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Warnings: Deaging, AU, nonslash.

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Severus stood over the cauldron, his focus would not stray. He had been brewing for several hours now and it was almost complete. He now stood at the most crucial part of the potions procedures and then it needed simply to simmer for an hour. He slowly chopped and measured out the last ingredient for the potion. It had to prepared fresh and added promptly after it was prepared. It was one of the few potions were the ingredient amount had to be eyed, adding the ingredient until the potion turned yellow. He gently started to add the potion bit by bit, watching as it gradually turned from blue to green and became gradually became lighter.

The door to his private lab slammed open, it was warded not to open to a student unless the was an emergency.

"Draco," shouted the first year. "Professor Snape, Draco..."


The slamming door at startled the professor and at hearing his godson's name he did not noticed he'd dropped far to much glowing bloom to the potion.

The first year stood shocked as her professor stood coated in a thick orange liquid.

"Get out," he shouted and the first year scrambled.

Severus stalked through the door that connected to his private room. Emergency be damned, he had to get the potion off of him before something bad happen. He quickly banished the sticky mess and headed for his shower, but before he could make it there he connected hard with the floor.

Severus woke feeling rather groggy, he hand instant went to his aching head, rubbing his smooth soft forehead. The hand slid down his face of a small button nose and his eyes flew open. His hand was tiny and Severus felt panicked, fearing he shrunken himself. He tried to sit up and look around, but his body would not cooperate and his vision simply was not up to the task. He could barely see a foot in front of him. 'Whats happened to me?'

Severus lay on the cold dungeon floor now hoping the first year had sense enough to inform the headmaster of the explosion. Hopefully he would be found soon and all would be righted.

It was nearly three hours before Albus entered his private quarters, Severus however noticed not as he was fast asleep on the floor. Albus gasped at the sight before and quickly grabbed up Severus, rushing him to the hospital wing.

Severus woke to a reasonably soft bed and sighed relieved that someone had found and moved him. He could hear Poppy arguing with Albus and what sounded like some of the order member. He groaned figuring it meant he would be incapacitated for a least a few days.

At hearing Severus groan Poppy came over and looked at Severus, "Good morning, little one."

Severus gave a confused look, as he was lifted into the mediwitches arms, thoroughly confused. The look went completely unnoticed by Poppy and Severus frowned. Severus was happy however that he could at least see Poppy. It seemed on needed to be close to Severus for his vision to work properly.

He soon recognized Molly's voice, soft and motherly, she spoke. "Severus was quiet the adorable baby."

'Baby,' Severus frowned, 'surely he hadn't. It just wasn't possible. The potion shouldn't have.'

The next to speak was Black and Severus' frown intensified, "He looks like every other baby I've seen, save Harry of course. Harry was the cutest baby ever."

Blacks words had made it very clear to Severus that he'd deaged himself. He was now a baby and having a hard time reigning in his emotions. His frowned deepen and tears started to leak from his eyes. He kept telling himself he would not cry, but he was quickly wailing in frustration. 'A baby,' he cried, ' why a bloody baby. He'd rather be dead.'

All attention was on Severus in an instant, all wondering what had upset Little Severus so much. Molly quickly plucked him from Poppy's arms and preceded to try to calm him. She patted his back gently, holding him close and whispering soothing things to him, but to no avail. Severus simply continued to cry letting out his frustration and anger. He went from arm to arms, until everyone save Sirius had tried to calm him.

Albus handed baby Severus to Sirius and Sirius frowned not wanting to hold little Snivellus ever. He held the child away from him and glared.

"Will you stop already," he ground out.

Oddly enough it seemed to do the trick and Severus stopped crying in favor of giving him his best baby glare which was simply adorable. Sirius nearly laughed, it seemed some things would never change.

Albus quickly plucked Severus from Sirius and frowned deeply, showing his clear disapproval of Sirius methods even if Severus had indeed stopped crying. Severus gave Albus a baby grinning thinking, he could play this to his advantage. He was sure Albus would do everything in his power to reage him so he figured he'd go along with this short lived second childhood.

Severus was a bit surprised when Albus dropped a light kiss on his forehead and pulled him close and he could not help but to relax, cursing he stupid baby body.

"Albus surely you must know he cannot stay here. It would be to dangerous, in his current form, he is very vulnerable. With the war going on around us and Severus being one of the Voldemort's most trusted he will be very upset if he finds out what happened and further more he might try to deage himself. Imagine if he was 20 again, Albus think of the consequences," said Minerva.

"Yes, Minerva I know he must not stay here, and so he will go to the order head quarters with Sirius," said Albus.

Minerva went to object, in fact nearly the entire order did the same but Albus raised his hand. "Its the only way and the safest place. Unplottable and under the fidelus charm, no one will find out Severus predicament."

Sirius' anger was boiling over and he screamed out his objection, causing Severus to cry, although Severus was simply trying to show his disapproval and get out of the situation as well.

However the headmaster would have none of it and ended the shouting with a warning, "Sirius Black, you will take in Severus. You will care for him and protect him or Merlin help you because not even being Harry Potter's godfather will save you."

Sirius backed away and conceded. "Yes, Albus."

Severus however did not stop crying and the crying intensified when he was handed to Sirius. Sirius was frustrated and did not wish to try to calm the crying baby Snape, but with everyone watching he had no choice. He pulled Severus close to him and rubbed circle on the his back and whispering soothing things. Severus seemed to stop for a moment and look at Black confused before he went right on crying.

Poppy handed Sirius a baby bottle filled with warm milk, "He is probably hungry. He has not eaten for hours."

Sirius frowned but took the bottle and walked over to sit on one of the beds in the hospital wing. He re-situated Severus so that he could feed him but as hungry as Severus was he was having none of it. He was simply mortified by the thought of being feed with a bottle and by Sirius Black of all people.

Severus fussed and kicked, shoving the bottle away from him. Sirius' irritation deepened, he quickly pulled out his wand and before anyone could say anything he'd conjured a pacifier and shoved it into Severus mouth.

Of course Severus spit it out, but Sirius was determined and Severus' new pacifier found its way back into the screaming baby's mouth five time before Severus conceded and it remained in his mouth. Severus quietly sucking at the pacifier and glaring at Black, as the pacifier lulled him into a peaceful sleep.

"I think the two of you will do just fine," said Albus, "lets get the two of you home and I've got some shopping to do. Severus will need lots of new things."

Sirius nodded heading to the floo with Severus feeling extremely irritated even, if he also felt resigned to the task he'd been given.