Epilogue: Changed Forever

In the weeks that followed the Digimon's invasion of the real world, things were tense and hectic. No one aside from the Children of Virtue knew the whole truth of what had happened, and wild theories were popping up everywhere. The children told their families everything that had happened, to varying reactions. Hanae's mother and the twins' grandfather, having been closer to the action than anyone else, were more readily accepting of the story. The other children had a harder time getting their parents to see eye to eye.

Takeshi expected to have the worst time explaining things to his parents, knowing that his own sister had been in the middle of everything that had happened. His parents were immensely relieved that she was back, even though she was in rough shape. However, they were shocked and confused when told the truth of what happened, and his mother outright refused to believe Chie could have been responsible for what happened.

In the aftermath of what had happened, Japan had closed it borders. Evan found himself unable to return to America for quite some time. It was only when the Digimon returned that things were able to begin moving forward again. Gallantmon returned to speak on behalf of the Digimon, and told the story of the other world. He spoke of how Queenmon had seized power and decided to invade the Human World, under false pretences of justice. He spoke of how he and others had rallied against her and dethroned the corrupt monarch.

Gallantmon's retelling of events was crafted to avoid any mention of the children's involvement, so as not to place any burden or blame for what had happened on their shoulders. However, with the portal reopened, the children's partners came to visit them, in order to convince their families once and for all of the truth. Although it was difficult, their families had no choice but to accept that their children had been involved with the incidents. It was difficult for all of their families to take in, but in time they came to understand.

Once the truth had come out about the Digimon incidents, many people still had more questions about this other world. Gallantmon stood firm and refused to tell the authorities of the Human World anything else about the Digital World, fearing it might bring about the desire for retribution. With so many questions unanswered, people were furious, but that too began to fade with time. Evan was able to return home after that, although he had missed a couple weeks of school in the meantime.

Once everything had come to light, things did eventually take a turn towards normalcy. The Children of Virtue returned to school, the damage done by the Digimon's invasion was repaired, and people went about their lives as they had before. However, they did not give up on finding out more about the Digital World. All over the world, people delved into the networks, trying to find information or hints about this other world. Mercifully, the Children of Virtue remained the only ones to know the whole truth of the Digital World, while no one outside their families even knew of their involvement. Eventually, most gave up the search, and hoped they would never come into contact with the Digital World again.

Two months after she had been purified, Chie awoke. Takeshi and his parents were thrilled that she was awake again, but it was short lived. Chie had retained all her memories of the time she spent as Queenmon, much to Takeshi's dismay, even up to the moment of her purification. The first time she awoke, she had to be sedated to that she wouldn't hurt herself in her panic. With everything that had happened, everything she had done, Chie was beyond upset. She was scared of herself, of what she had done, and what she had become.

When Takeshi told Chie about the incidents from three years prior, she finally learned the truth of how her life had been saved back then. However, knowing that the same thing that had saved her life back then was what caused her transformation, left Chie's psyche in tatters. Her family tried to comfort her, but they knew it would take quite some time for her to come to terms with everything, especially considering her time as Queenmon had left her with an extra eight years of memory due to the time difference between the worlds.

As time passed, Chie began to digest more and more of what had happened, and what she had been through. It wasn't until four months after the incident that she was finally released from the hospital. Even then, she still had a lot of things to come to terms with. She wouldn't even look at Takeshi, believing that everything that had happened was his fault. Takeshi had expected this kind of treatment, but he was willing to bear it knowing he had done everything for her sake. In time, perhaps she would forget the pain. Time heals all wounds, as they say.

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