Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or anything to do with it SM does. I wrote this after finishing reading Breaking Dawn for the second time.

Forever is forever

As the night went on and Edward and I shared all that we are, I looked into the golden eyes of the only man I have truly loved besides my father and know that this night would never be enough. After the last few weeks we have all lived through no one or nothing could ever mean more to me right now or ever then the man I love, our beautiful daughter, and my new and old families.

Morning came all too soon and I knew Nessie would be up soon and I still didn't have enough Edward but like I said I never would. The closeness we feel when we are together there could have been nowhere in the world two more perfect pieces that are one now and forever.

Nessie woke soon and Edward got up and got dressed, and I thought to bad such a beautiful body of his should never be covered but I didn't want to share him with anyone not that way any way. Daddy she called out I see my Jake soon? Edward told her that he is at Billy's house and would meet us at the big house later. He went to fix her some food.

Daddy can I have blood? No honey, you are having eggs today. Your mommy loved them when you were in her tummy. He smiled his crooked smile remembering our time on Esme Isle. These like a lot of my human memories are clouded from my weak human eyes.

Next to watching him enter act with our daughter (how could ever saying that ever get old) there could not be anything else as beautiful beside him himself that fills my heart so full of more than love.

Love that we will share forever. After Nessie had gotten done eaten her eggs, which she really didn't like we got ready to go to the big white house.

Nessie asked when she could see Jacob next when we was running to see our family. Edward smiled at her and told her whenever she wanted to. We would never tell her that she and Jacob would always be together unless she didn't want to till she was much older.

Everyone was there waiting on us ready to play with Renessme when we got there. Jacob was too Ness smiled so big at him and reached for him first. Jacob read Ness a book and he and Rose traded dirty looks and took turn playing with her.

Emmett was laughing his big booming sound and then he was on me like I was the enemy .What are you doing I yelled to him. He just smiled and said, "I wanted to see if I could hold you down". No, get off me and I pushed him off.

Edward told him he better not and was looking like he was scared I might hurt Emmett or something. Then Emmett started talking about last night and if I was that rough with Edward .Then he was saying about he and Rose had broken many houses in their day and wanted to know if we had cracked ours.

Emmett if you want to live to see another sunrise I would stop now I told him. I couldn't blush anymore but if I could I would be three shades of red. My time with my husband is just that mine.

Besides Alice who can see sometimes but never talks about at least not to me. Which I am very glad for. I am not sure what all she see but for anyone to see what I want to do to Edward I think they would blush.

Jacob would you like to go hunting with me and Edward and Nessie? He smiled his sunshine smile and scooped up my daughter from Rose and out the door he ran.