Rock The Rolls
Step Five:: Target "Hollister Jeans"

A/N: I pretty much just want to get this one finished. :') Sorry if it's... lacking, somewhat. I AM STILL ON A HIGH FROM WIRELESS FESTIVAL! JAY-Z AND CHIPMUNK ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING LIVE AND CHIPMUNK IS GORGEOUS! Me and Grace were right at the front. We saw SO MANY acts live yesterday. Slash played the guitar behind his head. And Miles Kennedy is so sexy... Seriously. But then, I have a weird thing for old guys :L James Frain... Anderson Cooper... You name it ;) Nah but seriously. It can't just be me that thought so. :L Google him and let me know what you think.

Diet coke and a pizza please
Diet coke I'm on my knees
Screaming "Hey, Big Girl, you are beautiful!"



"And a very good morning to you too babe. Right, I was thinking, if we start with Eastern food and then work our way west through the Middle East and Europe until we reach America? Because, let's be honest, the only healthy American food is salad- which you hate- and which the Greeks and Italians do better anyway."


"I'll take that as a yes. Today we'll do Japan. I'll make you a bento." She laughed suddenly. "Hey, Fatty, don't I kind of seem like your girlfriend?"

Sakura hung up. Groaning, she dragged herself out of bed. Wednesday… Pulling on a thick jumper and some jogging trousers she grabbed her iPod and headed downstairs. Bleary eyed, she pulled on her trainers and headed out the door.

She decided against the balaclava.

Her walk was a lot less eventful due to her wise decision of taking an alternative, Naruto-free route. She made it through most of Super Junior's BONAMANA (Repackaged) album, deciding that her favourite was 'Boom, Boom' and the title song, 'Bonamana (Miinah)'.

As soon as she arrived at home, she collapsed on her bed, pulled out her diary and wrote a brief entry:

I really hate walking in the dark, cold morning. It's exhausting. And kind of boring. I mean, I like the songs and everything- I'm pretty sure I'd marry Yesung's voice if that was legal, or possible- but it's hard to stay motivated. The only thing that kept me going was thigh-burn. That's what I call it when my thighs rub together and feel all sore. It HURTS MAN! I can't wait for it to go.

It took every iota of willpower she possessed to drag herself into the shower to get ready for school. The sweat had stuck her clothes to her body so tightly she almost had to peel them off (A/N: In homage to Wireless Festival at Hyde Park yesterday. It was FANTASTIC! Jay-Z and Chipmunk are BEYOND amazing live. So was everyone else, but they were by FAR the best. It was so dry and dusty I spat up mud. And SO SWEATY FROM DANCING. Got home at 3. Gooood day). She found her mind drifting as a ways of ignoring her body and the water cascading down it's many mountains… She thought of The Great Gatsby and how she had always dreamt of being someone's Daisy. Though, obviously, she wouldn't be the selfish, materialistic whore that Daisy was.

Okay, that was a lie.

Sakura couldn't afford to be a selfish, materialistic whore. Only beauty bought you that right and beauty was one thing she most definitely did not have. Inner beauty, sure. But not outer beauty. And in this world, it seemed that was all that mattered.

If she was beautiful… If she looked like Ino, she would use it to her advantage.

If the tables were turned and Sakura was in Ino's position, far from helping her, she'd point and laugh. She had heard the saying "Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge." Sakura was walking many a mile in her own shoes- had been since she was born… But she didn't yet accept herself and continued to judge herself. She didn't want to look like this.

"Do you want to look like that?"

Silence. "No."

"Then eat it!"

Sakura surreptitiously put another tiny bit of cucumber in her mouth. She spat it out instantly. "It tastes like worms."

"Worms don't crunch!" Ino was frustrated but she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. "Okay. Fine. Try the mackerel."

Gingerly, Sakura did. Then she tried some more. And some more.

"It's good." She conceded and proceeded to eat it all.

"Pass me your diary."

Sakura just nodded towards her bag, Ino rolled her eyes and pulled it out.

"Pfft. Thigh burn?"

Sakura choked on a bit of mackerel. "Yeah. And what? By the way, why does this rice taste like ass?"

"It's wholegrain. Keep eating it and eventually it'll taste like Chipmunk's ass. Pure, divine chocolate, baby." Ino winked and grinned.

"I'm pretty sure that on some level, that's a little bit racist."

"I'm pretty sure that on any level, you're a FUN SPONGE. The guy is so hot it's insane!" (A/N: Yes. He REALLY is. Seriously. I've seen him live and was about 10 metres from him. Guy is GORGEOUS!) "Anyways, I'm writing in here that you like mackerel but hate cucumbers. And the prawns, crab and tomatoes were good too?" Sakura nodded in approval. "Right, and that entire meal is only 425 calories. It's all about portion control. Right, after school, we're going SHOPPING!"



"Ino, I don't want to watch you buy clothes."

"Huh? What, no. We're buying you a pair of jeans."

"I haven't fit Hollister clothing since I was about 5…" 'You stupid bint. Is that not obvious?' She couldn't help thinking.

Ino's response wasn't even the slightest bit sentimental. "No kidding. They don't stock Size Elephant… We're buying you a pair of Target-Jeans. They are jeans at a size you want to target. I did that with a dress I wore to a friend's parents' anniversary." A small frown crossed her face, contradicting the relatively happy occasion she had just spoken of. "Whatever. Anyway, Hollister jeans have a really good fit and since you're aiming to be a UK Size 10, you'll need a Size 5. They hug curves so you can be slightly larger and still look GORGEOUS SWEET AMAZING BABY!" She sang the last words.

Sakura rewarded her with a blank stare. "G-Dragon, you uncultured twat."

It wasn't until after their boxing class that night that Sakura finally managed to check out her new jeans. Of course, she'd looked at them in the store, but as she had discovered; they had decided that lighting the store with candles would be a good idea (A/N: Seriously, wtf? Why is Hollister so dark? I bought a t-shirt I thought was grey, came out, and found out it was light blue… Not a good colour on my skin :L) and so she had basically just stumbled around blindly nodding at the pair Ino showed her.

Lost for words, she pulled out her diary and under Ino's notes about what food she liked and didn't like, she scrawled her thoughts:

The boxing class almost killed me. The trainer is an INSANE middle-aged blonde woman who looks harmless but managed to take out this Arnold Scwarznegger lookalike as though he weighed the same as Ino. She had NO sympathy towards my… condition… and told me I reminded her of her in her youth. When I said "Really?" she replied with "No you stupid hag, I would never let myself get like that. NOW, TWENTY LAPS AROUND THE GYM! GO! GO! GO!"

As for the jeans. They are Venice Boot Stretch in Extreme Dark- Size 5-Short. Ino and the half naked man in the shop swore down they were the equivalent of a UK Size 10. At the minute, if I slit them down the middle and stitched the legs both together to make one big leg, they might JUST make it up to ONE knee of mine. NO CRYING! They're just so gorgeous and I just don't believe I'll ever be able to wear them. I really want food. But all I'm allowed to eat is the teriyaki chicken noodles Ino made.



"Will I ever be beautiful?"




"Can you keep that promise?"

"… Yes."

Sakura hung up.

Ino's phone buzzed into life again almost instantly.




"I miss you."

"I know."

"She's not enough."

"I know."

"She never will be."

"I know."

"But you don't love me anymore."

"...I know."

Ino hung up.