And Then There Were None

A/N- this is major plotholery and makes no sence, especially since irkens, as shown before, are made by robots. Or something. Who cares? Enjoy.

The raven-haired teen groaned as he plummeted onto his face. The sickly smell of acid, vomit and some other scent plagued his nostrils. Barely lifting his head up, the sight of plumes of smoke remained in his pupils. Slowly rising up, he swiveled around.


Oh, he was expecting this. He was definitely expecting to see Zim.

What was surprising was that Zim didn't have his huge laser aimed at his face.

Instead, the boy had it aimed toward the two towering aliens scowling downwards. Dib's thoughts were interrupted momentarily as he wiped something wet from his face. Blood. How did-…

Zim gave a large sigh. He was no longer short- instead he was maybe 5'11, the height of an average teenager. His red eyes were transfixed to those of one of his leaders. They were dripping with hatred.

Zim turned around quickly, now glaring at Dib with his eyes full of hatred. "Pitiful," he hissed, "pitiful planet." He gave a sadistic-looking grin. "Why do you like Earth anyway?" Swaying from side to side, looking ready to die, he spoke calmly- "It's full of idiots like you. But then again, I heard misery likes company." He was now staring at him, looking angry. "Is that why I'm here? Which one of us is misery and which one is just there?" He was now breathing hard. Turning around yet again, he hit one of the tallest in the head with the butt of his gun-like laser. The other, the one who hadn't been hit, slowly backed away, eventually turning his heel and running.

The tallest who had been hit was now glaring up with dark red eyes, popped on an elbow, his legs in the fetal position. Crimson trickled from his temple. He was bleeding.

"Do you honestly believe you could've hidden it from me forever?" he asked the man calmly. He gave an evil smile. "You know, I wasn't that big of an idiot, and let me just say that Irk's computer firewalls aren't that great." He gave a wicked grin yet again. "You hated me. I was a failure from the beginning. If anyone knew…you didn't want that, did you?" His face was twisted, as if he were about to be sick. "You wanted to see if I was worthy. And since I wasn't good enough, you didn't tell me. You just sent me to this forsaken planet to die. To wither and cry for you and die." The tallest was beginning to cough blood, not even caring enough to wipe it from the corner of his mouth.

"No," Zim happily concluded, "you hated me. " He looked down. "But unlike some, I have no love for my father." He spat, as if disgusted.

The laser shot an earth-shaking ray at the tallest.