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I knew what was happening before it even happened. I couldn't see the killer from the way I was standing, but I knew by the stillness that suddenly filled the air. The gun went off and then my chest began to burn.

I didn't register that I had been shot right at first. The pain exploded in my chest and I felt like someone was trying to rip my lungs out. I staggered backwards and hit the ground.

Sirens began to blare and I heard screaming. I tried to turn my head, or get up, or anything but I couldn't move. I felt like my body was paralyzed. A sickening smell filled my nose and I realized that it was my blood. Oh God, I'm dying.

I had figured that when I finally went it would be from a gunshot wound. I really did. Being a cop was a very risky line of work. This plan, Castle's plan, was incredibly risky. But I volunteered myself for it. I couldn't have anyone else waltzing in here and possibly getting themselves killed. After all, this was my case. It was my investigation. If anyone was going to get hurt, it was going to be me.

Ironic how things work out, isn't it?

The edges of my vision began to go dark and I began to panic. Before I could completely start to freak out, I felt something beside me. It took a lot of work to focus my eyes on Richard Castle, who was kneeling beside me. I figured that my expression was mirrored in his—absolutely terrified. I'd never seen Castle look that worried before.

My vision began to swim and I began to panic again. My chest ached and I wanted to cry. I tried to take a breath to calm myself, but I ended up inhaling my own blood. It was disgusting. I started to cough, spitting up the blood, and I felt Castle take my hand in his.

"Hold on." He said. I could swear that I saw tears in his eyes. Did he really care about me that much? "Hold on Kate. You're going to be fine. Just hold on."

Terror washed through me once again as everything seemed to hit me. I was lying here, on a street corner, dying. I could barely breathe and my chest felt like it was on fire. I tried to focus on Castle to keep myself calm, but it wasn't working.

I was going to die here. I was only thirty-one, for God's sake. I wanted a family. I wanted to get married to some guy who loved me. I didn't want to die now. Not yet. There was so much that I still wanted to do.

I felt myself being loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the ambulance. Every little jostle made me want to scream out in pain, but I just didn't have the strength.

My vision began to go blurry. I could see bright lights and hear sirens that I figured were from the ambulance. It reminded me of the night I came home with my father to find out that my mother had been murdered. The cop car that had sat there in our driveway intimidated me and scared me. I knew before I even got out of the car that something horrible had happened. The police officer had explained it to us with a grim face, and I felt like it was some twisted joke.

I mean, it wasn't fair. My mother couldn't be dead…no! I had just seen her that morning. She had kissed me on the cheek and said "Have a good day at school, honey." And now they were telling me that she was dead? No!

After that my father got into the alcohol. He would try to hide it but I wasn't stupid. I wasn't some flighty teenage girl who got obsessed with the latest fashions and boy bands. That had never been me. I knew what my father was doing when he locked his bedroom door and didn't come out for the rest of the night. He thought he was hiding his drinking from me. But he wasn't. He had almost died once because he had drunk so much. I had come home to find him passed out on the floor. He would've died, too, if I had gotten home even five minutes later.

But then things had started looking up. I convinced him to go to the meetings, to get help, and he got sober again. He said that he did it for me. A few years had passed and I had started working at the precinct that I work at now. I had even gotten a boyfriend. Everything was good.

But of course a good thing doesn't last, does it? Or at least it doesn't last for me. My boyfriend cheated on me, so I ended it. Since then I've been extremely cautious when it comes to going on dates. That was probably the reason why I had only ever had one steady boyfriend.

And that's when he had come into my life. Richard Castle, famous novelist. I must admit, I was pissed when I first found out that he would be following me around. Like some type of puppy. But then he actually started helping with the cases and I was forced to admit that we made a pretty good team. He even saved my life once.

"We're losing her!" A voice shouted.

"Beckett? Don't give up!" Castle's voice nearly begged.

I felt pressure on my hand again as I was brought back into the present. Wow, your life really does flash before your eyes when you're dying, doesn't it? I tried to keep my heavy eyes open as the darkness threatened to consume me. "Kate, they're going to save you. Just hold on until we get to the hospital okay? Just hold on."

I tried to focus on Castle, on his blue eyes. He looked as afraid as I felt. I bet he blamed himself for me getting shot. It was his plan after all. But it was a good plan. No one could have seen the killer's sudden change of tactic. It wasn't anyone's fault that I got shot.

Castle continued to try and get me to stay conscious the entire way to the hospital. There was no way to express how incredibly thankful I am that he was there. I mean, I doubt I could have stayed conscious if he wasn't there talking to me. I focused on his voice, praying that we would arrive at the hospital soon.

After what seemed like forever we arrived, and I was rushed into surgery. Castle wasn't allowed to come with me, and my hand felt cold now that his warm one wasn't wrapped around it.

A doctor appeared and started talking to the paramedics, using all these technical terms that I didn't understand. The next thing I knew, there was an oxygen mask on my face and everything was going dark. I couldn't keep myself conscious anymore. The darkness began to press down on me, smother me, and within moments it swallowed me completely.

The first thing that registered in my groggy mind was that my body hurt. Every single inch of it was aching like crazy. It was probably the equivalent of what being run over by a bus would feel like. It took me a few moments and a few tries to open my eyes. It felt like each of my eyelids weighed a hundred pounds.

I didn't really remember what had happened until I realized that I was lying in a hospital bed, in a hospital. Then everything seemed to flood my mind in a rush. I remembered the plan to catch the killer, and I remember getting shot and being taken to the hospital. After that everything was a blur.

Nearly ten minutes after I had woken up, the door to my room opened and a doctor came in. He smiled at me and I attempted to smile back, even though I definitely didn't feel like it.

"Hello, Miss Beckett." He said. He grabbed a chart from the bottom of my bed and his eyes scanned over it. Then he looked back up at me. "How are you feeling?"

"I've been better." I said. My voice was quiet and raspy. I cleared my throat and tried to speak again. "How long do I have to stay here?"

The doctor smiled at me. "The rest of the week, at least. After that we'll monitor you to see how you're doing." He paused, and then continued. "The bullet punctured your lung, and it collapsed. That was our main worry. But I'm pleased to tell you that you're going to make a full recovery."

Thank God. I wasn't going to die.

The doctor saw the relief on my face and then he continued. "There are a few people here that are waiting to see you. Are you up to visitors?"

"Yes." I said. Actually, I wanted to go to sleep. But I still wanted to see whoever was here.

The doctor nodded and left the room. I settled back in my bed and let my eyes fall closed. I was so relieved. That had probably been one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. But now it was over, and I was okay. I felt like crap, but I would live.

The door to the room opened and Esposito walked in. He was smiling, and I gave him my pathetic attempt at a smile.

"Hey, boss."

I tried to sit myself up in the bed, and winced. "Hey."

"How are you doing?" He asked, grabbing a chair and pulling it over to the side of my bed. I could tell that he had spent all night at the hospital, and I was suddenly happy that I had people who cared enough about me to do that.

"I've been better." I smiled slightly.

He nodded, and his eyes strayed around the room. When he focused on me again, he spoke. "We're not letting you do anything like that again."

I scowled. What was he, my mother?

"I don't think that's up to you." I said, trying to sound like more normal self and failing miserably. Esposito grinned.

"You think I'm worried? Man, you should see Castle." He shook his head. Then he stood up. "I should get going. The others want to see you. Feel better, Beckett."

"Thanks." I said, watching him leave the room.

I had to work hard to not fall asleep. It was probably some stupid drug the doctor gave me to put me to sleep. I found a television remote lying near the bed and turned the TV on. Maybe some noise would keep me awake.

There was a soft knock on the door, and then Ryan entered. He took a seat in the chair that Esposito had vacated. He looked at me with concern.

"It just wasn't your night, was it?" He asked, smiling slightly.

I smiled back. "Definitely not."

"You feeling okay?" He asked, his eyes wandering to the many machines that were beeping and buzzing and making a bunch of different noises.

"Just like I've been shot." I said. I had to work hard to suppress a yawn, and I still didn't succeed.

"You look tired." Ryan said, standing up. "I'll get out of here so Castle can see you and then you can get some sleep."

I nodded, and then winced because nodding hurt. "See you later, Ryan."

He waved and then left, letting the door fall shut behind him. I tried to move my arm and felt a tube that was attached to me pull. I glared at it, too tired and in pain to do anything else. My eyes scanned over the other tubes and things that were attached to my arm. This was going to get really annoying, really quickly.

I didn't realize anyone else was in the room until I heard them say, "Hey, Beckett."

I looked over to see Castle standing there, smirking at me. I couldn't help but let a faint smile grace my lips too. "Castle."

He walked towards me and took a seat in the chair that my other two visitors had sat in. "Quite a night it's been…," He shook his head, still smiling. "How do you feel?"

I didn't even have to think before I responded. "Like I've been run over by a bus."

"Ah." He nodded.

As I watched him I realized that he didn't know what else to say, which was quite unusual for Castle. So I decided to speak.

"I really thought that it was the end there for a second." I began to cough, and then I grimaced. It felt like someone was pounding on my chest. Ouch. I saw Castle's hands twitch and wondered if he maybe felt the need to do something for me. If that was true, then it was sweet. I continued speaking, my voice quieter now. "You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you're dying?"

He nodded.

"It's true." I shut my eyes for a moment. I was so tired. I felt like I was ready to pass out at any second. But I still continued, determined to finish my conversation. "And you know what?"


"My life sucks."

I watched the shock and then worry each flicker across his expression. And then I smiled. Even in pain and dead tired, I could crack a joke. Castle saw my expression and he laughed and rolled his eyes.

"Kate Beckett, the hospital comedian."

"Mhm." I mumbled. My eyes fell shut again, and I was too tired to try and force them back open.

"Yeah well, Miss Hilarity, I suggest you get some rest."

I felt him stand up, and then I felt something gentle touch my forehead. I slowly realized that he had kissed it.

"And get better soon. It's no fun solving cases without my muse."

I frowned. If I hadn't been in the predicament that I was in, I would have hurt him. I was not his muse, damn it! "Don't call me your muse!" I growled, and then smiled. At least some things didn't change.

I heard his laugh, and then the door shut as he left. I sighed and allowed myself to drift into a peaceful sleep. After all, it had been a very long night.

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