A/N: I watched The Grudge yesterday (English not original Japanese sadly) and like a bullet through the brain, this idea was born. And like my idea's tend to do, they nag at me (especially when I'm listening to music) and I simply have to write them. Let me know what you think yes? :)

Inspired by Ju On: The Grudge

When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage,

A curse is born

The curse gathers in that place of death

And those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury.

Noroi no Uchiha

"I really appreciate you doing this Hinata-san," Shizune said, sighing softly. "It just doesn't feel right sending him alone back to an empty house, especially after what happened there."

"Hai Shizune-san, really, it's… it's no problem," Hinata said softly, looking down at her toes. To be honest, she really didn't want to look after her patient in his home where a murder had been committed a month or so before. It frightened her, though her conscience won out in the end, seeing Shizune's anxious, tired face pushed all her own concerns aside.

"Thanks again Hinata," Shizune said her hand resting on the smaller girls, giving it a gentle squeeze. Hinata nodded and moved back, turning and heading towards the patients room. How exactly was she going to tell him?

On autopilot she walked into his room and took a seat beside his bed. He didn't look round at her, or give any sign of acknowledging her presence.

"Uchiha-san?" She waited a minute, and when she got no answer she spoke again. "Uchiha-san?"

"Leave me be." His voice was harsh, like a barrier of ice thickening by the second, struggling to keep anyone - everyone out. He had almost attacked the head nurse, who had diagnosed him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He had snapped when she said it might be best if he spent time in a psychiatric ward.

He was sickly looking; his skin was a sickly pasty white, his eyes surrounded by dark rings. He didn't seem to be getting better; he seemed to just be existing emptily. At first he was silent, occasionally lashing out at nursing staff. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep… They had to sedate him, pump food and fluid into him.

Hinata was the doctor assigned to him. Sakura offered to take over, but her patient would lose his temper so easily around her. Hinata stated that Sakura was more experienced than she, and Sasuke instead snapped at her. The head of the hospital was considering having him transferred.

"The hospital is prepared to discharge you," she said quietly, though she knew he could hear her. "But only on the condition…"

His head snapped up, eyes untrusting, almost wild.

"What condition?" he demanded, and only hard practiced patience and discipline kept her from jumping or fainting like her younger self would have.

"They want me to stay with you, at least… until you adjust," she said gently, she wasn't able to completely shut off, but she could stall her emotions. As soon as she was out the door she would collapse into a nervous wreck. "We need to make sure you can take care of yourself, you've had a very traumatic experience."

"What would you know?" he spat, guard up. She could deal with shouting and tears, had grown her own shield. It didn't stop her sobbing in her office when she had to tell a family their loved one was dead… That she had failed them. It was something that she never grew immune to. Those eyes… Accusing, broken eyes boring into her.

"That is the condition Uchiha-san, would you like time to think it over first?" Hinata asked. Polite, switching emotions off and ignoring the patients tone. Robotic some might say, uncaring according to others. It was Hinata's defence, subtle, but enough to hold her together.

He eyed her warily, his eyes never losing that wild look. It was alike to a wild animal trapped in a cage. His pale lips thinned and he turned away from her.

"Whatever it takes to get me out of here."

"We're here," Hinata said, before opening the door. Sasuke stared ahead, not even glancing at his house. Hinata waited as rain started to pour down on her. Sasuke continued to stare blankly forward and Hinata opened the door for him. "Uchiha-san, you need to get inside before you get sick."

Finally his head turned in her direction. He stared at her while she inwardly grimaced at the feel her drenched clothes and her bangs beginning to stick to her face. At this rate, she was going to get sick, but the patient always comes first. Always, no matter what anyone else says.

She was beginning to shiver, but he just stared at her with those dark blank eyes. She bit her lip, trying to stop her shaking. Was he afraid to go back into the house? It was understandable…

"W-would you rather we went b-back to mine for t-tonight then?" Hinata said, trying to stop the shivering seeping into her voice. It sounded like stuttering, that accursed old habit that showed her lack of self confidence more clearly than the word 'TIMID' printed in big, bold, red capitals on her forehead. If that had been the case, her bangs would have covered it. She'd managed to kick the habit for the most part, but there were times when it reared its ugly head.

"You're getting wet," he stated. Hinata almost rolled her eyes and sighed in aggravation. But he was a patient in her care, so the business like attitude prevented it. "You need to get some clothes and stuff anyway don't you?"

"It could have waited 'til morning Uchiha-san," she sighed, now completely soaked to the bone, her body growing numb. "But we'll go to mine instead."

She wasted no time in running round the car and jumping back into the driver seat. A hot shower was a necessity if she didn't want a violent cold. The car came to life and she pulled out the driveway. She glanced at the Uchiha, who was staring out the window at the house. She was about to try and start a conversation but caught sight of his face reflected in the window.

His face was stark white, eyes wide in horror. She choked slightly on her breath, and glanced at the medication that was in the paper bag on Sasuke's lap. She just hoped he'd take it willingly, especially the sleeping pills.

She gasped and hit the brakes when a cat raced across the road. With a sigh she drove off again, the windscreen wipers fiercely battling against the sheets of rain. Sasuke glanced at her before staring back out the window, catching the cat's gaze which never left the car…