Pocky and All
by Eternal SailorM (Angel Maxwell)

Disclaimers: I own nothing here but the pairing. Unfortunately, neither Weiss kreuz nor Gravitation belong to me. If they did, Omi and Shuichi would be brothers, Ken would be getting major nookie from most likely Hiroshi, Yohji would have slept with most of NG, and Ran and Shuichi would never get out of bed. But I don't, so these things only happen in my mind. Oh well.

Spoilers: No spoilers really. At all. Really.

Dedications: To Kleptomaniac Can Opener, who writes me such lovely Ran/Shuichi fics, especially the ones at AWA. She's also supported me with lovely fics for my new Ran/Shuichi shrine, No Style (), and I have to admit she's my favorite cat girl. Meow!

Notes: This fic was begun right after the second yaoi panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta 9, so early morning September 28th. Sorry it took me so long to get it finished. And yes, in my mind, sometimes Ran is a foul-mouthed little prick. It happens sometimes.

I blame the pocky. That's all I'm going to say.

Well, maybe that's not all I'm going to say. After all, it's not every day that turns out quite like this.

Since I'm blaming it on the pocky, I should start there. It began when my lover, genki little bastard that he is, called my cell in the middle of a delivery to request a couple new boxes of strawberry pocky. I've seen him on a sugar high though and promptly refused. So he got Kudou to do it. And Kudou, being the playboy that he is and given the fact this is an "off" week with him and Schuldig, decided to bring the genki-boy into getting him back on the German fucker's good side and bought Shuichi entire too many boxes of the candy-coated crack he likes to call Pocky. Dammit, why is that boy like... kryptonite to redheads?

So anyway, Kudou bought Shuichi roughly enough sugar to drop an elephant -- and my pink-haired baka ate it all at once. This, of course, led to him bouncing off everything and everyone, at least until I got back from my deliveries when Omi, Aya, and Ken shoved him off on me and told me to take him away. They didn't say where, just away. Faced with an already hyperactive Shuichi on a sugar rush, being confined to our small apartment didn't exactly seem prudent. The NG studios has always been a safe bet in times such as these so I drove him there, breaking the majority of Tokyo's traffic laws.

Let me preface this bit of the story with this note: taking Shuichi to NG usually means he bounces around till he finds Ryuichi and they have their little genki fests till they both drop. This time, I do but wish. Not that he didn't find Ryuichi and not that they didn't bounce, but that's where everything started deviating from normal procedures. And you'd think I'd be used to that by now, being around such impulsive people as Shuichi and my sister. I can't help it though: I always have been - and likely will always be - a creature of habit. Even the slightest deviation can completely mess up an entire day for me, and Tohma and Noriko showing up to claim Ryuichi before he and Shuichi bounced themselves out... Well, it threw me for a considerable loop, to say the least. I mean, without Ryuichi, how was I supposed to get Genki Boy to crash?

Amazingly, though, he did it for me. Just crashed in the front seat of my car, looking absolutely adorable curled up away from the light let in through the windows. When he's awake, he's constantly in some sort of motion; it's like being still is his own personal anathema. Is it any wonder, then, that rare stolen moments like this are still such a blessing for me? It's Shuichi, though, so I'll take what I can get.

Pocky and all.

Begun: 28 September 2003 (roughly 1 a.m.)
Completed: 16 October 2003
Title: 16 October 2003

Well, yet another Ran/Shuichi fic on the internet. I feel my purpose for life returning to me. Seriously, though, I always consider it a true act of fortune lately to get another chapter, another story, another anything finished these days. And I know they're short, but I'm doing the best I can. Bear with me for a bit longer.