Into the Future

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Several years later, the two lovers Konoka Konoe, and Setsuna Sakurazaki, have grown into young adults. Konoka grew to be an elegant and graceful young women, where as Setsuna had grown into a handsome young women who was both strong and caring at the same time.

The date was Thursday, April 14, 2009; Konoka and Setsuna's wedding reception had just ended. Setsuna and Konoka had invited all of their old high school classmates in class 3A. Of course even Evangeline and Chachamaru were forced to tag along as well.

The entire group was soon gathered at the hotel near by the church where the wedding had begun. Only two minutes into the party, and Asuna Kagurazaka, and Ayaka Yukihiro or to the group Iincho, were already yelling and bickering at each other. "Asuna-San! Why do you give Konoka-San and Setsuna-San such a burden by staying with them?!"

"Burden?! They said it was alright for me to stay with them in Kyoto!!! Even the brat lives with us there!!" Asuna yelled lunging at the blonde haired girl. The two were already clawing and pulling each other's hair, until now a seventeen year old teen, Negi Springfield broke up the two. "Asuna-San, Iincho-San, please stop fighting, let's just celebrate Konoka-San and Setsuna-San's wedding."

Iincho knew that she couldn't resist Negi when he asked, Asuna on the other hand just turned and looked at him. Though Asuna was already twenty-three years old, and Negi was seventeen, she still treated him like the same ten year old boy he was seven years ago.

"Alright, fine only this one time will I TRY to not fight with Iincho. Only for Konoka and Setsuna-San." Asuna said as she gave into the pleading teenager.

As the party continued a few people were already soon drunk, and or going crazy. Yue Ayase had mistakenly drunk a whole bottle of sake, thinking it was juice. Nodoka Miyazaki and Haruna Saotome were the ones that came to the rescue and stopped Yue from doing a strip show on the stage.

An hour or two later, the party started to whined down a notch while they watched a picture show of Konoka and Setsuna when they were kids, to teenagers and now to adults.

There were some speeches, most of them made by Asuna, some given by the entire class. To they're surprise even Evangeline, Mana and Kotaro made speeches about Setsuna and Konoka. Setsuna's older cousin, Noah, even came to celebrate the wedding. If not for him, Setsuna wouldn't have had the courage to apologize to Konoka.

But soon into Noah speech to the two, both Himeko Konoe and Noriya Tan come out of absolutely no where, carrying the wedding cake into the room. The wedding cake was huge! It was almost as tall as the tallest girl in class 3A, which was probably Mana, Chachamaru or Kaede.

Asuna was drooling just looking at the cake, they had to have Ku Fei, Evangeline and Chachamaru hold her back from devouring the thing. As Setsuna and Konoka cut the cake together, Noah, Himeko and Negi were taking pictures of them.

Where on the other hand, genius Noriya, was placing up videos of the two's growing up and adventures onto the projector. Though she also accidentally added Konoka and Setsuna's potty training videos, which she soon would be attacked for later.

They all had made many new memories, the start of Setsuna and Konoka new future was dawning. Their wedding had just been completed, the honeymoon was next, maybe a few kids in their future too.

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