Summary: Ah, yes, that wall-scene. It really tickled the imagination, didn't it? ;-D

Word count: 200


After the blast there was a rush of movement and suddenly my back hurt from being slammed against concrete, his hands were planted beside my head, his hips shoving me into the wall.

I felt his heat and hardness against me in that instant, force and friction applied in just the right place at exactly the right time….and I gasped in startled ecstasy: a paroxysm of pleasure seized me unexpectedly, blossoming into an orgasm as short and explosive as a gunshot.

Oh. Mother. Of. God.

I sagged against him; open-mouthed, dazed, feeling exposed, body humming, blood roaring through my head.

He stared at me; wide-eyed, awestruck, almost gleeful. Erection now massive.

I should have been mortified but instead I was…mesmerized. That I was that susceptible to him, to his touch…to have him know it too, and then discover his need for me as well. It seemed more intimate even than sex.

Perversely, I felt the need to break the spell: the man seemed inordinately proud of what he had just accomplished.

But he beat me to the punch, smugly breathing, "Damn, I'm good." Twinkle.

Cocky bastard.

But I decided he deserved my being gracious and smiled lazily. "Yes, you are."


Someone commented on the promo clip that it looks almost as if Brennan is having an orgasm, especially in slow motion. Well, I just took that idea and ran with it… :-D

Yes, it's fluffy and AU, but seriously, when I'm facilitating tricking your already-B&B-hotness-addled brain into believing that this is what actually happened, are you really gonna hold it against me? Huh? ;-)