Noroi no Uchiha

When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage,

A curse is born

The curse gathers in that place of death

And those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury.


Invading Privacy

"Come on Naruto!" Sakura hissed as she jogged up the wooden stairs impatiently.

"But, but Sakura-chan! Sasuke will be really upset if he catches us snooping around in his stuff," Naruto said nervously. He knew full well Sasuke was very territorial, especially over personal items. He'd been on the receiving end of some knuckles and feet after accidentally saying Sasuke's mom was hot.


Naruto jumped at the sound and tilted his head up to see a black cat with glowing red eyes glaring down at him. The mewing turned to growls as Sakura reached the top floor, high heels clacking loudly against the wood. Naruto caught whipping tails and glowing eyes as the cats disappeared into the shadows.

"Naruto!" Sakura scolded sharply and he rushed to catch up to her, face paling at the chilly, unnerving atmosphere.

"Ne, Sakura-chan it feels like someone's watching us," Naruto murmured glancing around uneasily. He could feel a heated gaze making the fine hairs across his body stand to attention.

"The cats," Sakura huffed and hissed angrilly when the first door she tried was locked.

"Sakura-chan, I don't think-"

Naruto yelped when Sakura forced the door open with a powerful kick. She wasn't a karate black belt for nothing and the splintered wood was evidence of that. She went to turn the light on in the dark room but it merely flickered and died.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto moaned as sweat beaded on his brow. The air was thick and suffocating and he knew, he knew that they weren't supposed to be here. "Let's get out of here."

"Stop complaining," Sakura said as she started rooting through a nearby draw. "Look for something significant."


"Just do it!"

Naruto gulped and turned to the wardrobe, he reached for the handle and gripped it with his sweaty hand gulping down his fear. When he went to turn it he flinched and ripped his hand away as though burned.


"S-Sakura-chan, the... the cat..." Naruto murmured as it began to hiss like a thing possessed, spitting at him with every fine fur on end as though run through with an electric shock.

"Ignore it."


"But what?" Sakura snapped twisting around in annoyance. She paused seeing the room empty. "Naruto?"

Cautiously she stood, mint eyes glancing back and forth hurriedly. Had he gone to check another room? They needed to hurry, Sasuke could be back any moment. She gulped nervously. He needed their support.

"Naruto, where are you?"

She glance down the hall to see all the doors shut fast, still most probably locked. Confused she headed towards the banister, looking over the rail. There was a creak underneath her and she leant over further, searching for the familiar messy blonde locks.

She winced when a drop of water hit her face and brushed it off impatiently. She needed to find Naruto, they needed to find what they came for and they needed to help Sasuke. She placed her hand back on the railing and jumped when her hand slipped, lifting her palm she was horrified to see a familiar red liquid smeared across her fingers and running down her palm in a foreboding line.

"N-N-Naruto?" she stuttered, starting to feel scared at the sudden appearance of blood. She could see no cut, so where could it have possibly have come from? She froze as she reached up to touch her cheek.

That drop...

Slowly, heart hammering she looked up.

Sunked red eyes stared back down at her.

She lurched away, a scream tearing from her throat as hands reached up to claw at the monstrous face, to get it away, get it away!

As she threw herself away from those eyes she felt her back hit the railing and her scream increased in terror as she felt her legs flip up above her head as she flew over the rail and away from that horrifying bloodstained face.

"SAKURA!" Naruto roared at the sound of her screech. He jumped to his feet after bending down to soothe the cat, wondering why she left the room without telling him. He raced towards the door but it slammed shut before he could reach it, the wooden door as strong as steal, the handle a mere decoration that would not move in a way to open the door between them.

Naruto screamed as her screams became shriller, tears blurring his eyes in fear and anguish at not being able to reach her.


But his scream was choked when suddenly he felt something tight around his neck, dragging him away from the door.

The screams soon faded away together.

But it was a fair while afterwards that the echoes were finally silenced.

"Oh?" Hinata murmured in surprise at seeing the room Sakura and Naruto had been left in empty. There was not a sign that they had ever been there, nothing had been disturbed. "Maybe they went home, the door was left open after all..." Hinata said glancing at Sasuke who was scrutinising everything with careful dark eyes.

"Aa," he said after a moment after seeing nothing suspicious. "Naruto? Sakura?" After hearing nothing but silence his shoulders seemed to lose some of their tension. Those idiots came when they were called like willing little lap dogs, Sakura for attention, Naruto for useless chatter. He tensed at a creak on the stairs but relaxed at seeing it was just one of the cats. The cat was content and trotted into the kitchen calmly. No doubt if something had happened the cats would be hiding or freaking out.

"Do you still want some coffee, Sasuke-san?" Hinata asked and he nodded, deciding to accept her theory. As stupid as his old self-proclaimed friends were, he doubted they'd be idiotic enough to face his anger by snooping around in this house.

He nodded to Hinata's smile as she handed him the warm mug, the cat weaving around her ankles with a purr. Taking a sip he allowed himself to relax slightly. Perhaps he would be free from old faces turning up to bother him for now. Maybe something had scared those two away, the aura of the house perhaps? Hopefully, they wouldn't come back. However, nothing was out of place... for now.