I hope to god that you guys don't kill me for posting another not-chapter update.

But this is important. I do keep an eye on my e-mails, and even though I haven't worked on Serpentine in a while, I've seen that to this day, people STILL follow this story. All I can say is I'm honestly touched. This is my most popular story, and I love every single one of you who've added it to your favorites and took the time to write reviews.

Chakahlah, your reviews in particular have made me laugh hard, and I look back at them with a fond smile. I hope you'll continue to watch as these developments unfold, because I look forward to your input – and your Dumbledore rants. XD

To everyone who pointed out where I made mistakes and where I could be better, THANK YOU. In the three years since I started Serpentine, and the time I've spent away from it, I've gotten better in writing and desperately miss my favorite characters.

SO. Here's what's happening.

Basically, I'm diving in headfirst and rewriting Serpentine up to where I am now – and then I'll keep going. Not EVERYTHING is going to change, but I will say Evan will be older. I see now that my timeline and having him so young was a huge stretch. Also, I'm making a promise to you that the chapters will be longer. I want to put more effort in this time. Change what needs to be changed.

Keep an eye out for the first few chapters!

As an aside, when I have about ten rewritten, I'm going to copy-paste the rest into Microsoft Word and this version of the story will be taken down. I'm going to work on them one after the other and post a few at a time, I think, because I'm in a writing mood – and I do miss Evan and Zephyr.