Chapter 3


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Seven was how many times the boy had fallen since he got on the ship.

Eight was how many times the two other ship members had teased him for his obvious lack of flying experience (beside his experience with Tak's ship).

Nine was how many times he had relapsed into thinking the other refugees were his friends.

And ten?

Ten was how many times he was proven wrong about said refugees being his friends.



His blue, translucent eyes looked back at the two refugees.

"Yes?" he asked, eyebrows raising.

He grunted in annoyance as the two Tamaranian ice-like girls snorted. "You," said the first, "are so lame," said the other.

His head turned as he began to pilot the ship.

Of course, having just had his planet- his home- implode, this wasn't the best time to deal with twin idiots- at least, in his opinion. Plus, no other refugee had experienced the same thing; most 'refugees' were actually recruited soldiers, and the rest were rescued from troublesome wars at their homeland.

Earth hadn't been in a war at the time it was destroyed. It hadn't been struck by poverty everywhere, like most of the refugee's planets. It hadn't been experiencing horrible natural disasters. It was flourishing; had been, anyway. Idiots had abounded there, yes, but that was the only problem, period. Even though he had hated the place, he still missed it…somehow.

What startled the boy, however, was the revelation that he didn't miss any of his acquaintances. He didn't care much for any students at the Skool; although his teacher's contemplation on the coming doom was entertaining at best, he certainly did not miss her. As for Gaz, he didn't know if she was alive or dead, and he truly didn't care. Irk soldiers had been instructed to rescue her because she had been listed as "close relative" on the computer file, but Irkens weren't all that great at keeping to their instructions, as he had seen previously.

Instead of letting these thoughts cloud his head, he stared at the controls. He had only been at Irk for two weeks and they had already managed to drill ship instructions into his brain. He sighed and turned off autopilot, instead readying the girls to prepare for turbo-thrusters. Of course, he was interrupted by a radio announcement by a familiar voice.


The static crackled and wavered before finally stopping. The crew of the listening ship waited patiently for the announcement as Zim cleared his throat. Meanwhile, Dib flipped on autopilot yet again.

"Attention. We have a problem."

His fingers linked together as he looked attentively at the radio.

"All refugees…all refugees and all invaders, I repeat, all invaders, please report back to homeport. All refugees and invaders, report to homeport. Please remember to turn your radios to the Emergency Broadcasting System at this time as you return back to Irk's homeport. Thank you."

Fingers ready, he tinkered with the radio controls until he got the desired effect. He sighed as the radio began barking out commands in a heavily accented voice.

Half-heartedly, he flipped off the autopilot yet again and began flying back.

"All aboard ships please report to homeport. We have a very serious problem which we cannot disclose at this time. Thank you."

The message began to repeat as his brows came together. His straight face soon turned to a frown as he contemplated on what the message could mean.

It must've been serious, that he was sure of. Anything that could stop the Irken's path of annihilation must've been severe.

The girls were endlessly chattering behind him, never stopping.

He wished they would.