April 1, 2014, 1800 hours

Senior Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was at his desk. He gets a phone call, answering it as usual with, "Yeah, Gibbs." "Oh crap!"

Telling DiNozzo

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo was on a date. Again. While he is eating his penne ala vodka, he gets a phone call. "Oh crap! My show is canceled!"

Telling Ziva

Special Agent Ziva David was in an interrogation room, busy threatening a suspect that she can kill a person 18 different ways with a paper clip. All of a sudden, she gets a phone call. She grumbles, "You're free to go."

Telling McGee

Special Agent Timothy McGee is at his apartment, busily clanking away on his manual typewriter, typing up the sequel of his novel, "Deep Six", written under the name, Thom E. Gemcity. He gets a phone call. He groans. "I'll get my stuff Boss." "Do me a favor McGee, call me Jethro."

Telling Ducky

Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is in his lab, busily cleaning up blood from an autopsy gone wrong, when somehow Palmer stuck forceps into a dead Marine's chest, hoping to get the heart for a report. He gets a phone call from Jethro. "Duck, our show is canceled." "I knew this was going to happen Jethro."

Telling Abby

Abby is in her lab, finishing the cover art for "Abby's Lab For Dummies". She gets a call from Gibbs. "Oh Gibbs! I can't believe it!" "Do me a favor Abs, call me Jethro."

April 1, 2014, 1900 hours

Now that Gibbs has everyone back at the office, he says, "April fools!!". "Now, Elf Lord, ever hear of Gotham City?" Gibbs asks. "Boss, haven't you? Batman takes place in it. It's in Connecticut." McGee replies. "Team, we found a dead body in Gotham, by Bruce Wayne's mansion." Gibbs says. "DiNozzo, you interview Wayne and the butler, Alfred. McGee, you look for DNA, blood, fingerprints, anything you can find. Ziva, you photograph and bag. I'll get Ducky and help with the body." Gibbs commands.

A.N: Here's where Bruce Wayne and Batman come in!

The forensic sightings