Author note: Hello here is a story that came from the top of my head. I made up the characters and everything. Well I hope you enjoy. P.S. it's kinda short. Not much to read. Sorry.

Long ago, in the pirate era, a young girl named Rikki Tenest was about 10yrs old. She was out by the docks when she heard a high pitch scream come from her house. She ran to her house as fast as she could, but she was to late. As soon as she got home she saw her mother on the floor…with a puddle of blood around her. Rikki looked all around the room to see if the killer was still there. She looked at one of the corners in the room and there she saw her father. He was wearing a black outfit…with a bloody knife in his hand.

"Why Papa? Why did you kill mommy? What did she do to deserve this kind of punishment? She deserves much better then this," Rikki pointed at her mothers dead corpse. Her father was silent for a moment.

"It's to complicated. You wouldn't understand," Then he turn away and walked off. Rikki's eyes started to fill with tears. She was suddenly filled with sadness, depression, and….anger. She bowed her head and made an oath.

'As long as I live, I will stop at nothing to track that low life, scum bag down. No matter what it takes, and one day…I will kill him.'

To be continued….

-The Aka Ryuu:}