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Full Summary: Spike aka William Trenton is a vampire who is as mysterious as he is famous. Though very little is known about his past or how he came to be a vampire, everyone knows that he is not a vampire to be messed with. He has killed at least three slayers in his time and The Watcher's Council has been hunting him for over 60 years. But he isn't exactly the monster that everyone thinks he is and when a certain Slayer comes across him in Sunnydale, the truth may finally be brought into light and just maybe he will get what he has been searching for.


William Trenton was on the verge of having his dream life when his bastard of a father took everything away from him.

At age 21, he was a journalist who wrote the occasional novels or poems on the side and he lived in a beautiful two story home just outside of London. There was only one thing he still had to do and that was propose to the love of his life, Cecily Halfrek. Her father had already given his blessings; he liked William almost as much as Cecily did.

On the day that William planned to propose was the very same day that his father chose to invite him for lunch at his office. James Trenton had always been very secretive about his work; it was not until this fateful day that William finally learned the nature of his father's work.

It had been his mistake in thinking that his father had actually wanted to try and patch things up in their relationship; after all it was very rare when his father wanted to have anything to do with him. Agreeing to meet with his father for lunch turned out to be the biggest mistake that he would ever make.

Before the day was over, William found himself strapped down to a table as tubes carried the blood away from his body. The life was slowly being drained from him and when he woke up three days later, he was dead.

For the next 13 years he remained a prisoner of the Watcher's Council.

Chapter 1:

The music was loud, a little too dance party for my tastes but suitable for these children. So many teenage bodies moving, dancing, living, all that blood just pumping away as their adrenaline carried them to new heights.

I glance around to get a quick idea of the set up in here, scattered tables, couches, bar, balcony, pool tables and a dance floor in the middle of it all.

It's strange that I would be looking for her in this place, instead of a graveyard. That's my first clue that she isn't like the others before her. This one is not as alone as the others; this one has more life to her.

The song changes and I turn my attention to the dance floor. When I see her, I can hardly believe my eyes, this beauty before me is The Chosen One. I can immediately tell by the grace, strength and power in her every move. Her blonde hair flips and moves along with her body, and a bit of her scent is wafted in my direction and bugger me if it's not the most intoxicating scent.

In that moment two things become perfectly clear to me, the first: No woman has every affected me this way since Cecily and the second: This girl would not die for as long as I walk this earth.

I manage to pry my eyes away from her long enough to adjust myself in my jeans and spot one of my idiot minions at the bar. I head over and send him out to grab someone to eat, not that I care if he feeds but I need to know for sure that she is the one.

I wait until I see him leading a young thing out before I lay the trap, its almost comical how poorly my acting is but it does the job.

Of course, I hadn't been wrong about her. I watched as she ran out to save the girl then went out the back way. I reach the corner just as she has him on the ropes, sensing my presence the bleeding idiot calls out to me for assistance but right then she dusts him.

Good on her, saved me from having to do it myself.

I can't help but applaud at the brilliant show that she put on and I can't wait to dance with her myself, but not tonight.

"Who are you?" she asks in a voice as sweet as honey, I almost decide to take her then but manage to restrain myself. I don't' want to ruin this before it's even begun.

I can't help but smirk at her, "You'll find out on Saturday."

"What happens on Saturday?" she asks me and I wonder if she knows about St. Vigious.

"Big day for the big baddies and guess who is on the menu pet?" I leave with that floating around in her pretty little noggin, let her come to her own conclusions or find out from her watcher.

As I settle into bed, I know that I can not wait that long to see her again. I am more impatient than I am determined, but sitting around twiddling my thumbs would drive me to madness. I suppose tomorrow I could try to learn as much about her as I can, which should keep me preoccupied for a short period of time.

Then I remember that I came to this miserable town for a reason, the Gem of Amara is buried somewhere in Sunnydale and I have got to find it.


One word to describe him: HOT, oh my god but he was so hot.

Of course, I immediately feel guilty because 'Hello' I am supposed to be interested in Angel. Also this Spike guy is a vampire and it's hard enough trying to get my friends to accept Angel, how much harder would it be trying to get them to accept a soulless vampire.

Despite all of this I can't help but feel an attraction to him, purely lust, at least I hope so.

I could tell he was more dangerous than the usual vampire that I come across but I didn't feel threatened by him. There is something different about this vampire, I can tell that he isn't going to be like all the others.

The next day in the library, I'm describing him to Giles but he doesn't seem to know much about Spike. Even all of his books don't seem to say very much, which he finds a little disturbing.

Angel comes in around that time, from the sewer access, full of juicy information to share with us.

"He's dangerous, a killer." He says as he enters.

Xander frowns, "Yeah we kind of knew that with the whole vampire thing that he's got going on, thanks for the information captain obvious."

Giles pushes his glasses up his nose, even though they haven't moved since he did it almost five minutes ago, "I take it you know this vampire, perhaps you could shed some light for us?"

Angel glides closer to us in that way that he does, his eyes are on me. He is always so serious, I wish he would laugh or even smile just once.

"I've met Spike a few times when I was traveling around Europe and once when I was in the Americas, this was before I got my soul. He kills slayers, three that I've heard of."

Okay, now I am a little freaked out. A slayer of Slayers in Sunnydale, does that mean that he came here to kill me?

Giles interrupts my thoughts with his next question, "You wouldn't happen to know about his past would you, who sired him for example? All of my books seem to be rather useless in that area."

Angel's face gets frownier than usual, "I don't know much but I can tell you that no one knows who sired him. Vampire families can sort of sense each other, especially if you come from a very old line but as far as anyone knows, he's never sired anyone either. It's like he has no family."

"That is strange indeed."

"Spike came out of nowhere and his whole past is shrouded in mystery. Like I said, only thing anyone knows about him for sure is that he has killed slayers."

I take a deep breath, "Okay so how do I kill this guy?"

Angel looks at me, his brown eyes begging me for something that I don't know, "You can't face him alone Buffy, this guy is dangerous. I doubt that I could even take him on by myself, I've seen him fight and this guy is good."

Giles sighs, "I would have to agree with Angel, until we know more about this Spike, I want you to stay out of sight."

What! No Way! "I am not going to hide; Spike is a vampire just like any other. I can handle this Giles."

"I do not doubt your abilities Buffy but there is so little that we know about him. I want to get into contact with the council and see if they can provide us with anymore information on Spike."

Angel puts his hands on my shoulders, "I'll try to find out anything that I can, just promise me that you won't go looking for him."

So much worry over one vampire, okay so he's killed a few slayers that doesn't mean that its like his mission or whatever. But I know Angel and Giles won't be happy until I agree to lay low.

"Fine, I won't go looking for him but that doesn't mean that I won't still patrol, there are other vampires in this town."

In the end, I promise to keep my phone on me and to shorten my patrols. Angel will get the graveyards that are farther away from my house. Honestly, I think that he and Giles are making way too much of a fuss, after all I did kill the master didn't I?