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"Edward!" The booming voice called. It could only be my older brother and my polar opposite, Emmett. If you saw me and Emmett walking down the hallway together you would think he was a jock trying to bully Trig answers out of some unsuspecting nerd.

He came barreling through my door. Doesn't anyone have the common courtesy to knock anymore?

"What could possibly be the reason of you waking me at this ungodly hour?" I spat at him.

"Whoa, chill Eddo," I gave up all hope in persuading him to use a different nickname for me about 2 and a half years ago, "the moving van is here, but it looks like you still have some more packing to do" He reminded as he looked over my destroyed room.

In all honesty, I haven't packed a damn thing, ha oh well I could always ask Maria, our maid, to do it.

"MAARRRIIIIA!" I yelled.

"Yes Mr. Cullen?" She replied politely while looking over my room with a horrified expression on her face.

"Well, you see Maria, the moving van is here and I have yet to pack and I was wondering if you would mind helping me with that?" Pshh, like she had a choice. Man, I am being and asshole today.

"Why, yes of course, I'd be delighted to help." She said unconvincingly.

"Thanks, my suitcases are in there." I told her pointing towards my walk-in closet. "I'll be right back." I lied as I ran out of my room and into the bathroom.

I glanced in the mirror disgusted as usual but hopelessly I sighed because there isn't much I could do to help myself in the looks department. It's not like I could help my acne, I swear I've used at least 90 different so-called acne remedies but none of them have helped. They might have removed maybe one or two pimples maximum. Sigh, oh well. I put on my glasses, they were the definition of nerd glasses, the thick bottle cap lenses surrounded by copper wire rims, complete with the tape in the middle because of Emmett's WWE obsession phase. Long story, don't ask. But I've become attached to these old frames, so I decided against buying a new pair even though my mother insisted.

I undressed and jumped into the shower, I stood there waiting for the hot water to untie the knots in my back caused from my turbulent sleeping habits. That is why no one will sleep in the same tent as myself on any of our frequent camping trips. After multiple arms to the head and uncontrolled legs to the gut and groin area Emmett refuses to come near me when I sleep.

I picked up my Axe shampoo bottle. Even if I may looks aren't up to par, at least I smell good, I thought to myself.

After I got out, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed towards my room, upon walking into my room I remembered Maria was in there and I accidentally dropped my towel. She stared in shock and I did the same. Shit, now my 55 year-old maid was the first woman, other than those related to me, to see me naked.

"Uh uhh…" I stammered as I ran out of my own and into Emmett's room.

"HAHAH! What happened to you bro, it looks like you just saw a ghost!?"

"Emmett we need to fire Maria, as soon as possible."

"Why dude, she makes the best pb&j's ever!?"

"Because" I replied not wanting to admit to my embarrassing moment that had just occurred.

"Because why?" God he was persistent.

Realizing that he would never give up I decided to fill him in. As soon I was finished I took off so I wouldn't have to see his reaction.

This time when I got to my room I knocked before entering. When no one answered I assumed Maria was finished and walked in. I looked around my nearly empty room, all that was left was my king sized bed and my old maple dresser. I got dressed, pulling on an old random "that's what she said" tee and old faded jeans that would soon be considered high waters. Looks like I'll have to send my mom on another shopping trip.

"Edward sweetie, hurry up so you can eat breakfast!"

"Coming mom!"

I hurried downstairs as soon as I smelled the delicious aroma of French toast, eggs, and pancakes, all my favorites. I shoveled down the French toast as soon as it was set in front of me, the pancakes were the next victims, and my last order of business: the eggs.

I glanced over at Emmett as he ate off of 1 of his 3 plates pilled high with numerous types of breakfast foods. I always thought he would make an excellent professional eater.

"Thank you for breakfast mom, it was delicious." I said to my mom as I chugged down the last of my chocolate milk.

"Your welcome dear, I wanted to make an extra special breakfast for you and Emmy bear on your last day home."

"Awe, mom I thought I told you I was to old for that nickname 5 years ago!" I laughed as Emmett complained and my mother rolled her eyes.

"Esme dear, I'm home and it smells fantastic!" My father Carlisle called as he came through the door.

If you looked at my parents you would never guess I was their child. They were inhumanly gorgeous. Carlisle has smooth blonde hair, which is always slicked back, and bright blue eyes. His features were chiseled like a male models and he was well built for a 38 year-old. He didn't look a day over 25 and that's why all the nurses at his clinic threw themselves at him, but my father was much too in love with mom to even notice the other women. My mom should have been a model, well maybe I'm a little biased but still, her chestnut hair reached a little bit below her shoulders and her green eyes matched mine but were deeper somehow. Her soft, delicate features matched her personality to a tee. At least Em looked like their child, with his striking good looks, perfect smile and complexion, dark curly hair, and blue eyes. I, on the other hand, had braces, long, shaggy, uncontrollable bronze hair, green eyes hidden behind my aforementioned glasses, acne, and stubble. Even though Emmett had the looks I had the brains. If only that could help get the girls. Okay enough with the pity-party.

They both noticed me being in deep thought and flashed movie star smiles at me.

"So son, are you ready for your first day at Bristol Academy?"

"Uh yeah sure dad"

"Well I suppose we should get a move on, you two don't want to be late for registration now do you?"

Emmett and I both responded by shaking ours heads no.

As I got into my silver Volvo, Emmett hopped into his white Jeep and my dad climbed into his black Mercedes. My dad pulled out first so he could lead the way to the academy followed by myself then Emmett.

Here we go again, another town, another boarding school filled with anti-nerds that looked at me as if I was a parasite. Oh joy.


"Beep beep beep." I hate alarm clocks! Whoever invented them should die a slow and torturous death.

After I rolled out of bed, I somehow managed to muster up enough strength to drag myself to the bathroom. I didn't even want to look in the mirror because I knew the image before me was frightening due to lack of sleep. And the sleep I did get was restless sleep due to anticipation for the next day. It's not that I liked school or learning by any means, it's just that Bristol academy was the only place that I really fit in. The only place I had friends, they might be fake friends, but still, they were friends ha.

After I washed out all the dirt and grease from the previous day out of my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo, I conditioned it and then shaved my legs. When I stepped out of the shower I put on my pink cashmere robe and proceeded to rip my brush through my tangled hair. After drying my hair I took out my handy straightener and straightened my hair so there wasn't a wave in sight. To finish off my look I added some black eyeliner, mascara, and dark eye shadow to give myself a smokey eye look. I stepped into my room to get dressed for the day. In all honesty, I had no fashion sense, so I stuck with simple shirts and bottoms from Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle that were stylish and were easy to match.

I wanted to be comfortable on the plane ride to L.A. so I chose a worn out pair of jeans, a hot pink, short-sleeved shirt and some black flip-flops.

I went down the hall to the master bedroom to wake up my mom, Renee so she could drive me to the airport. When I opened the door I saw her tangled up with another guy. OH, wait ! I've seen this guy before. Uh I think his name is Phil. Wow a repeat performance for Renee, there's a first time for everything.

"Mom, wake up. We have to leave for the airport soon." I told her icily.

"Mmm.. uh.. okay, one sec." She slurred

I walked down to the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I loved cooking, it has been my passion ever since my 4th nanny, Eva, taught me how to make mac & cheese.

I decided to make myself an egg and cheese omelet, something simple and quick while I waited for my mother to come downstairs.

After my omelet was finished I heard a loud thud and quickly realized it was Renee. Then I heard some shuffling around which I thought was someone looking for clothes. Two minutes after that Phil came downstairs with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Phil, did you have a busy night last night?" I asked suspiciously

"Uh… ehrm, yeah me and your mother uhh went bowling! Yeah uh well I got to go, Renee I said bye will ya?" And with that he was off before I could take my interrogation any further.

Three minutes later, Renee came downstairs. She of course was gorgeous, she used to be a model before she had me and abandoned Charlie. Our personalities couldn't be anymore different. She was outgoing and loud and I was shy and reserved. Our bodies were similar at least. We both stood at about 5 foot 6 inches, we both had rather large chests but not to big to the point were plastic surgery would be suspected, and too top that off we had curves in all the right places according to many admirers. They only difference was that I had longer, skinnier legs.

Our facial features are completely different though. With my deep brown eyes and extremely long, dark brown hair I was totally opposite of Renee's green eyes and cropped, light brown hair.

I finished eating and went upstairs to brush my teeth and add some light pink lip gloss, and grab my bags so we could leave. Finally.

I put my many suitcases into the back of my mom's BMW SUV and headed off towards the airport, and off to my haven.

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