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Hayner opened his eyes and yawned, blinking a few times. He had a feeling that if he moved he would probably live to regret it – there was the promise of a backache that day, for some unknown reason. He could feel it sitting beneath his vertebrae. Sighing, he gazed around his room- wait a second… This wasn't his room! He sat bolt upright, wincing as pain shot up his spine, staring around the room a little wild-eyed. Struggle posters and a few items of clothing were scattered around, along with his own camo shorts. He quickly checked beneath the covers to find himself naked. Shit.

He heard steady breathing from beside him and a soft mumble sounded before a warm… someone snuggled closer into his body. Swallowing hard, he turned his head to see who it was.

"Holy flaming shit! Fuck!" he leapt away, falling off the edge of the bed and whimpering in pain as yet more leapt up through his body. The other occupant of the bed's eyes flew open and he (yes, he) sat up, shaking his head before turning to stare at Hayner.

"What the fuck?! Chickenwuss?!" Blue eyes, pale blonde hair, sharp features and a scar between the eyes… That's right. Seifer Almasy. Hayner's number one, never-even-think-about-other-than-wanting-to-murder, rival and arch nemesis.

And Hayner had just woken up in bed with him.

This was so not going to be a good day.

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