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"Yes," she answered.

"Yes?" Loki repeated, his fall-brown eyes crinkling in confusion. "You would really leave everything you know here to liv-ahem!" He coughed into the crook of his leather-covered arm.

Hazel eyed him suspiciously. "Yes?" She drummed her fingers mockingly on her leg. "Is the God of Mischief having a little trouble speaking?"

"Me?" Said god stuttered, "Never. Now, as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, you would truly leave your life here to visit me? Wouldn't you miss your little human friends and family and the like? Humans do have silly emotions like that, don't they?"

Hazel laughed, "I guess you haven't observed enough "little humans" because I have no problem with that. It's not that I don't like Emily and my parents, I like them very much. I've just never felt like I quite belonged with them. That's why I run so much, it makes the rest of the world seen a little farther away." She bit her lip and stared out of the hole, attempting to put words to her thoughts. "What I'm trying to say is, when you showed up, it felt right. I know I slammed the door in your face when you came to my house earlier (that was really creepy by the way, don't do it again) but when I saw you, something clicked. If felt right."

Loki pursed his lips, "if it felt so right, then why did you run from me earlier? I almost felt a little insulted."

"You did kind of set yourself up for that one," Hazel shook her head. "You can't just pull up beside a girl who's had even a whiff of the city in a black car! The "rape" alarm starts going off, and whatever I do after that I am not in any way responsible for. However cute the man that gets out of the car might be, the alarm goes off all the same."

Loki had failed to hear anything after 'cute.' This is going better than I expected, he thought to himself. "I guess I can forgive you, then. Let's get out of this hole, if I wasn't a god I wouldn't have even been able to fit in here." He shifted again and a second later was kneeling on the grass outside, offering his hand to Hazel. "Please don't kick me in the chest this time."

Wow, she thought. He's a god and a gentleman. I could do worse. She smiled coyly and raised a foot mockingly before accepting his hand. "Thanks." He must have used his powers on her, because a second later she was standing beside him in the open. It felt a little disconcerting, like vertigo. "Give me a little warning next time, huh? I feel like a rabbit that just got pulled out of a hat."

The god smiled and laughed, showing straight white teeth, "If you still want to visit Valhalla, you'll most likely experience much stranger things than that, Hazel. And that's if my family takes a liking to you."

Hazel grimaced, "I hadn't thought of anyone else, but I guess if one god is real the rest must be as well."

"They are mostly involved in their own affairs, Thor is the only one we are likely to run into. He always liked stopping by to torment me in my prison. He probably doesn't know that Father (that's Odin) freed me yet." Loki smiled at the thought.

"Well, would you like to get going? The sooner we leave the sooner you can meet Odin and we can be gone."

"How exactly does one get to Valhalla?" Hazel questioned. "A puff of smoke? A snap? A flying carpet? A well-trained dragon?"

Loki laughed, his eyes crinkling as he shook his head at her. "Where did you get those ridiculous ideas? Flying carpets and dragons? Like anyone has managed to train a dragon well enough to carry passengers. For me, it's incredibly easy. I just focus on my quarters and I'm there. As for you, just take my hand."

He extended his hand to Hazel, smiling reassuringly. She eyed it with the coy look of a cat making a decision. Should I? She wondered, how do I know I can trust him? He is the trickster god after all. How do I know what will really happen if I go with him?

Loki huffed impatiently, "Well? Do you want to go or don't you?"

Hazel looked again at his outstretched hand, it looked innocent enough. She noticed his skin was rather pale. He had long fingers too. In a second she made a decision. "Yes, I want to go." With that, she took his hand. Before everything changed, her last thought was, his hand is warm.

The world seemed to melt before her eyes. All of the colors and shapes and textures blended and crammed together until they united in a single line across the horizon. For a second, everything was held in that line, and the rest was darkness and they seemed to float in the air. Then the line exploded and jets of color burst from it and became shapes, they became a wood floor and painted walls and a bed and a dresser and a wardrobe. All of this happened before Hazel had time to blink. Before she could process the change, they were standing in what looked to be a large bedroom.

The first thing she noticed was the smooth wooden floor that was solid and unyielding under feet. In front of them was a large bed, covered with an elegant black duvet that had a surface streaked with silver lines that made the black seem almost gentle. The rest of the room was simple, with a tall black wardrobe and dresser. Behind them in a corner was a black desk and padded chair that was covered with papers. On the desk sat the most interesting thing in the room, a wide and shallow green bowl that was filled with a liquid that shimmered and rippled with hidden lights.

Loki turned his spiked head to Hazel, "What do you think? It isn't much, but this is where I spend the last 500 or so years while I was being punished."

Hazel simply stared blankly, turning in a circle to take in the new place. Her mouth opened and she laughed softly, unable to think of anything to say. "I never thought I'd see another dimension." She said quietly, "I always thought if I left Earth it would be in the TARDIS or something like that, not with a god."

Loki smiled, his head growing a little larger.

"But I have to admit, this isn't quite what I was expecting. It seems so…ordinary."

"What?!" He exclaimed, his head deflating to its normal size, "You want extraordinary? I'll give you extraordinary! Come with me!" Loki grabbed ahold of her hand and pulled her towards the door, missing the red tinge on her cheeks. He led them through a sitting room, though they sped through it so fast the only impression Hazel got was one of empty space. They came to a door and Loki threw it open and, grabbing her shoulders, thrust her outside. "As you mortals say, check that out!"

Now she had plenty of time to gape at her new surroundings, and suddenly time lost all meaning. Outside, the house looked out on a vast ocean that twinkled and rolled in a way that no ocean on earth ever had, and the waves caressed a beach of white sand so fine it looked like a gigantic white blanket had been thrown in between the ocean and the grass. And the grass, that part was almost more impressive than the ocean. Rolling emerald hills were peppered by periodic oak trees that lent shade to a flowing stream that had the same twinkle to it that the ocean did.

Loki smiled smugly, "What do you say to that, sweetheart?"

It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life, she thought. "It's alright, I guess. If you like vast oceans and rolling hills and stuff like that."

He smirked at her again, his eyes crinkling in that adorable way.

Wait, adorable? When did I start thinking that? "You think you're pretty slick, don't you twinkle toes?" Hazel taunted him.

He laughed again, "I don't think, sweetheart, I know. I am a god."

"We'll see," she smirked at him. "Let's decide with a contest, running and swimming. Whoever kicks you-I mean, the most butt wins."

"What?!" Loki exclaimed. "I don't have to prove anything to you. This is my home after all. There's no question of who would win."

"Or is there?" Hazel winked cheekily at his surprised face before dashing off, "Whoever gets to that huge oak first is the first winner!"

Loki balked for a second before racing after her, "Hey! This isn't fair! You got a head start!"

Sucker, she thought, for a god he's awfully naïve. "Eat my metaphorical dust, 'god of mischief!'"

Hazel thought she was doing pretty well, the first time she looked back he was a good 10 yards behind her, after all, he wasn't the god of running. But suddenly she was thrown off her feet by something huge and furry, the next thing she knew she was lying face-down in the soft grass while a giant green panther was bounding the last few feet to the oak tree. She lay in the grass, balking.

"Hey! No shape-shifting, that isn't in the rules!"

The panther licked one of its huge paws smugly, "You never specified how I could run. If I remember correctly, you were the one to get a head start on me. This was perfectly legal."

"Bah humbug." Hazel buried her head in the grass and ignored him completely. But it soon became hard to ignore the very human finger that was poking her in the back of the head. "Stop it, you big green…thing."

"Not until you get up. There's still another competition for me to beat you at." Hazel could hear the smug satisfaction in his smooth voice and she got a devious idea.

She rolled over on her back and stared at him kneeling over her, his leather jacket lying folded on the ground. "I'll give you a competition!" With that she grabbed ahold of his arms and flipped him so her was on his back beside her. "How's that for competition, Loki?" She grinned smugly down at him. "You think you have a chance to pin me?"

She just had time to see a fire light in his fall-brown eyes before it was her who was pinned underneath him. Man, he's close. I didn't sign up for this. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear, "You still think you have a chance?" His breath tickled her ear and she squirmed.

"You'll never beat me, you traitorous little…" Hazel trailed off, putting her energy to better use fighting against his iron grip. The more she fought, the more he fought back. Just when she thought was almost free, he lazily gripped her wrists and pinned them over her head, leaving her with no avenue for escape. He had her legs pinned with his, and the more she twisted and struggled, the more futile she realized it was. Great, she sighed, great. As she grudgingly gave up and looked at him again, she suddenly realized how close they were. She could feel the heat from him pressing against her, and she looked wordlessly into his pale eyes. He looked back, mesmerized, and the grip on her wrists and lets lessened.

Hazel took the opportunity and flipped them so she was the one pinning him. "Ha!" She exclaimed. "Who's the top god now?" Loki thrashed fiercely and she struggled to keep her grip on his wrists and legs, but it wasn't easy. "Give up!" She covered as much of his body with hers as she could, trying to pin him through sheer determination. Suddenly her eyes grew wide as she realized the position she was in, she was pressed against a part of him that she'd never felt on a man before. Loki seemed to notice it at the same time as she did, and he stopped struggling.

He looked at her with a serious expression, "Why…hello, sweetheart. I didn't realize you liked me so much."

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