A/N: I think she'd call House. It's a gut feeling. She'd call him. Oh and this is going to be mega-sad! Like heart-breaking sad. So have a box of tissues close by!

Takes place in Season 3, but before Finding Judas, so House isn't a meanie!

Please Don't Leave Me

The warm water beat down on her body, soothing away the stress her body had accumulated over the day. Cuddy sighed in contentment as the water worked her tense muscles. Her eyes suddenly snapped opened when she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. "Please, don't let this be happening," she pleaded softly. Hesitantly she looked down and saw blood mixing with the water as it slid down the drain. "No," Cuddy whispered. She sank to her knees as the tears began falling.

Sobs shook her tiny frame. She gasped for breath as the water began turning cold. Breathing deeply, she turned off the water and wrapped herself in a fluffy towel, trying to find comfort in it. 'Why did this happen?' she wondered. 'Why can't I be a mother? Am I really that horrible of a person that I don't deserve to have the unconditional love of a child?' In the back of her mind she could hear a voice telling her to call someone to help her.

'Who would I call? No one knows I was pregnant. No one…except House.'

She grabbed her cell phone and hit her speed dial, then froze. 'What if he doesn't come? What if he doesn't care? What if-" Her thoughts were cut off as he answered.

"Hello?" Cuddy opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. "Cuddy? Just need to hear my voice to fulfill your sexual desires?" She could hear his gin.

"House," she whispered brokenly.

"Give me ten minutes." Cuddy nodded even though he couldn't see her.

~Ten minutes later~

She thought she had no more tears left; she thought she could keep her emotions locked away. She didn't want to cry anymore. There was a steady thump, thump, thump on her hardwood floors and she knew he was here.

The bathroom door opened and she looked up. "Cuddy," he whispered softly. She stood slowly, feeling a slight tug in her abdomen and winced. His arms came around her and she rested her head on his shoulder, willing herself not to cry. His fingers danced along her spine, soothing her slightly. "How long have you been sitting in your towel?" He asked while brushing wet strands of hair away from her face.

She shrugged. "I don't know."

House rubbed his hands up and down her arms, warming her body. "You need to change; you'll get sick."

"I don't care," she replied.

"Hey now, I'm the pessimist in this relationship," he said with a smile. A ghost of a smile appeared. "Come on," he whispered and led her to the bedroom.

She stood silently as they entered her bedroom, not knowing what to do.

House moved around the room, pulling out pajamas and setting them on the bed. She stared at the material, not moving from her spot. "Cuddy," she heard him say. She didn't move to look at him.

He walked back over to where the clothes were, picked them up and walked back to his boss. Slowly he dried her body then peeled the towel away from her. He slipped a large t-shirt over her head. House wrung the excess water out of her hair, then went to the bathroom and put the towel in the hamper.

Cuddy crossed her arms over her stomach, trying desperately to suppress her pain. House limped back over to her and laid a hand on her arm. She looked up at him, tears shining in her blue eyes. "It hurts," she whispered.

"I know it does," he whispered back. House led her over to the bed and pushed her down gently. "Try to rest."

Cuddy grabbed his wrist as he turned to leave. His blue eyes flashed to meet hers. "Please, don't leave me," she said softly, hating herself for being vulnerable. "Please." He nodded and sat down, taking his shoes off. She watched as he slid beneath the covers. He looked so natural laying next to her.

She didn't hesitate to move into his arms and let him hold her. The tears she was trying to hold back began falling and Cuddy felt him tighten his arms around her. She cried harder and looked up at him. "Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?" He asked, confused.

"This! Being so tender and gentle!"

"Would you rather I be mean?"

"No!" She closed her eyes and tried to stop the tears. He wiped them away with the pad of his thumb. She sighed shakily. "You haven't been like this for a long time."

"I know." House rubbed her back trying to loosen her tense muscles. "You need to rest."

She nodded on okay and he pulled her closer to him. House ran his fingers up and down her back, occasionally threading them through her damp hair. Cuddy laid her head on his chest and allowed herself to be lulled to sleep by the beating of his heart.

"You got to jump on her, okay?" She heard House's voice say.

"Okay, Daddy!" Cuddy opened her eyes slightly as the pitter patter of little feel came closer.

"Ooof!" She opened her eyes and was met with a face that looked so familiar.

"Hi Mommy!" The little girl said. "Daddy said it's time to get up."

Cuddy sat up and pulled the little girl into her lap. "He did, did he?" The little girl nodded enthusiastically. "How come?"

"Cuz we're hungry for ice cream and Daddy said he wanted you to come."

"Okay." Cuddy smoothed her daughter's hair back from her face. "Aly, you want your hair up?"

"No," Aly responded.

"Why not?"

"Cuz Daddy likes my hair down. He says I look just like you and it makes him smile."

Cuddy smiled. "Your daddy's such a softie!"

Aly giggled, then jumped off the bed. "Get dressed so we can get ice cream!" She turned and ran to the doorway, then stopped suddenly. "Mommy," she called.

"Yeah baby?"

"Don't give up hope. I'll be here soon." Aly smiled and ran off.

Her eyes opened quickly as she jolted awake. "Morning Sunshine!" House grinned at her. "Must've been having a good dream. Was it about me?" He asked while wiggling his eyebrows.

She smiled at him. "You wish. Actually I dreamt I had a little girl." Instinctively House pulled her closer. "She told me not to give up hope."

"Well I could have told you that," he said while rolling his eyes.

They laid in silence for a while, House running his hand up and down her back. "What time is it?" She finally asked.

"About nine."

"Ugh," she sighed. "I'm late for work." Cuddy moved to get up, but was stopped by House.

"No you're not. I called you in sick. You still need to rest."

She looked up into his eyes. "Thank you," she whispered. "But you still need to go to work."

"I thought that was a perk to sleeping with the boss," he said with a smile.

"You're not sleeping with me."

"I'm in your bed and you're nearly naked."

"You're not naked, what does that say?"

He smiled at her. "That I'm a very giving lover." She glared at him "Fine! I'll go to work early." He grumbled and pulled away from her. "Can't believe you're kicking me out of your bed…" House muttered to her as he walked to the bathroom.

"You'll get over it!" Cuddy replied, a sweet smile on her face. He closed the door as she responded. She closed her eyes when she heard the water running.

~After House's Shower~

"I smell girly," he complained as he limped to the bed. House looked to her and smiled when he saw her sleeping. He placed a soft kiss on her lips and whispered, "Feel better," before leaving.

Cuddy smiled to herself, savoring the feel of his lips on hers before falling back asleep.

But my heart is broken.

Please don't leave me.

"Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink