do so again and be just as happy. I was pleased to hear him say it, and so was Cilla when I informed her later.

Mom and dad came to snuggle with me on the couch, both of them kissing my cheeks. Mom had been by my side through the birthing, I don't know what I would have done if she wasn't there. She had made me laugh through the pain saying that at least she didn't let dad film the birth for me to show our family and friends back home like he had tried to do for us when mom gave birth to the twins. I was eternally grateful. Heidi and Felix pushed their way into our room holding up a camera on a stand. It was getting really crowded but no one cared. It lifted my heart to see shape-shifters, werewolves and vampires in the same room, chatting and laughing together. Tristan and Mariya were getting used to vampires, Tristan had a great respect for my Grandpa Carlisle, but their favourite people were Esther and Embry who were always visiting us in Wolfsbane. I was just happy that everything had worked out. Thinking back over the past two years I couldn't believe how much had changed.

"Everyone get ready for the photo!" Felix called out and everyone shuffled to crowd around me as Felix set the timer then ran to Heidi to pose for the photo by pulling her close and smacking a kiss on her cheek.

Aunt Rose still had Moon on her arms, Aunt Bella had Jace and Aunt Ness had Finn and the three were huddled together giggling about the new babies in the family happy to hold them for the photo. Aunt Alice was standing with Stella and Jane, the three of them posing prettily with the twins gurgling in their arms. Uncle Edward, Uncle Nahuel, Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper did the tough boy pose where they folded their arms across their chests, Marcus and Cilla stood together smiling. Grandpa Carlisle had his arm around Grandma Esme lovingly. Tristan, Mariya, Embry and Esther were huddled in their own group, Mariya and Esther in the middle and the boys on the outside arms around their shoulders proudly; the four of them making two perfect couples. Harry and Naomi with baby Faolan were standing off to one side holding up Faolan between them lovingly.

At the last minute Eron jumped across the couch to land in my lap and I laughed loudly as the camera flashed while I felt dad lean over and give mom a wet willy causing her to scream and curse him profusely. Everyone burst into laughter.

This would be my favourite photo forever and I knew that our forever was going to be perfect.

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