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Edward and I sat on the picnic table at our campsite. We still come here every Christmas with our family, which had grown overly large in the past ten years. Here, let me explain what I mean by our family, Edward and I got married when we were both twenty-two we were both fresh out of Yale. I studied literature and Edward studied medicine. We got married in June of that year at a simple backyard ceremony at Edward's parents house. Alice of course planned it and I didn't have to do a thing except show up and say 'I do'. Our honeymoon was spent in the Caribbean islands and a quick trip to Italy was my plea.

About a year after we got married we moved to Boston so that Edward could attend Harvard Medical College. During his sophomore year on September 10th I gave birth to our first little miracle, a daughter named Avery Belle Cullen. She was and still is perfect. She has Edward's emerald eyes and copper colored hair. Her hair is now straight and thick like mine. But she has my facial features and shy personality and the curse of automatic blushing, poor girl. She is showing a promising future in piano playing; she started her first lesson right after her fourth birthday, she insisted. She inherited our stubbornness as well, along with Alice's fashion sense.

When Edward and I were both twenty-six I became pregnant with our son. Cam Parker Cullen was born on November 18th. And shit, he was huge 9 pounds and 6 ounces, I'm surprised I made it threw labor to be honest. He has Edward's facial features and eyes color, but his hair color is identical to mine and is as uncontrollable as his fathers. He is outgoing and loud for a two year old, something Edward and I suspect has come from his Uncle Emmett. His first word was boobies, also thanks to Uncle Emmy.

Our third bundle of joy is due on February 14th of all days. We finally gave in and demanded that Carlisle tell us the sex of our baby. His diagnosis? A baby girl. After going through a million names we picked out something unique and simple. Everleigh Hazel, we know it's weird but I fell in love with it as soon as Edward suggested it. Alice has predicted that Everleigh will have my facial features and eye color and Edward's bronze, curly hair. We can't help but to believe her, she has predicted our other two children's appearances and personalities perfectly, but no matter what she looks like she will always be beautiful in my eyes.

Edward and I are now twenty-eight and still deep in love. After Edward graduated from Harvard Medical we thankfully moved back to L.A. to intern at the same hospital that Carlisle works at. Now he is a well-known surgeon and he loves every minute of it. He is away a lot but I deal with it by throwing myself into my own work. After Edward presented me with the contract to publish my novel from Little & Brown I met with them as soon as I could. We signed the contract and finalized the name and cover and it was put into production. I still remember the day that 'Beautiful Love' hit number three on the New York Time's Bestsellers List, I was eating Lucky Charms and I started choking on a pot-of-gold marshmallow in my attempt to scream. It slowly but surely made its way to number one and last there for 57 weeks in total. Since then I have written six other books, four of them becoming number one and the other two still stand in the top ten. To be truthful, I could live without al the money and attention but I love what I do, I can still be at home with my kids and be a housewife at the same time as being an author. All I need is my laptop and printer and I'm good to go. My friends and family, especially Edward, inspire most of my novels.

But enough with my life let me tell you about Alice and Jasper's life.

Alice and Jasper married right out of high school. She told us that there was no use in screwing around being a non-married woman when she knew that she would eventually marry Jazz, so she might as well do it now. That woman was a force of nature when it came to planning her wedding. Everything was couture and high fashion, including her three-carat diamond and blue sapphire wedding and engagement ring. She had a total of 1,057 people come. I didn't even know that many people at the time. Rosalie and I were her maids of honor and Edward and Em were Jazz's best men. The wedding went by flawlessly as planned and the two newly-weds went on a tour of Europe for their honeymoon so that Alice could experience true fashion before she went on to college.

When Jasper got back from the honeymoon he bought and old run-down bar and transformed it into one of L.A.'s hottest nightclubs called Ice. Jasper said he names it Ice because when he bought it the only thing in it was a freezer full of ice, he thought it fit very well. All I know is that it's earned Jasper a total of $7 million dollars in the past ten years.

Alice enrolled in The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising or FIDM, one of L.A.'s most prestigious design schools. She absolutely loved it there and but she claims that she didn't learn anything that she didn't already know. After she graduated she started her own clothing, shoe and purse line. At first it was slow going but she met a few celebrities and practically threw her designs on their bodies and her line became one of the most well known out there. Her business is still booming and is in ridiculously high demand. She has shops all over the world but she rarely visits them because she wants to stay close to her family.

After her line finally picked up she had her first child, she didn't even need Carlisle to tell her the sex because she already knew that it would be a girl. Alice of course picked out the name and there wasn't a thing we could do to stop her from naming her daughter after her favorite designer. Her daughter's name is Chanel Genevieve Hale; we just thanked her that she didn't name her Coco Versace like she had panned earlier in her lifetime. Chanel has long wavy blonde hair like Jasper's and Alice's adorable pixie-like features and eyes. She was going to be brilliantly gorgeous.

Last month Al and Jazz proudly announced that they were pregnant and were having a boy. She is now four months along and barely showing but the nursery is already painted a sky-blue color and the name has been chosen. Jazz had begged her for a solid month to not name their soon Jimmy Choo Hale. Thank goodness that Alice had been watching Tristan and Isolde a few days ago or his name would've been Jimmy Choo, but Alice thought of a new name and just knew that it was right. Tristan Braize Hale. We have no idea where Braize came from but everyone instantly loved it so the name was finalized. She was due on May 17th but Alice has her calendar marked for May 6th. Again we never bet against Alice. The last time someone did, Emmett ended up walking around his college campus in one of Rosalie's frilly pink thongs.

Speaking of Em and Rose I might as well fill you in on their story as well.

After graduating from Bristol Rosalie was walking into a Versace store when a modeling agent came up to her and asked for a Polaroid and some information. She gave it to him knowing that it wouldn't get her anywhere but to see what happens. The next weekend the agent called back and asked her to fly into New York as soon as possible so they could sign her. Little did we know that she would be signing with one of the biggest agencies in the world Elite Model Management. By the time that she turned twenty Rosalie Hale was one of the most valued and sought after models in the business. For the past ten years she has been the face of designers like Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Fendi. There are countless others that I can't remember or pronounce for that matter. But for the past two years she has been the editor-in-chief of her own magazine entitled 'Fashionista'. Alice serves as her fashion consultant and second in command. Her modeling is still going strong but she has taken a break to run her magazine. Designers calls her non-stop to get her to just pose for one shot so that their new campaign will be perfect.

Emmett and Rose had gotten married two years ago. Their wedding was edgy and modern and of course planned by Alice. Her 4-and-a-half carat canary diamond LeVian ring was bigger than my eyeball but it just screamed Rosalie when Emmett had taken Alice and I ring shopping. Alice still complains everyday that her ring is smaller, but I think Jasper has his eye on a 6-carat ring in the display case at the local jewelers. Personally I'm happy with my elegant one-carat diamond.

Anyways, after high school Emmett had gone on to play basketball at UCLA, he had gotten offers to play at OSU, Duke, and North Carolina but turned them down to stay close to home. He graduated with a degree in business and accounting. The L.A. Lakers drafted him in the 2nd round and Em played with them for two years. In the championship game he came down wrong after a game winning dunk and his ACL ligament tore completely in half and he was no longer able to play. Instead he got the assistant coaching job. Two years after he got the assistant position the head coach suffered a stroke and offered the job to Emmett, he agreed eagerly and has been coaching ever since.

Last year Rosalie finally had their first child- erhm- I mean their first children. That's right Rosalie had twins. Twin girls to be exact. Emma Raine Cullen and Natalie Claire Cullen are the two cutest identical twins you'll ever meet. They have Emmett's dark curly hair and Rosalie's perfect facial features and crystal clear blue eyes. They are both destined to be inhumanly perfect and gorgeous. At first Rose and Em had to keep the girls' toe and fingernails two different colors, pink for Emma and purple for Natalie, to be able to tell them apart. Now they can tell them apart but nobody else can. I, myself, am getting the hang of it. I think.

Ben and Angela got married a few years back and now have a daughter named Annabeth Noelle. She's beautiful and has the kindest parents any child could ask for. Ben owns his own computer design company and Angela owns a new and used bookstore that I frequent often. My books are proudly displayed in her windows and she brags about being my best friend to all of her customers.

As for Jake and Serenade? They got married five years ago and have a son named Kellan Tate and a daughter named Camille Briony. They opened up an Italian restaurant and it is now my favorite place to eat out with my family and friends.

I never expected my life to turn out like this but I am more than happy that it did. I have more than I could ever want, an amazing husband, two perfect children with one on the way. And my best friends from high school are now my family. I also am writing and getting paid for it. My life has to be a dream but every time I pinch myself nothing happens. I still keep pinching to this day.

I was snapped back to reality when Edward grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye. "Bella thank you."

I was confused, "For what?"

"Giving me you and our amazing children. And most importantly your love." His hand grazed my expanding belly.

"I thank you for the same thing."

"I love you."

"I love you too."


"And ever."

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