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I sighed. Jessica just continued to run her mouth. I wasn't brave enough to make her stop. I stepped up on the stairs carefully that led to our school, Forks High.

"-You should have seen his face Bella! It was so adorable!" She ended. I nodded pretending like I was listening. Jessica was my best friend I guess you could say. If it weren't for the fact that I had no other friends here because they're jocks or skanks I wouldn't be 'buddy buddy' with her either. No doubt the same for her. She was the type to choose a guy over me and sometimes I really really didn't mind if one swept her off her feet. Especially if they had duct tape.

You can see she was very annoying mostly by just talking your ear off. Really, I wouldn't mind listening to it sometimes if it wasn't all about Edward Cullen, the school heartthrob. He had piercing emerald green eyes and a breathtaking smile. If you looked closely, it would go crooked. Also, his bronze bed head was a tempting place to be for a woman's hand. He was nice, but sometimes competitive and arrogant, especially to me. He was polite and had manners. Very popular of course but not the top dog. We didn't have one really. Girls had major crushes and why not? He was pretty gorgeous…just not my type. Actually, he wasn't gorgeous to me at all.

I think he liked Jessica. Whenever I was with her he would stare at us so intensely. He liked to talk to her, mostly about the simple stuff like homework. Well, mostly compared his to hers. Why do I know he wasn't staring at me? Well, because he hates me, and I dislike him also. I'm not big on 'hate' I don't hate anyone really. But Jessica was going to be my first person. Why did I know he hated me? Well, in practically all my classes he is in them and ignores me. Well, I don't really know. I ignore him and don't really pay attention to him. In one of my classes I had him and Jessica. Unfortunately he sat on one side and she sat on the other of me. Rudely, he liked to lean over me to talk to Jessica, completely ignoring me like I wasn't there. If I put my two cents in he would smile briefly at me, nod, and go back to talking to Jessica like I was some two year old that just made the lamest knock knock joke.

One time he had the nerve to call me kid. Kid! I was walking into my classroom, Biology, which I happen to be partnered with Edward. He sat on his stool, chin on propped hand, staring out the window by his seat with a dreamy look on his face. No doubt about Jessica. Good, I was really sick of her. As I got closer I accidently tripped out of my clumsiness landing on my chair but bumping Edward a bit. His stool tetered a bit and his arms flew out to hold him to the table.

"Watch it kid!" He shouted with a murderous expression looking at me for the first time. I'm sure my face expressed shock and…hurt. No one had ever screamed at me like that before. That bastard. I knew I didn't like him. I just stared open mouthed then got on my seat.

"I'm not a kid," I hissed under my breath. I'm sure I was pouting.

Jessica and I walked down the hall together and she began babbling furiously again. I just as always continued to drown her out. You know…maybe there was a way to get rid of her. The only way I could get that to happen was if she and Edward went out. And that would involve her to tell him. I gasped.

Of course! If Jessica told Edward she liked him he would most certainly reciprocate. She would turn to me and say.

"Bella, I'm sorry to say this but I really like this guy-" And she began to babble. I rolled my eyes. Even in my daydreams she doesn't stop.

"BELLA!" Jessica screamed my name beside her. We were at her locker and she obviously already put her stuff away.

"Huh?" I replied innocently. She sighed in frustration.

"Did you hear a word I just said?" Yes, I believe a word she said was 'Bella'.

"No, was it a bad word?" I joked. She looked at me sternly.

"I'm serious about this Bella," She tucked some brown hair behind her ear and held her books to her chest tightly as if she were self conscious. A fearful look got in her eye and I was curious.

"What about again?" I asked nicely.

"Telling Edward I like him finally! Making my dreams reality!" What! Thank God she thought that herself! I would feel too guilty if I tricked her into doing it. This was going to make my dreams reality as well.

I found myself throughout the day staring at Edward in my classes imagining him being my knight in shining armor, finally taking Jessica away from me. I hoped they lived happily ever after. It's what they both deserved. It was third hour, math. Edward was across the room from me. This made it easier to stare. Suddenly he looked up and our gazes met. Our connection held for such a long time and I almost stopped breathing. Green swarmed my vision and my heart picked up. It was like he was so close, I could hear his breath in my ear; feel the heat on my skin.

He broke the intense stare first, looking down and…blushing? Edward Cullen blushed? I humphed. Our teacher just finished her sentence which had started when our stare began. No way had that connection been only seconds when it felt like hours.

I was confused with my thoughts.

My morning started out as it usually did. Fall out of bed, run into bathroom door, brush teeth, accidentally knocking over hair straightener, mat down frizzy hair, change clothes awkwardly, stumble downstairs, cook breakfast perfectly, and leave. Repeat tomorrow.

When I got school, I couldn't find Jessica anywhere. Usually she met up with me at my car but she was nowhere to be seen. I walked up the school steps and flipped out my cell phone to call her. When I hit the last step, my foot slipped and I went crashing to the floor.

Well, almost. Someone had saved me from my horrid fall. I looked up and saw the last person I would have expected it to be.

Edward Cullen.

"Thanks," I murmured. He nodded, a sort of sad expression on his face and walked off. I watched him for a minute before I continued on. I didn't see Jessica at my locker or anywhere else until the class I had with both her and Edward. My English test.

I got in the room first. Even though I had to sit by them both, this was my favorite class. My teacher, Miss. Gilesbee was the best woman ever. She reminded me a lot of Miss Honey from Matilda. She was always looked casual and had a happy attitude all the time. I don't think she ever had a problem with kids. They always loved her. Her room smelled like warm vanilla all the time, and sometimes I would come in there during lunch just to talk to her. She was like my mother in some ways, always giving me advice as she ate her own lunch. My real mother lived in Arizona with my stepdad while I lived in Forks, Washington with my real father.

I plopped my books down on my desk and looked up. Miss Gilesbee smiled at me and said, "Hey Bella. Having a good day?"

"So far, yeah. Though I tripped and you-know-who caught me before walking away." Yes, I told her about Edward. I had to gush to someone. Jessica just wasn't an option.

"Ah, did you say thanks?" She asked. I nodded, "Yeah, but then he walked off." I couldn't say much more because the class started to fill up. Jessica sulked into the room with a "Hey Bella" and Edward followed after her. He didn't look at me as he sat down. Good, time to ignore him.

"How was your morning?" I asked.

"Fine" She said. Dejection was all over her face and it made me curious. Although, I probably already knew what happened.

"Is there some reason why you didn't meet up with me this morning?" I asked. Jessica looked at Edward with longing eyes and they began to fill with tears.

"Um yeah, I'll talk to you about it later." She looked down at her hands and didn't say anything else. Edward didn't try to talk to her at all during the hour like he usually did. He didn't look her way at all. It made me curious and I asked her after class.

"Jessica, what happened," She dragged me to the nearest bathroom and poured it out.

"I walked up to Edward before the bell rang and told him I had to tell him something. He looked really excited at first and looked around us as if he wanted witnesses," Her eyes filled with tears again and she looked into the mirror. Her chin quivered.

"Then I told him I liked him. A lot. His face changed then he looked almost sick! Like he wanted other news. I asked him out and he told me that he was actually waiting for someone else," She began to sob and I went over to her to comfort her. I hugged her tightly as she cried into my shoulder.

"Someone else! Can you believe it!? Why would he lead me on like that? Why would he talk to me all the time and want someone else? He doesn't talk to other girls like he does me! He barely notices they're there at all!" She cried again. I sighed.

"Jessica, I've known this for a long time. He's a dick." She looked up at me with fierce tearstained puffy eyes.

"Just because he rejected me doesn't make him a dick. I just need to make him like me. I can do this," She said with determination. I looked at the ground and nodded. I didn't want to argue. She would have to learn somehow.

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