Chapter 30: Forever is forever

After just two hours we welcomed Alialie Isabella into the world. She looked just like Jake, but she had bright green eyes. Grandpa said that my dad's eyes had been that color when he was human.

I started to cry and so was all my family, well I had tears, but they cried none the less. We was all so happy, and for Cameron to have my eyes, my mother's eyes and Alialie to have my dad's well what more could I have asked for.


Looking from Jacob to our children and at last our family, I saw the way that god must of wanted this world.

With one different and perfect in their own way. So much alike, in many way also.

My family the Cullen's, grandpa was turned into vampire when he was young, but he rose above it. He found away to make the best life he could, with the hand he was dealt.

Then there is my dad, he was a little rebel at first. But after a few years he came back to grandpa and grandma. For the love of his family, that is what truly bounds us all together.

Aunt Rose, she had a hard time with being a "cold one", the undead, we are called by many names but none really fit us. We are each and everyone different. Rosalie is amazing, she found Uncle Emmett almost dead, attacked by a bear. She carried him over a hundred miles to Grandpa Carlisle.

She maybe looks so beautiful on the outside, but if you make it all the way to her enter core, you would see that she is as beautiful on the inside also.

Uncle Emmett, well he is the most fun, he is the breath of fresh air, for all of us. Then there is Alice and Jasper.

They found the family based on the need to belong. Aunt Alice saw the others and knew that they were home. Uncle Jasper helps us all with our feelings, good bad or ugly. He makes them make since to us.

Then there is my mom, Bella. She made the family whole. My mom made my dad whole. She completed the family, well till me but that is for later.

That leaves grandma Esme, she is the glue, our foundation ,that keeps everyone in line .The love and respect she give ,she gets back tenfold.

That bring it to me and my family, Jacob, well he is my everything, and I would not be truly alive without him or his love. We are one piece to a larger picture.

Casey, what a sad way for us to have him brought to into our world. But I am never going to be sorry, that he is my first son. Casey is the strong that Cameron leans on. He is the "big brother", he is loved.

Cameron came next and he is my safe haven. He has saved me more times than I would like to count. My little vampire boy. Just like my family; good all the way through.

Now we have Alialie to complete our family. She will bring with her the best of all, she brings Jacob's family heritage into the picture. With the color of her skin; to future that for some reason that Aunt Alice can see. (She can't see Jacob or me)

Three days later, we were having a party for Alialie's birth. There were flowers everywhere. Dad even had a hole dug so the boys could plant tree in honor of the three of them. Dad didn't want the boys to feel left out.

This must but the gathering Jake told me that Alice had seen when I was hurt from the fight with Tanya and the Volturi.

The boys running around, playing in the water. Aunt Rose holding and cooing baby Alialie. I looked around and reflected on my life so far, I can't wait for what the future must hold.

Forty years later


Grandpa and Grandma Cullen and Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper had moved on a long while ago. We miss them very much, but we still talk every day.

Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett have gone and adopted a child. She was an orphaned and was dying and no one wanted her. Koraline, she has been a vampire now for the last three years and they have never been happier.

They live in Paris, and Koraline is in the 11 grade for the second time in her life. They waited till she was on her deathbed before they had grandpa change her.

Grandpa Charlie, with the saddest regret he left us twenty-five years ago tomorrow. Mom misses him more than any other human that has ever been in our life.

Mom and dad still live in their cottage and, they are still very much in love as the first day they both admitted that they loved each other. School mate lovers, true to the teenagers that they are.

Jacob and I still live our house built in mom and dad's meadow close to the La Push border.

We still are happily in love, like we just got married. Last week it was forty one years and counting. Grandpa Billy died two years after Charlie did. Most of Jake's "brothers" stopped phasing and moved on with their lives and families.

Seth of course still phases, he and Alialie have been married for the last fifteen years and they have one little boy. My grandsons name is Barry Jasper, Alialie was very close to uncle Jazz growing up and want to shop the love she held for him.

As for Casey, he met a girl in town a few years ago. He mostly fell for humans, but now that he wanted to be with forever. Not till now, Lainie is the bright star that has brought him, home in so many words.

Lainie, even know our secret and the plan is to change her when she turns twenty one. She wants to have a baby first before she is turned because she will be full vampire and won't be able after.

Cameron, he followed after my dad and Carlisle, he became a doctor. A really good one if I may say so myself. He still hasn't found the one true love for him, but Leah Anne (Sam and Emily's daughter) spend a lot of time together.

Leah Anne also turns into wolf so she will never get old as long as she turns. I think they will end up together. At least once they admit how the fell about each other.

This is the Cullen-Black family and we all lived happily ever after.

The end


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