"Bella", A soft voice came from behind be. I had been reading, Occupying my time until Edward got home. That day, Alice and I went shopping while Edward and Emmet went hunting. I never liked it when Edward and I where apart, It was like we where two pieces of a puzzle. Perfectly shaped for each other.

Edward came up behind me, Grabbed my waist and kissed me just like he always did. After a minute, He let go. But we both new what was coming next, As usual. I went into the bathroom, keeping the new silky lingerie dress hidden.

I put the dress on, It was black with pink lace, Cut short and very revealing. I walked out, and noticed Edward, shirtless, In his kaki shorts, Leaning against the door frame. I looked at his perfectly muscled chest, waiting to look in his eyes for last. Once I looked in his eyes I would forget everything. He raised one eyebrow, I knew it was directed at my dress. " Do you like it", I asked, sounding a little worried. " It's not really my personality, I know", I my tone had a certain edge that I was trying to keep hidden. " But I just thought-". He interrupted "Bella, You look beautiful ". He quickly picked me up in his arms, and took us to our bedroom. We both knew what was coming next.

"You don't see yourself clearly at all, Love", He said. He gently took my hand and placed it where his erection was going to be. After sitting like this for a moment, he reached up and took my face in his hands. He started kissing me, his tongue tracing the shape of my lips until I opened my mouth. I could feel his tongue in my mouth, licking every part of me. His kisses soon moved to my neck and ear. That's when I heard the sound of ripping fabric. I pulled away and looked at the shredded remains of my dress.

"Dammit, Edward", I said harshly. "That was brand new". Edward was completely aware of what he had done. He did this a lot, I was wondering if he had some fascination of ripping clothes of my body. I was not mad as much as I was irritated that he couldn't take two seconds to take them off himself. He looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry", He said sincerely. "To make it up to you, I promise, we will go where ever you want and get you as much lingerie as you want". I couldn't stay mad at him. "I love You", I said, That was all I could think of. "As do I", He said, His golden eyes staring at me.

Edward moved his face back to mine and at the same time, Removed the remains of my shredded dress. All I had left on was my bra and thong, But Edward knew not to rip any of it after the fit I had just made. Instead, His hands reached around to my back and unhooked my bra. He took it off me and threw it somewhere, That was my least concern. Edward started kissing me again as he gently palmed my newly exposed breast, And I decided to make my next move, Undoing his pants. Undoing each others clothes mostly got easier every time, Except his belt. Getting it off wasn't hard, It was just the time it took. The only thing on him was his boxers, So just for fun, I ripped them. My hands reached back up to his face, but his hands went somewhere different. Edward was rubbing me through my now wet panties, which where next.

"Mmmhhh" I moaned. He took my underwear off in one swift motion and started rubbing again. I was wet, and I noticed Edward was nowhere near an erection. His erections always came easier when we had been apart, But I'd rather us be together and I work harder. I started rubbing him with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. He moaned. I slid myself down so I could suck on him. Next, Edward did something unusual. I wound his hands through my hair and started pumping me faster. He sighed a long, deep sigh. I looked up, He was smiling a mischievous smile. Edward hitched my legs around his waist and ran. Before I could tell what he was doing, I was laying face up on our kitchen counter. " Are you crazy ", " We can't do it on our counter " I shrilled. " I don't see why not, and I think it would be good to get some use out of them ", he said, smiling my favorite crooked.

My legs where dangling over the side as I felt Edward push them to opposite sides, Then I felt his tongue in me.

"Edward", I moaned his name. I knew he liked to hear me moan, And sometimes I did it just for his sake. This was not one of those times, Because sometimes, I really couldn't help it. He then got up on top of me, His strong hands intertwined in my hair. Then, Edward slid it in. He never thought anything was to rough or to hard, To be honest, Neither did I. Edward was moving us faster and then, I felt it, He cumed. Edward stopped, Took two of his fingers and stuck them in me. His fingers where then in front of my face, I sucked on then until he took them out and resumed what he was doing.

Both of us knew now that my orgasm wasn't far, So he decided to hit me in my favorite spot, and it worked, I had an orgasm. Again, he put his finger and got it all over him. But, This time, He put his fingers strait into his mouth, Not mine. He moaned and started licking me. Edward lick me clean, And I could tell he got some enjoyment out of it, And so did I. He lifted my back off the counter and carried me back to our room, And set me on the bed. " You know you will be cleaning the counter once we're done, Right ", I questioned. " Agreed, But it was worth it, Right ", and he smiled my smile.

Then we continued on with our blissful evening…